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7 Low-Cost Family Traditions You Must Try This Christmas

Seven pocket-friendly family traditions for this Christmas

Christmas Family Traditions

Have you ever wondered why do you sing carols or go to the church on Christmas? You don’t know the purpose of decorating your house, but still, you do it every year because it has now become a tradition. Even your grandparents must have told you that these customs are being followed and passed down from generation to generation. It has been found that family traditions are instrumental in building strong relationships between members. Being the youngest fellow in the family, you keep on suggesting changes in them and it goes well till the purpose of a tradition does remain the same. This Christmas, if you are keen to do something interesting and looking to set a new trend, then know some low-cost traditions that you must try before Jesus’s birthday ends.

1.) Customizing ‘Christmas theme’ plates with hand

This activity can be done by members of all age groups. You and your younger siblings would enjoy doing this while having late night conversations, and in the end, you will have a nice-looking collection of customized Christmas theme plates. You can also gift them to your loved ones as a token of affection.

2.) Organize a magic show

This would be quite interesting as the magic would be shown by the family members themselves. Every member should learn some tricks and present them before the family conclave. This magic show can also be organized on different yearly occasions. This is really fun, and you must arrange it at least for once.

3.) Crafting with waste materials

Every year your storeroom gets piled up with boxes full of discards. The best way one can deal with the problem of waste materials is to reuse them for decoration purpose. You can do some crafting work on them, or can customize them with some themes based on Christmas. By doing this, you are not only making your house clean, but also our planet. 

4.) Adopt a pet

Adopting a pet can bring about a complete change in you as a person. Along with the emotional attachment, the pets also provide physical and mental relief to you. Owning a pet is a better way to teach the children valuable life lessons in a rewarding way. They become responsible by learning that the pet depends on them for feeding, exercising, and caring. They will come to know that the animals also care for them the same way they do.

5.) Plant a tree on Christmas

Even though there are many days to plant a tree such as Environment Day and Earth Day, it is exciting to have your own special day. As a responsible inhabitant of the Earth, you must celebrate Christmas in an eco-friendly manner. Plant at least one tree, water it daily, and nurture it.

6.) Scribbling on the curtains

This custom can last a lifetime. You can write poetry, some famous movie dialogues, can draw any cartoon character, and do several other things on that curtain. If you have an art-loving family, then probably the curtain would look astonishingly beautiful. It will definitely attract the attention of the guests or any visitor, and will leave them in awe.

7.) Painted handprint impression over different objects

The idea behind handprint impressions is to make a memoir. Printing can be done on canvas, pillow covers, curtains, and walls. You can also gift these oh-so-precious gifts to your parents and grandparents on Christmas. Whenever they will see those handprints, they will be reminded of your sincere affection for them. 

They say at the heart of every family tradition lies a meaningful experience. Adding some fun to your family customs would be  helpful in a way that everyone starts enjoying them. So try to innovate them and make them more enjoyable. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

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