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Can't Do My Math Homework! Learn the Art of Problem Solving

26 Jul 2022


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Do you know why math is always so boring and dull? Because it has so many problems to be solved! Math homework is what every student feels bored of doing. Not everyone can solve math equations like a pro; it needs analyzing skills and logical understanding. But not anymore; now doing math homework can be a cakewalk for you. Here is a blog on problem-solving for students like you who often struggle with the writing task and ask our experts, "Can you do my math homework?" Let's first understand what is problem-solving.

What Is Problem-Solving?

Problem-solving is the approach for solving any problem. Like for any math problem, students use Free Mathematics Software. It includes a step by step process of analyzing, understanding, and solving the problem, and checking for the solution.

Here is a list of problem-solving strategies using which you will understand how to solve a cubic equation or any geometry problem.

1. Brainstorming

This is basically sitting with a group of people, where each is trying to solve the same problem and coming up with solutions. This can be done with your friends or classmates.

2. Divide and Conquer

By using this strategy of divide and conquer, one breaks up a large complex problem into small solvable ones. Then these small solutions are integrated for the final solution.

3. Research

This step consists of researching to gain knowledge on similar topics and look for similar problems to understand and apply the same to get the solution.

You can use any of these strategies to solve your math homework. Here we have a list of skills you need to develop for problem-solving.

What Are the Skills That Help in Problem-Solving?

1. Active listening

One should be an active listener. This is because the professor explains how to solve any problem or the process to follow for solving problems in class. If you listen to it carefully, you can acquire that knowledge and use it for problem-solving.

2. Analysis

One should have analyzing skills to understand a problem and come to an understanding of how to solve it.

3. Research

In case one has missed any class, or the professor gave this task for the student to research, his research skills would play their role here. So, one should have good research skills for finding solutions to any problem.

4. Creativity

One should have creative skills to find a new method or approach for solving any problem. At times, the questions are tricky, and in such cases, one should be creative to understand and solve them.

5. Decision making

One should have decision-making skills to decide how to solve a problem. They include deciding whether to break a problem into smaller sections or not, which method to follow, which theorem to apply, and so on.

If you are wondering about how to apply problem-solving strategy to your math problem, then here are the steps to solve an equation using problem-solving strategy.

What Are the Steps for Problem-Solving in Math?

1. Search for Familiar Keywords

When you get a question, first, look for familiar words in them and list them out.

2. Understand the Question

Now, read the question again and understand what is given and what has to be found out.

3. Make a Plan

Prepare a plan about how to solve the problem. Determine the step to step process for solving the problem.

4. Refer to Already Used Procedures

Refer to previously applied formulas or procedures to find similarity in solving the problem.

5. Revise Your Work

Once you are done with the solving part, revise the solution again to check for any mistakes and verify that the formula or procedure is applied correctly.

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