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Short Essay Writing Guide

A Start-to-Finish Guide on How to Write a Short Essay!

29 Jul 2022


Essay writing is one of the most common types of assignments that are given to students in college or high schools. However, let us know what is an essay? It is a short piece of writing for the academic year. It is divided into 4 parts and each part has its own set of rules to follow like formatting, language, and quality of the content. A short essay is around 250-500 words. The essay includes an introduction, statement, body, and conclusion. It is necessary to include all these points in the paper.

But many students still fail to frame a perfect essay. Don’t panic; after reading this blog, you will surely be able to build an effective short essay and obtain high grades whether you are in high school or in college. Not only this, but the blog will also help you in many ways and for that, you need to read this write-up and know how to write a short essay in an effective manner.

Before writing it and impressing your teacher, let's know the purpose of writing a short essay. In this, you no need to remember that it is not necessary to have a proper academic level writing for your short essay. To find out more about the essay, lets read further.

What Is the Purpose of Writing a Short Essay?

The main purpose of the essay is to attract the readers like the audience, professors, and many more, who need to know more about the topic that you have chosen. In this you could also share about your personal experience, giving information or presenting an argument. So, whichever area you choose to write, make sure it leaves a drastic impact on the reader's mind. You should also draft an essay in such a way that enhances your writing and for that, you need to put your own thoughts in a precise manner. This will help you to attract the readers to read your whole essay interestingly. It is important to convince the reader of your writing.

Always remember that writing a paper needs a lot of dedication and research to give proper information to the readers. But make sure you write it in your own way and put your own thoughts into it. The more creatively you will include words into it with a proper structure, the more you will be able to create a perfect essay. You have just read that the purpose of writing a short essay is to define your thoughts and give information to the readers in fewer words. But there are many more purposes to write an essay Those are: It creates critical thinking skills for the writer. It will help you to to express yourself and your thinking. This will also help you to create your own thoughts in a clear manner. 

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How to Structure a Short Essay in 4 Simple Steps?

Short essay writing needs a proper structure to leave an impact on the readers. The more perfect your structure will be, the more you will be able to attract the readers. But for that, you need to read this blog further and know the main components to form a structure for your essay. It is necessary to provide your thoughts in a perfect structure to make your readers know what is your thinking about the topic as the short essay format contains the introduction, statement, main body, and conclusion. Through this, you have to express yourself.

So, in this blog, you will also get to know the structure that must be in your every essay writing. Further reading will also help you to know how to write a short essay outline? 

Introduction - It always depends upon the length of the essay. It is necessary to make your introduction part engaging and attractive as this step will help you to increase the interest of the reader to read further. Also remember, to start with a hook, and also don’t mention all the details in it.

Statement - It is a very important part to create a statement and it is generated at the last line of the introduction. This helps to create the issue and the main parts that you are going to describe in the further paragraphs.

Main Body - It is the support system of your writing. In this, you need to provide the facts and evidence to your statement. Also, you should end each paragraph by linking with the start of the next paragraph. This should be no more than 200 words and break into 2-3 paragraphs.

Conclusion - This is the last part of your paper. Make sure you summarize the main parts of your writing and not including any new information in it. Also, present the result from your main points and remember not to copy the statement as it is; try to form it in a new way.

10 Amazing Tricks of Writing a Short Essay Fast

Till now that you have known about what is a short essay and how it is structured; so, it is time to know 10 amazing tricks on how to write a short essay fast and attractively. Every student needs to complete an essay as fast as possible but for that, you need to show some interest in learning some spell bounding tricks to have an effective result. 

  1. Start the Laptop - The first step is to get a laptop for writingas the students have the skills of typing fast than writing a paper. This way,they can type their assignment fast and accomplish their goals.
  2. Avoid Distraction - The second step is to avoid all the distractionsthat are coming on your way of writing. It is necessary to first focus on what is in your hand and then go for social media.
  3. Get the Right Mindset to Write - After eliminating all the distractions, make sure you are in the mood to write it. It is necessary to have the right mindset before writing it. This will help you to present a better result.
  4. Always Create an Outline - Before you start writing, always create an outline or a structure of your essay. This will surely help you to have a proper understanding of how to draft an essay.
  5. Learn from Previous Examples - It is necessary to look at essay writing examplesthat are already written. This will help you to have better knowledge to draft an essay fast.
  6. Have a Clear Image of Topic - The topic you choose for your essay should have a proper image in your mind. For this, you need to have a topic that is in your interest.
  7. Understand Well the Topic - It is necessary to understand the topic very well. This will help you to create your own thoughts on the topic and make it more interesting.
  8. Have Proper Research - For developing the best short essay,it is important to have in-depth research about the topic. This will help you to gain reader's attention by giving them useful information.  
  9. Have Attractive Body Paragraphs - After having proper information about the topic, you will be able to draft an attractive body paragraph in your essay. As in this, you will be providing the evidence to prove your point.
  10. Make Your Introduction and Conclusion in Last - Always remember one thing, it is necessary to write the introduction and conclusion part at the last stage. This will help you build interest and leave an impact on the reader.

Who Can Write My Short Essay More Effectively?

After reading this blog, you all have got a brief description of writing a short essay. However, there are still some students who need help from experts in essay writing service. Then you can seek assistance from Instant Assignment Help. The professional writers will solve your query on How to write a short essay fast? They will help you to have an impressive document in your hands and also because of this, you will be able to gain high marks in your academic year.  

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