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10 Best Blogs Every College Student Should Follow

10 Extremely Useful Blogs for College-Goers

blogs to read

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In this era, the internet plays an integral part in the education. It provides an endless amount of information every day through various resources that can be most helpful and informative. There are a plethora of blogs available on the internet - some help us kill time, and some give us valuable knowledge on different spheres of life. The following list prepared by our English assignment help experts spans a few blogs that are written for students, offering various useful tips on almost every crucial area of students’ lives.

1. Study Hacks

Run by a Computer Science professor, Cal Newport, this blog teaches students how to stay motivated, become productive & more focused, and prepare well for exams. It is packed with topics that are about the intersection of technology and society. Study Hacks blog can help you with the right resources to learn from and lead a satisfying college life.

2. Student Minds

Student Minds is a fantastic blog that provides support to students who have a mental illness. It offers a chance for young individuals to share the harsh realities they face on a daily basis and get in touch with people with similar experiences. You can visit this blog when you are feeling stressed, anxious or struggling with some of the challenges that college life throws at you.

3. College Tourist

College Tourist is an incredible platform for students from around the globe to share their traveling experiences. You can write about your experience about that abroad trip in the summer holidays, and also share pictures of you relaxing on the beach or having fun in the pool. On this website, you can even find traveling tips on a student budget and a rundown of breathtaking destinations.

4. Wellsphere

College students are most careless when it comes to their maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The unhealthy eating habits and germ-laden surroundings lead them to poor health and make them prone to various diseases. Wellsphere delivers accurate and condition-specific information to students that help them maintain their well-being and the quality of their life.

5. BrokeMillenial

College students often struggle to make their ends meet. If you too have an unpleasant financial situation, then you must check out this blog. The author of this blog struggled with financial constraints during her college days and wanted to help others manage their finances more effectively. Through this blog, she offers a lot of budget planning advice and financial lessons that will surely improve your financial condition.

6. Hack College

Before starting our college, we all ask our elders to share their experiences about the college life and give a piece of advice to manage everything with ease. But not everyone is lucky enough to have someone to seek guidance from. However, Hack College website gives you this opportunity by offering a lot of personal stories about college life.

7. Two Guys and Some iPads

Today, we use various gadgets and technologies but hardly do we understand how strongly they affect our lives. This blog’s authors talk about all the things that are technology-related, starting with newly-launched apps and ending with more significant topics, like the impact of technology on education and our daily lives.

8. Fast Company

Many college students don’t know how to make an impression during a job interview, no matter how excellent skills they possess or how good their grades are. Fast Company is a useful blogging network for students who don’t know how to make a strong impact on the interviewer. It offers valuable tips on everything, from economics to business innovations.

9. College Cures

From offering you various party theme ideas to providing you amazing tips on how to start an MBA, this website can help you with almost every detail of your college life. Be it great relationship advice or simply a minor life hacks; College Cures can come to your rescue in many situations.

10. Instant Assignment Help

Throughout the course, students have to work on a number of assignments that consume ample time and cause them stress. Instant Assignment Help is a website that offers incredible assignment writing tips to college-goers and also talks about various topics pertaining to students’ life. Moreover, if the tips don’t help you write a high-scoring paper, then you can order an assignment from the expert team and live a stress-free college life.

So, these were a few blogs that should be on your reading list. There are many other interesting blogs online that you can follow and become more informed!

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