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7C's for Building a Strong Argument

7 C's for Building a Strong Argument in Your Coursework

27 Jul 2022


Ever lied to your parents and gave them evidence that you are right? Ever discussed something with your friends and concluded? It must have happened numerous times, right? Do you know what do you exchange when you do so? Well, you exchange the ‘Arguments'...

Arguments are something which is used by everyone. Whether he is a kid or a grown-up person, everyone uses it in their daily life, coursework, etc. A strong argument can win another person who's listening or reading your argument while the weak can make you lose.

Therefore, online coursework help providers are listing here the 7 C's using which you can build a strong argument easily.

What Are the 7 C's for Developing a Rock-Solid Argument?

The argument is something which should always be strong as weak arguments result in the ineffective coursework. Therefore, coursework helpers of Instant Assignment Help are proposing the 7 C's below! Let's check them one by one...

Consider the Situation

For developing a strong argument, first of all, question yourself about what is the topic, what is the purpose and who's the reader/audience. After that, use the perspective-shifting technique and build the argument.

Perspective Shifting - If you are a student and the reader is a professor, then think about the perspective of your professor and then build the argument.

Clarify Your Thinking

If you want to convince others, then first of all, you should be yourself convinced. For convincing yourself, clarify your thinking. Ask yourself about your opinion, why do you think this way, what are the other things you can consider while building the argument, etc. The best way to clarify your thinking is by making a pros-cons chart. Consider the following chart for the reference.

Construct a Claim

Claim is the strongest element of your argument, therefore always construct it in the best possible way. Always build it in a debatable way. For developing it, use the below formula:

Topic + Your opinion = Claim


The national debt + downsize post-war military spending and social programs = To reduce the national debt, the U.S. government must cut wasteful spending...

Collect Evidence

Evidence is the most important part of argument because without it, your argument is nothing, it's just a waste. So, collect the evidence which provides the strongest backbone to your argument. Facts, statistics, examples, quotations, and anecdotes provide great support to the arguments.

Consider Key Objections

Imagine that glass is half-filled. When you'll ask people about their opinion for that glass, some will say it is half-filled, some will say it is half empty, etc. It is because the opinion differs from person to person.

So, consider all the key objections while developing any argument for your coursework. This will engage the readers more.

Craft Your Argument

Craft the argument considering the type and the tone of your coursework.If you want to present your argument in the receptive style, then the structure of your argument should be:

State Claim -> Provide Evidence -> Support with More Reasons -> Opinions & Response -> Confirm Claim

If you want to present your argument in the resistant style, then the structure of your argument should be:

State Claim -> Opinions & Response -> Support with Reasons -> Provide Evidence -> Confirm Claim

Confirm Your Main Point

For building a strong argument, restate the main point in a new way such that it gives the future scope to the readers. It should be written in your coursework in such a way that it should leave the readers with a perfect final thought. The best way to do it is by asking Socratic questions in your arguments.

The argument is one of the bases of human life which provides wider scope to society. It is an important element everywhere including in your coursework. Whether it is world or coursework, without arguments it is incomplete. So, always propose a strong argument. For constructing the strong argument, use these 7 C's. However, if you are unable to write the coursework accurately then take our coursework help. We are giving discounts up to 50% when you place an order on our platform.

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