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80+ Innovative Case Study Topics

Case Study Topics on Various Academic Subjects

16 Aug 2023


Do you want to work on a case study assignment but don’t know how to find some unique concepts for it? Are you searching for new ideas regarding this? If yes, then worry no more! Because, you are at the right place. Here, Instant Assignment Help professionals are giving you some unique and exceptional case study topics to submit an excellent paper. So read below and find out whether you could use any of them or not. Therefore, wait no more and let's jump in further to make an A+ worthy paper.

However, before that, it is important to clarify the knowledge about the case study and its structure. Thus below are everything mentioned for your help. 

What Is a Case Study and Its Format?

As the name suggests, it is the research process for in-depth study of a person, event, place and organisation. Similarly, it is useful to examine something from many perspectives. Besides, it is mostly used for educational, social, business and clinical research. Moreover, in case studies, the analysis part is done through interviews, surveys, observations, field studies and document reviews. Besides, it has a structure which you must follow for making an effective paper. So do you want to know about it? Then you can search for case study examples to get an idea about it. However, read the below statement to get clarity about the structure. 

  • First part is to tell what you will analyse in the case study. Then an overview of the research field and a thesis statement to sum up the result of the observation.
  • After that, you must give background information and some relevant facts related to the issue.
  • You need to analyse the case you are studying and explain why something is happening or not working.
  • You will propose realistic solutions to why something is not working and how to improve its current state. Besides you need to add why the solution is better by giving evidence.
  • You will summarise all the points of evaluation and solutions discussed in previous parts. 
  • Then you will give recommendations about the matter and how to work on that.
  • Last part is to give all the citations you used for your paper. 

These are some simple steps you must follow to make a case study research paper. However, many students don’t know the structure or are confused about it. So they make a faulty paper and lose marks for it. If you are one of them, then consider taking help from online experts. Apart from that, below is a guide about how to find unique topics for case study tasks.

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How to Find a Good Case Study Topic?

No matter how good your thinking or writing skill is, if the drafted paper is not something new then there is no point in it. Moreover, your professor will be bored with reading the same old theme. Therefore, finding good case study topics are important to get an A+ grade. However, coming up with new ideas is not that easy. But no worries! Our experts are here for your help. Thus, follow these steps given by our professionals to find trendy and good topics for case study assignments. Those are

  • There are so many subjects and themes available, so select one which you feel is the most interesting.
  • Narrow down your subject to find an issue so you can reflect the main ideas.
  • Find problems and opinions related to your theme.
  • Check out whether you can get data or other research papers related to your theme.
  • Analyse if you can apply the method to your chosen topic or not.
  • Read other research ideas related to your topic then choose the most suitable one.

These are some steps you can follow to get ideas for submitting a good case study paper. If still some confusion is left, then search for case study examples from Google to get an idea. However, below are some new themes by our experts for your aid. So without wasting any second, jump in to know.

Amazing Case Study Topics

If you desire to make an amazing project, then explore the entire list of case study topics given below. By this, you can choose one idea which is more suitable for you and falls under your subject category. However, if you are not confident with your writing skill, then you can search for case study assignment help and get aid. Those are

Applied Physics Case Study Topics

  • How to analyse green energy systems in domestic settings?
  • What is the role of female scientists in Applied Physics?
  • What is radiation therapy and its related mental aspects?
  • What are some potential risks in Microfluidics?
  • Examine plasma parameters and simplest models
  • What are some pros of astrophysics lessonsfor school children?

Nursing Case Study Topics

  • Is there any privacy rule of the nurse and patient communication?
  • Presence of ethnic bias in nursing communities
  • Alzheimer’s patients and modern nursing methods
  • Importance of ER nursing stress reduction methods
  • How do nurses help children to communicate more effectively?
  • What is acute bacterial prostatitis?

MBA Case Study Topics

  • Analyse building business with remote workers
  • Apple vs Samsung patent violation
  • What is religion’s impact on customer relationship management?
  • What is Elon Musk’s marketing style?
  • What are the financial responsibilities of CEOs in the UK market?
  • What are some effects of fair trade commerce?

Education Case Study Topics

  • What are some pros and cons of online education?
  • Strategic management for educational institutions
  • The proper care of child abuse victims in class
  • What are Pros and Cons of AI systems in education?
  • How to motivate children with learning disabilities?
  • The changes that have taken place in education during Covid-19

Environmental Science Case Study Topics

  • The pros and cons of ecological tourism.
  • What is the correct method of planting trees in an urban environment?
  • Is saving endangered species possible in this era?
  • What is the role of policy in fighting global warming?
  • Acid rain and its harmful effect on aquatic life
  • National parks and their significance for health

Information Technology Case Study Topics

  • Business ethics and governance issues at HP
  • Should one learn to become a hacker to prevent most cyberattacks?
  • Is there any sexual harassment in the Information Technology sector?
  • What is the safety of data analysis for medical purposes?
  • Find out the challenges of software development in modern times
  • Takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook: A Calculated Risk?

Marketing Case Study Topics

  • What arethe unique strategies and popularity of Apple Inc?
  • Brand development methods: the most common mistakes
  • Find out some characteristics of male target marketing methods
  • What areactivity-based cost systems and marketing?
  • Which factors create customer loyalty in buying beverages?
  • What are the most common mistakes in brand development?

Management Case Study Topics

  • The essence of management decisions and stages of their adoption
  • Find out innovative changes in the personnel management system
  • What are recruitment technologies and their efficiency?
  • Innovative changes in the personnel management system
  • What arethe activity-based cost systems in the Asian markets?
  • Analysis of the necessary qualities of a modern leader

Social Media Marketing Case Study Topics

  • Major reasons why TikTok became popular
  • What are some differences between globalisation and mass trend following?
  • Challenges of influencers in social media
  • Is there any ethical aspect of using children as social media influencers?
  • How to use online social channels to improve customer support?
  • What is the impact of social media on SEO and website traffic?

Human Rights Case Study Topics

  • What are some misconceptionsabout the black lives matter movement?
  • What are the basic human rights of minor children?
  • Is there any gender injustice in various communities?
  • Case study on activism in educational institutions
  • Human rights violation- a case study of Palestinian people
  • Is lenient punishments for minor rape culprits right for the victim?

Psychology Case Study Topics

  • Reasons why postpartum depression and drug consumptionare related
  • What is thepsychological impact of sexual harassment on minors?
  • Covid-19 and related anxiety cases among the younger generation
  • What are some misconceptions about children with Autism?
  • How to overcome an inferiority complex?
  • Analyse the most commonly found psychological disorders among adults

Business Case Study Topics

  • Reasons why start-ups became so popular in recent years
  • Market expansion in the European countries
  • Industry Landscape in Canada for investment purposes
  • How to develop skills in business through training and development?
  • Financial management in a retail setting
  • How to analyse cash flow management and invoice discounting?

Sociology Case Study Topics

  • Does Human Resources department discriminates against work candidates?
  • How do racial stereotypes influence police operations?
  • Analyse minor children raising their voice in school injustice
  • Different cultures and global management in international companies
  • Is there any workplace safety for female personnel workforce?
  • What is Relation Among Financial stratification and related mental aspects?

Biology Case Study Topics 

  • How sustainable development save countries’ natural resources
  • What is The Impact of green energy systems in reversing the greenhouse effect
  • Analyse the promotion of environmental protection to save rain forests
  • What is Sustainable development in Biology?
  • Survival of species and environmental protection promotion

These are some new case study topics by our experts which will surely get you your desired score. However, just knowing the topic is not enough. You must have a clear idea about writing style and how to avoid plagiarism in your paper. Otherwise, you will lose your score or fail the grade. If you don't want to face this, then you can hire writer from Instant Assignment Help. Because our service experts are the best option for you. However, if you are wondering how, then read below to know why we are the best among other services.

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