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Write a Personal Essay

How to Write a Personal Essay? | 15 Topics to Choose From!

30 Jul 2022

13 minutes


Are you a student writing a personal essay for application? Are you an employee who needs to work on a personal statement? Do you want to know how to write a personal essay?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this blog is just for you. Yes, YOU! You might be asked to write a personal essay when you are applying for admission at your dream college, or your boss might ask you to draft a personal statement before he promotes you and such. Whatever be the reason, when it comes to personal essay writing, Instant Assignment Help experts can assist you throughout the process. So, let’s begin!

An Insight into Personal Essay and Its Importance

A personal essay is a type of writing in which the writer shares his personal experience or learning. This is a non-fictional and autographical writing that is used by professors and organizations to assess the students and employees accordingly.

Since this essay is primarily used for assessing a person, here are a few factors that are considered for the same:

Communication skills

The first thing that one can understand from a personal essay is the way the writer is communicating with the reader through this essay. This reflects their communication skills and can be used to analyze how well the person can communicate and convey his opinion or feelings.

Critical Thinking

The chosen topic, the person’s reaction, and the way he analyzed the situation is used by the reader to understand the thinking ability of the writer. It reflects his critical thinking skills- how deep and from how many perspectives the writer can think about a topic, and what his perspective of looking at any particular topic is.


Another factor that can be observed by assessing these essays is the personality of the writer. The way he portrays his emotions, the type of experience he shares, the grip he has on his feelings, the way he understands a situation, and many more such things are assessed by the readers through this essay.

These are a few main factors that are assessed on the basis of the personal essay written by the writer. Now, that you know why writing a personal essay is important, let’s take a look at how to write it.

How to Write a Personal Essay in 5 Steps?

When students are assigned to write a personal essay, they get stressed and anxious. So, our experts at Instant Assignment Help have explained below a few simple steps that can help you write a personal essay without any hassle:

Get Prepared

Writing a personal essay is not rocket science; but still, you need to get prepared for the same. All you need to do is gather all the requirements at one place, clear your work space, declutter your desk, and get ready to start your work. When you are all prepared to complete the task, it becomes easy to start and complete it within the deadline without any distraction.

Brainstorm for Ideas

No matter if this is your personal essay and you have to share your personal experience in it. Still you need to brainstorm so that you get a clear picture of how to present your views and thoughts in a better and clearer perspective.

Organize Your Thoughts

Once you are done brainstorming for ideas, it’s time to organize them. Make a list of all your ideas and prepare an outline of the essay to know where to include which point so that the information has the maximum positive impression on the reader.

Prepare an Initial Essay Draft

Now, it’s time to pour your heart out. Without any second thought regarding how you’re writing or what you’re including in the essay, just go with the flow. Since this is the first draft, you will have ample time to rework on this draft the next time. So, write down all your thoughts accordingly.

Focus on Editing and Proofreading

Now, the final step is where you focus just on editing and proofreading your work. Begin with the editing and then turn to proofreading the initial draft. After completing these two steps, your document will be all ready for submission.

These are the 5 simple steps that one should follow to write an amazing personal essay. You can also follow these to write a flawless essay. Wait; flawless means no mistakes, right? But, to ensure that your essay is flawless, you should know the mistakes students usually make in personal essay writing and try to avoid them.

5 Mistakes to Avoid Making in Personal Essay Writing

You might already be aware of the usual mistakes students make while writing a personal essay. And in this section, you can look into the specific mistakes they make when it comes to writing a personal essay. Take a closer look into these and try to avoid them so that you can score good grades:

Not Answering the Question

The most common mistake students do when writing a personal essay is not answering the question. Several times, in an attempt to provide the additional details, they get diverted from the main topic and miss out the question. Thus, their essay doesn’t justify the question due to which they score poor grades.Take cheap essay help to score higher grades!

Going Too Broad

Students sometimes get driven in the flow of emotions and get broader with their perspective. When you take a broader perspective, you sometimes miss the necessary details. Also, in a hurry to complete this lengthy essay, you end up losing the actual essence of the experience you’ve included in the essay.

Not Making It Realistic

Out of greed to impress the professor and make their essay the best among all, students often add up unrealistic facts in it. Sometimes they include fancy terms or sometimes fake experiences. And, this makes their essay look unrealistic, which in turn, upsets the professors and leads to rejection or rework.

Making It Too Dramatic

Some students forget that this essay is being written for academic purpose and get way too personal. In order to add personal touch to it, they end up making it over dramatic and cliche. Avoid doing this as it is one of the most upsetting mistakes that can lead the work to rejection at the first look itself.

Not Focusing on the Rules

Since you are writing this essay for academic purpose, you should strictly follow the rules and guidelines provided by your professor or university. But, some students do not follow these rules intentionally or unintentionally as they are not aware of the consequences, such as poor grades, rework, and rejection of the essay.

These are the top 5 mistakes you should never make in your personal essay writing task to ensure that you get good grades in it. Now that you know how to write a personal essay and mistakes to avoid while writing it, you might be thinking that you’re all good to go. But, not yet! The most important step of choosing a topic for writing your personal essay is still not done. Want to know some amazing topic ideas? Read the below section.

What Are Some Topics for Personal Essay Writing?

If you’re thinking of writing a personal essay, but do not know which topic to choose for moving further, then here are a few topic suggestions by the experts of Instant Assignment Help:

  1. Write about the person you admire the most.
  2. Whose work inspires you a lot?
  3. What is your biggest disappointment in life?
  4. What is your most memorable childhood memory?
  5. Write about the biggest challenge you’ve overcome.
  6. Describe your terrifying nightmare.
  7. Explain your first memory with your favorite person.
  8. What is success to you?
  9. Describe your ideal job after 5 years.
  10. Explain what motivates you.
  11. Explain your hobbies in brief.
  12. Are you addicted to anything? If yes, how would you overcome it?
  13. What is the impact of social media on you?
  14. Explain the significance of personal growth.
  15. Describe your most favourite and least favourite trip.

These are some personal essay topic suggestions that you can consider to impress your professor and score the best grades. However, if you are looking for writing tips to create a dynamic essay, you can count on us and learn how to create a perfect essay on the count of 9.

Stuck With Personal Essay? Here’s How to Get it Done

Though writing a personal essay isn’t a rocket science, it isn’t even as easy as a cakewalk. Here, you need to put in efforts to understand, analyze, and then present your views and experience to the reader while following the guidelines provided by your university. If all this seems not your cup of tea, then without any hesitation, reach out to our experts. We have a professional team on our bench to help students like you, who are struggling with their academics. And the best thing is, we are not limited just to personal essay or essay writing, we can cover a wide range of academic writings, like assignments, thesis, homework, research paper, report writing, case studies and so on. Also, you can just avail our referencing or editing and proofreading services alone too. So, what are you still waiting for? Stop your search and avail our online Essay help right away!

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