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PEEL paragraph

PEEL Paragraph: Lay Out Structure of the Essay In a Clear Way

30 Jul 2022


How to nail the next academic paper? What to do to make the assignment impressive? You must have thought about these questions once when you can’t get excellent marks in your academic paper. If It happens even after presenting every piece of information correctly, then you need to think again, that where you have made mistakes. Poor marks can be the result of a poor formation of sentences in a paragraph. If you find problems in laying out your arguments and structuring them in a clear way, then PEEL paragraph writing can help you.

Don’t know how? Let’s start knowing its meaning first and then how you can write an amazing essay, assignment, thesis, or any other academic paper with the help of PEEL paragraph

Here, you go!

What Is a PEEL Paragraph?

Students sometimes get confused while looking for the answer of what is a peel paragraph. The simplest definition- It is the planned structure of presenting your arguments flawlessly in a paper.

If your paragraphs are not organized then, they can look vague to the reader and sometimes convey different information from what you want to explain exactly. If you have got bad numbers in any of your last assignment and can’t find the reason, then check your paper paragraphs, may be they are not well- structured.

If you want to save yourself from making the same mistakes in your next paper, then know the steps of the PEEL paragraph.

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Steps to Write an Assignment Using PEEL Paragraph:

Assignment Using PEEL Paragraph

How to write a peel paragraph? If you have this question in mind, then let’s know its steps because by knowing them, you can write any type of assignment impressively.

Point: It is sometimes called a topic sentence also. You have to introduce the topic that you will provide detail about in the paragraph. The reader can understand what your paragraph is going to explain through the point. If you will not introduce the reader to the point of the paragraph then, its beginning will look awkward. So make your point clearly.

Evidence: Whatever point you have mentioned in the previous sentence, now you have to provide relevant support to it with proper pieces of evidence and examples. This will state that your point is valid, and you have done proper research before introducing it. Pieces of evidence can be facts, statistics, quotes, and research findings but they all should be from reliable sources.

Explanation: You have to explain how and why these pieces of evidence are supporting the point. You have to explain everything in detail here; it will show your understanding and observation skills. This part can go longer than other PEEL paragraph parts as you have to explain everything properly.

Link: You have to link previous sentences of a paragraph with one another. You can say it is the summary of what you have mentioned in the previous sentences. By reading the last sentences of the paragraph, the reader can understand it is the end of a paragraph and the next is about to start. You have to also link the present paragraph to the next with a smooth transition.

These are the peel paragraph sentence starters with meaning.

Now, you might have understood how PEEL paragraph can help you to write amazing paragraphs in the assignment. If you still have any doubt, then the below examples can clear that doubt.

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2 Amazing Examples of PEEL Paragraph

Example 1:

Point: Parents should not allow their children to use a smart phone until they complete their higher education.

Evidence: 42% percent of kids spend 30+ hours a week on their phone.

Explanation: Children can’t perform well in their academic life if they are provided with phones. They can be misguided easily by watching violent things on the phone and ruin their own life.

Link: Guardians should not allow their children to use smartphones because they can watch violent things on them. Parents should keep children busy with outdoor sports and games. Children can become aggressive by using phone, so keeping them away from it is necessary.

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Example 2:

Point: There was a time when slavery prevalent in some of the societies.

Evidence: Slavery proliferated after the invention of agriculture at the time of the Neolithic Revolution.

Explanation: It has been prevalent in old times. From kids to older people and women all used to work under pressure. They have to do laborious work and sometimes have to receive inhuman punishment.

Link: Slavery was practiced in many societies for several years. Enslaving the people and depriving them of necessary things now totally eradicated.

Peel paragraph example can clear any doubt in your mind regarding its uses. So read these examples as many times as you can because the more you read the more you will understand.

Now, the paragraphs of your assignment will not look awkward to the reader instead they will look organized, if you use the PEEL Structure.

If you still face any problems, then do not worry because producing a flawless paper is not easy for several students.

What can be the solution, if still you are facing writing issues, let’s read the next section and know the answer.

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