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How to Make Sure Whether you Need Editing or Proofreading?

02 Jun 2022


‘You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page’ by Jodi Picoult

The above-mentioned quote is by Jodi Picoult, a famous novelist.

As stated above, when we write a document, we might not write well because there are times when we are lacking inspiration. At that point, think about what the main structure or focus point. Well, you are about to write that scenario or blog and it will be crap. So when it comes to improving a page, how can it be done without editing or proofreading? There are several people who are still confused about editing & proofreading. So let's have a closer look to understand editing vs proofreading.

First, know what they actually are:

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading helps to check the work for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It performs a vital role. Proofreading aids in the correction of surface errors in writing, such as grammatical and other language errors. It is considered the final step in the process of revision and it helps to check the quality of the work. You can go through proofreading before sending your task to a reader or publication.

There are several qualities on which proofreaders focus, any error in the spelling and formatting, font, punctuation, homophones are avoided or not, consistency, etc.

What is Editing?

On the other hand, editing helps to make changes and suggestions that help to improve the overall quality of your writing. It is done particularly in relation to the use of language and expression. Editing helps to make the language sharp and consistent. It also helps to enhance the readability of a document. There are several qualities on which editors mainly focus. It might be the use of proper terms for expressing an idea in your write up, the writing style and tone matching the work and good enough to attract the reader’s attention. The write up being too wordy or redundant; whether the use of passive voice is more or less enough. So all of them are some of the key points on which editors focus.

Now that you are well aware of what editing vs proofreading is, can you spot the difference between them? No way! So let’s have a look at which qualities make them different from each other.

Editing Vs Proofreading



It is performed on the first and final draft of the document and continues until it is completed.

It is performed as the final step on the final draft of the document.

It helps to find out the core features of writing style, tone, connectivity, and merge-up of lines.

It helps to address the factual writing errors.

It helps to enhance the vocabulary and assists in making the writing clear and strong.

It has some consistent rules and it is universally accepted.

It helps to edit documents based on writing style, tone match-up and much more.

It helps to correct the spelling, grammar, capitalization and mechanical errors.

It may include a reduction in words.

It does not have the word count reduction.

It takes more time as compared to proofreading.

On the other hand, it takes a shorter time to make changes in the documents.

It only helps to remove the errors and inconsistencies.

It helps to ensure that a document is ready for publication.

It might improve the overall writing of academic work.

It could improve the language issues.

With the help of the above-mentioned comparison table, you will be able to get a better understanding of the steps that are involved in the process of proofreading and editing. If you still have any questions in mind then let's take some assistance from the essay help to clear up all your doubts.

Proofreading / Editing / Copyediting- Distinction

When you are well aware of the difference between editing and proofreading then only you can know what copyediting is. It also plays a crucial role while the final step for checking is held for a document. So let’s quickly review the key differences between copyediting vs proofreading and editing. It might help to know about the proper criteria for all the methods that are used during the final draught of the document .


It helps to check the work to identify errors in the spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Its primary concern is to correct all the errors. It is very light editing that focuses on the typos and other errors.


Editing helps to make changes and suggestions that help to improve the overall quality of your writing. It is done particularly in relation to the use of language and expression. Editing helps to make the language sharp and consistent.


It helps to make sure that the text is clear and readable, define the objective of writing and make the document error-free. It is defined as the final editing before a manuscript is typeset.

So, using the above distinction, you can get a clear picture of the differences between all. If, after going over all of the points, you are still unable to grasp the points and have any questions, seek the assistance of an expert with the help of the experts, you will be able to know everything related to your educational task.

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