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Engaging MBA Personal Statement

How to Write a Personal Statement for Your MBA Application Essay?

26 Apr 2019

6 minutes


Personal Statement for Your MBA Application Essay

Completed graduation in management? Dreaming to get admission in top MBA universities? Yes. Prepared to write an outstanding MBA application essay? No. No worries!

You have now reached at the Instant Assignment Help, one of the best MBA assignment help providers. We do not only assist you with your writing task but also always ready to enhance your skills. Here are a few tips to write a unique MBA personal statement.

8 Tips to Compose an Engaging MBA Personal Statement

Strong Introducing Statement

The first point to keep in mind is to introduce yourself in an impressive way. A few writing prompts which you can use:

  • Introduce yourself (tell that you are a proactive person)
  • Work experience, setbacks, and achievements
  • Achievements during graduation
  • Career objective
  • How much artistic and innovative you are

Be Unique, Not Egoistic

Think of ‘Why will a university select a student who has an ego?’ The thumb rule to get admission in top MBA college is to tell your admission officer what you want to learn from it. It does not mean that you don’t have to mention about your knowledge.

You can write about what you know and how you intend to help others grow through your learning. You can even include how you have helped your friends with their studies to get good grades.

Use Active Voice

The best benefit of writing an essay in active voice is that it builds a direct relationship between the reader and the writer. Just think of yourself as a reader and read a write-up written in the passive voice. Can you relate to the writer? Are you able to understand totally what he has to say? No, Right!
Thus, it is advisable that you should use simple language, avoid jargon, and write in an active voice.

Be Real

Don’t you want that any person you get attached should be trustworthy and honest? Yes. Similarly, you too should be real and honest. Only then any institution will think to give you admission in it.
You can write in your essay about how you have changed yourself from an irresponsible guy to a responsible and sincere student.

Conveying this will help you win the trust of the admission officer and also show him how much serious you are to get enrolled in their university.

Write Specific Statement

Be very specific about what you are writing. Don’t exaggerate any incident, achievement or yourself. You can give examples of different incidents to explain your point or success or even how did you overcome your fears and setbacks.

Have a Meaningful Goal

It is not necessary that every student plan to reach different heights of success as defined by others. You can set a small but achievable career plan for your near future. For example: To score high grades and land a dream job.

The only thing you need to remember is that don’t set an objective that seems impossible to achieve.

Mercilessly Edit

Write as long as you don’t feel that the essay is complete. As per our experts, an essay should be of maximum 1200 words as more than it will bore your reader. Thinking how to write your application essay in limited words?

Just proofread your essay more than once and edit it without mercy. Doing this will also help you delete all the irrelevant information, rectify mistakes, and submit a flawless application essay.

Take Care of Your Tone

Writing a powerful and compelling essay does not mean that you will use a rude tone or brag about yourself. You should write in a tone that makes a genuine impact on the readers.

Well, it is sure that above-given tips will guide you to write an appealing personal statement.
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By reading this blog, it is sure that you must have got an idea of how to write an outstanding MBA personal statement. Moreover, if you are facing issues, you must have made up your mind to take online essay writing help.

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