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CAE Essay Writing Tips

CAE Essay Writing Tips: Showcase Your Language Skills in 90 Minutes

30 Jul 2022


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CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced and the Certificate in Advanced English) or C1 Advanced is an English language examination designed by Cambridge Assessment English for learners preparing for university or professional life. More than 8,000 universities around the world accept C1 Advanced as proof of high-level achievement in the learning English. CAE is made up of four exam papers- Reading and Use of Language, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Out of all of these, the writing part is the trickiest of all - it's where most of the students fail.

So, for all the CAE aspirants, Instant Assignment Help, the best cheap essay writing services in the UK has brought here a few tips for writing CAE essay with perfection. But before we begin, let's have a brief introduction on what CAE essay is.

CAE Essay Writing: A Brief Introduction

CAE essay writing paper has two parts- the first one involves essay writing in response to a given text which can be an article, leaflet, notice or a formal/informal letter. In the second part, the candidate has to choose three writing tasks- writing a letter, proposal, report or review. Both the texts should be about 220-260 words longs and have to be completed within 90 minutes.

Your CAE writing paper is assessed on the basis of four elements:

  • Content: Did you completed the task you were asked to do?
  • Communicative Achievement: Did you use a formal tone and writing style?
  • Organization: Did you maintain a proper flow of information between the paragraphs?
  • Language: Did you use the right grammar? Did you show off your vocabulary or just use First Certificate words?

So if its your next question, “How can I do my essay to get perfect scores?” take a read through the tips to writing a CAE essay and accomplish your dream of achieving proficiency in the English language

Tips for Writing an Impressive Essay for CAE (With Example)

Read the Task Carefully

The first thing that you have to do is read the text given to you. You need to analyze it carefully so that you understand what is required to do.

Let's take an example:


Here, you need to pay attention to the details given in the text so that you can write an impressive essay. You should also go through the opinions given here as they will help you come up with your point of view and arguments.

Make a Fool-Proof Plan

After you are done analyzing the text, it's time to make a plan. Since you have got just 90 minutes to work on both the writing parts, you should plan your time well so that you can produce an impeccable piece of writing. Think about how many paragraphs you want in your essay, what kind of tone you want to use, and what special elements you want to include. Take sufficient time to plan the essay so that you can accomplish it within the given time.

Come Up with Ideas

Once you are ready with a plan, start brainstorming to generate ideas. Take the opinions presented in the text in consideration and develop more ideas on any two of them you strongly feel about. In the example above, if you feel that the governments should levy the tax on private car owners to reduce the traffic in the city centre, then present your opinion on this. You also need to give reasons and evidence (if you have any) to support your views. Take all types of assignment writing help from instantassignmenthelp.com.

Start Writing

It's finally time to put down the opinion on the paper. But before that, you need to create an outline. Think of all the paragraphs that you want to include in the essay. A general structure of the CAE essay is given below:

#Paragraph 1: [INTRODUCTION] - In the introductory paragraph, first give a general outline of the issue and then state your topic clearly to make it concrete. Make sure that you don't express your opinion in the introduction. It can draw the readers towards the conclusion, and if that happens, they no longer be interested in reading your essay.

Here's an introduction for the text given in the example:


#Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, you have to present your argument. Present one of the main ideas in this paragraph that is stated in the topic sentence. You must include relevant examples, rhetorical questions or controversial or surprising statements in order to support the main idea. However, don't go overboard with the details as they may overshadow your opinion.

Here's how you can develop the first paragraph for the given text:

Paragraph 1

#Paragraph 3: Discuss the second main point given in the topic sentence as you have done in the above paragraph. Apart from including the examples and other details, you can point out the advantages and disadvantages. In case you include a drawback, make sure to give a proper solution to it.

Here's how you can develop the second paragraph for the given text:

Paragraph 2

#Paragraph 4: [CONCLUSION] - After presenting all the arguments, it's now to wind them up and reach to a conclusion. On the basis of what you have written above, point out clearly which of the two discussed main points is more important. Do not open a new argument in the conclusion. However, you can give your readers ‘food for thought.'

Here's a conclusion for the text given in the example:


Your task doesn't finish here. After you are done writing the essay, it's crucial to go through it again and check if there's any mistake. Proofread your CAE essay meticulously, and pay attention to mistakes in grammar, spellings, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. Make sure your essay is flawless or you will never be able to get through the exam. Hope these tips would prove helpful to you. You can find tips for writing a narrative essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay, and more in our blog section.

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