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Explanatory Essay

How to Write an Explanatory Essay? Steps and Topics

05 Mar 2024


Table of Content

Writing an explanatory essay is not a simple task but is actually a tedious and time-consuming process. It could be due to multiple reasons, like lack of evidence and research materials, poor writing skills, or difficulty in outlining. So, to resolve all such issues of yours, this blog is here with its quality content to give a detailed explanation.

It will help you know how to write an explanatory essay, and also give some amazing topic ideas. However, before jumping to these sections, begin your discussion with the meaning and purpose of the explanatory essay. So, have a look!

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What Is an Explanatory Essay and Its Purpose?

Explanatory essays are a type of academic writing wherein you explain a particular concept or idea in a clear and concise manner. It helps ease the topic, and you present complex concepts in simple and manageable language that makes comprehension easy for the readers. These are written in a neutral tone, wherein you present your facts and analysis of the research to explain why the thing happened the way it did, delivering a lucid explanation.

Also, its primary purpose is to inform and educate the readers by presenting a complete description and explanation of the topic. It leaves them with diverse knowledge and information in hand. Moreover, you will find a specific explanatory essay format in the blog, following which you can learn its writing pattern.

Are you clear on "What is an explanatory essay and its purpose?" Absolutely, it will now be crystal clear. So, move a little further and explore the explanatory essay guide, where you will find the ways to write it along with simple outlining steps and topics.

How to Write an Explanatory Essay?

The wait is finally over! Here, you will get your answer to "How to start an explanatory essay?" The steps below can help, following which you can begin your writing part by giving an easy explanation that you can follow without facing many complexities. So, do not wait, but plunge into the discussion.


Step 1: Look for an Interesting Idea

If your professor gives you the liberty to choose the topic of your interest, go with that and find a niche that excites you to write about. Select a theme on which you can do your research to present ideas. Whether you are writing for your business studies or your Ph.D. program, find an area of your interest. Also, you can seek MBA essay writing help from experts in case of difficulties in framing an essay for the subject.

Step 2: Do In-Depth Research

Before you think, how to start an explanatory essay, here's a quick tip. The moment you finalize the topic for your essay, you can begin with the research process. Look for writing material that you can include in your work. Explore the web and go through the journals. Identifying the right sources from where you can gather the information becomes necessary to collect the data that helps you frame quality content. Search for supporting evidence that can add value to the arguments.

Step 3: Build an Outline

After the collection of ample amounts of data, you must begin with your explanatory essay outline. Have a clear picture of what you are going to use as your body section and what comes under the explanatory essay introduction. Analyze the data and divide the sections to include the information in them. Do not get confused with it, as outlining is only a guide, and you can make changes to it whenever you feel so.

Step 4: Structure Your Draft

When you structure your write-up, make sure to begin the task from the middle section, which is the body. It helps avoid blocks of ideas and gives an outstanding start to your writing task. Thinking of, "What are the parts of an explanation essay?" It consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. But try expanding your body section to multiple paragraphs, giving each a new and specific piece of information detailing your topic. Finally, finish your work by giving a strong conclusion.

Step 5: State the Thesis

Students struggle with this part and often think, "How to write a thesis statement for an explanatory essay?" For the query, begin with stating your main ideas in a precise manner. Stating the thesis point is a complex task, but once done effectively, it gives the reader an idea of what the writer is trying to justify. Stay specific and avoid giving your opinion or an emotional sentence. Also, include this statement in the concluding part of the introductory paragraph.

Step 6: Proofread Your Essay

Before you submit your final work, make sure to go through it twice to eliminate the chances of errors. Look for grammatical mistakes, and keep a check on spelling. Make the necessary changes wherever you feel the need. It may be your last writing step, but is the most vital one. A quick peek at the work allows you to re-frame and enhance your sentences. It makes your work error-free and helps fetch good scores.

As you have learned the simple steps that help you write, it's time to prepare an explanatory essay example by selecting a topic to draft your next work. Hence, check out the section, and in case of difficulties, do not hesitate to seek essay writing help from the experts.

10+ Top Explanatory Essay Topics to Start With

Following the right techniques and structure is possible only if you practice well. So, here's a list of topics on which you can frame your explanatory essay example and ace your skills. Hence, select the perfect one for you and begin with the writing process. Also, do not get confused by seeing multiple ideas, but prefer the one that goes well with your research and college level.

1. Music: A healing therapy that boosts the mental health of people

2. Why are people switching to vegan diets? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

3. How can cyber-bullying be controlled? Discuss some ways

4. How can students cope with financial difficulties?

5. Describe your first work experience. What are your learning from it?

6. Define the difference between "living" and "existing"

7. Can happiness be measured? If yes, how? Discuss its levels

8. How are social media platforms emerging as a new source of earning money?

9. Role of virtual meetings in replacing personal interactions

10. Discuss the impact of the Cold War and its causes

11. Impact of depression on children

Surely, these explanatory essay ideas are going to be of great use to you. However, if you still face difficulties in its construction, why not seek the help of an expert? Yes, it is possible and is within your reach too. Are you interested in knowing more about such exciting news? If yes is your answer, look at the section coming next, as it contains beneficial information for you.

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