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types of essay

A Complete Guide Featuring Different Types of Essays

29 Jul 2022


Table of Content

Essay are the first few things that are taught to the students who have the English language as a course. It is an elaborate form of written piece which is meant to voice out opinions, discuss and research a chosen topic. Well, this blog shares the different forms of essays in a detailed manner and throws light on their different aspects.

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There are basically four main types of essays that you need to know about. We have detailed out them in the list below. Take a read:

Narrative Essay

Narrative essay is more like story-telling, and thus it incorporates a personal point of views instead of one that is researched. When writing it in the form of story, make sure to include the plot, characters, setting, climax and conclusion as well.

You can make use of the pronoun “I” while writing a narrative essay if necessary although it should not be overused. The main focus of such an essay to express oneself but in an organised manner.

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays convey a deeper meaning about a chosen object, person or even a memory. They can be imaginative and the main motive behind writing such an essay is to visualise a story and draw out meaning from it through a detailed view.

Argumentative Essay

One might confuse expository and argumentative essay, but they are quite different in the research work involved. The argumentative essay needs more evidence and proofs and is somewhat longer than expository essays. They require data that is collected from interviews, surveys, observations, etc.

The argumentative essay needs a well-researched, detailed, and accurate approach towards a chosen topic.

Expository Essay

Under this category, the most prominent thing to be considered is that the written piece demands a deep explanation. The writer is expected to investigate the details and present the argument that is to be discussed in a concise manner. Comparison and contrast are the elements that need to be kept in mind while writing an expository essay. Moreover, the evidence that is to be included can be factual, statistical, logical or anecdotal.

The five-paragraph approach is most common while writing an expository essay which consists of an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Students are often examined on the basis of their writing skills in their exams, and for that, they need to be clear about the structure and above all, incorporate a creative approach for writing different kinds of essays. We hope this blog added to your knowledge!

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