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Budget Friendly Valentine

Tight Budget? Try These Ways to Make Your V-Day Worth Remembering

25 Sep 2023

5 minutes


Buying chocolates, candies, greeting card or any keepsake for your someone special, and then taking him/her to an excellent dining restaurant sounds a good idea, but will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. By doing this, you can surely impress your Valentine but that won’t be an economically feasible idea. Then, what can be a way out of this common problem that most students face during Valentine’s week? If you really want to know some effective ways that can be useful for a perfect V-Day, then read this blog. Here, the writer has briefed some amazing and pocket-friendly ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day.

1.) Share Your Valentine’s Special Playlist

You might be having a playlist of some romantic ‘listen on repeat’ songs. Ask your significant other to add more tracks to it, and make two copies of a CD containing that playlist. Keep a copy with yourself and feel the bliss while listening to them.

2.) Cook Together

“Delicious food is a key to unlock the doors of somebody’s heart.” Cooking together can be a passionate experience. All you need to do is learn a new recipe, prepare a meal, and enjoy it.

3.) Handmade Greeting Cards

Chocolates and bouquets are usually preferred gifts choices, but greeting cards and that too handmade will surely leave their unique impact on your someone special.

4.) Express Your Feelings Through a Handwritten Letter

Writing a letter to someone who made you special in his/her life will show how much you love him/her by expressing your feelings on a paper. You can scribble some romantic words or a poem also.

5.) Decorate Coffee Mugs and Plates with Your Loved One with Hand

You and your Valentine would enjoy doing this while having some sweet conversations, and at the end of it, you will have a nice-looking collection of customized mugs or plates. You can also gift them to your family members as a token of affection.

6.) Do Some Wall Painting

If you both have artistic skills and are quite creative, then you can write some poetries, draw your favourite cartoon character, and do several other things on the wall of your room. At the end of the day, the wall would look astonishingly beautiful.

7.) You Can Show Magic Tricks

Make your V-Day magical by learning some magic tricks from the internet. This would be interesting as both of you can learn some tricks and present them one by one.  This is really fun, and you must try it at least once.

8.) Learn a New Sport Together

Learning a new sport is as exciting as taking a Ferris wheel ride. If you are a game fanatic, then you can understand what it feels like to learn a new sport. Try your hand at skating, tracking, cycling, etc. Basically, it will boost adrenaline, and bring you both more closer to each other.

9.) Go for a long drive

Try to take a long trip with your special one and have some small lovely tiffs with him/her. Discuss your life problems, share your dreams, deepest desires while sitting around a bonfire and soft romantic music being played in the background.Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, so why not to do it in a more economical way. Try the aforementioned ideas and feel happy. Hope you liked reading the blog. 

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, so why not to do it in a more economical way. Try the aforementioned ideas and feel happy. Hope you liked reading the blog. 

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