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Concluding Geography Essay

Concluding Geography Essay the Right Way: Best Strategies to Follow

27 Jul 2019


Taking into consideration the vastness of geography, writing an essay on this subject is nothing like a walk in the park for students. Out of all the sections of the essay, writing the conclusion is the trickiest since it’s your last chance to convince the readers to agree to your point of view. Therefore, the conclusion of your geography essay should convey a sense of completeness and closure, its implications, and its larger meaning. The final paragraph that you write in your geography essay should close the discussion with actually closing it off; it should give a sense of the lingering possibilities of the topic.

In order to end your geography essay the right way, you should first understand the purpose of writing the conclusion explained by our geography essay writing help experts.

What Is the Purpose of Writing a Conclusion?

  • A conclusion drives the main points of the essay and shows how you have proved the thesis.
  • It gives the readers something to think about after they are done reading the essay.
  • It shows the readers that you accomplished what you set out to do in the essay.
  • Your geography essay conclusion should state the recommendations and solutions to bring changes.
  • It gives the readers a sense of closure on the topic and leaves them with a final impression.

You should understand that the conclusion is all about summarizing the ideas that you have presented in the geography essay, so never introduce the new ideas. Also, remember that conclusion restates the thesis from the introduction and not rewrites it. With this, let’s have a look at the ideal structure for the conclusion that you must consider for your geography essay to leave a lasting impression on the readers.

The Perfect Structure for Your Geography Essay Conclusion

1. Topic Sentence

Here you have to rephrase the thesis statement.

2. Supporting Sentences

After restating the thesis statement, wrap up the main points you provided in the body paragraphs. Also, explain how your ideas and opinion fit together.

3. Closing Sentence

Now present the final words. Connects back to the introduction of the essay and finally provides a sense of closure.

Voila!!! You now know the best outline for the conclusion.

It’s now time to look at the most effective strategies for writing a conclusion for your geography essay. Let the final showdown begin.

Strategies to Write a Strong Conclusion for Geography Essay

1. Connect to the First Paragraph

This is one of the most common yet effective strategies for writing the conclusion for your geography essay. Connect the final paragraph with the first paragraph of the essay as this brings the readers full circle. For instance, if you have presented some scenario in the introduction, then ending the essay with the same scenario helps your readers in creating a new understanding. To make your conclusion impressive, use the keywords, images, and parallel concepts that you have included in the introduction.Get Cheap essay writing service help to writeup your essays.

2. Put It All Together

Another way to make your conclusion effective is to put together all the ideas that you have presented in your geography essay. However, bringing the ideas together doesn’t mean repeating things; but simply restating or rephrasing. By doing so, you will be able to show your readers how the opinion that you have presented and the examples and evidence that you have used fit together. This strategy will also help your readers relive the whole essay and get the complete essence of it.

3. Ask Yourself “So What?”

When you are about to write the conclusion for you geography essay, ask yourself “So what?” or “Why should anybody care about your statement?” by asking such questions, you will be forced to think about the effectiveness of the statements that you are going to present in the conclusion. For example, if you have written an essay on climate change and your concluding statement is- “Humans has contributed a lot in the climate change.” Then ask yourself “So what?” If you have a justifiable and convincing answer to this question, then go ahead with your ideas.

So, these were the most effective strategies that you can use to write a solid conclusion for your geography essay. To make sure that everything in the conclusion is up to the mark, you need to avoid doing a few things.

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Things to Avoid While Writing the Conclusion of Geography Essay

  • Don’t start the conclusion with the phrases that are too cliche, such as “in conclusion,” “in summary,” or “in closing.”
  • Don’t state the thesis for the first time in the conclusion in order to surprise your readers or add a ‘wow’ factor to your essay.
  • Don’t introduce a new idea or a subtopic in the conclusion. This makes the readers confused about everything they have read so far.
  • Don’t end the conclusion with the rephrased thesis statement. Make sure to do some substantive changes.
  • Don’t make an emotional or sentimental appeal in the conclusion that doesn’t fit right with the rest of the analytical paper.
  • Don’t include evidence, facts or examples in the conclusion which should be in the main body of the essay.

That’s it, guys! Use these strategies to write the conclusion of your geography essay to leave a lasting impression on your readers. Remember to avoid a few things that can make your conclusion ineffective. If you need any further help regarding, “Can someone do my essay conclusion for me ?”, you can reach to our essay writing service providers experts. They will draft an excellent geography essay for you while paying special attention to the conclusion. Let them handle the task if you want to get A+ grade in your geography essay.

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