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NU3S03 Nursing Practice

University: Barony College

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 4 / Words 918
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: NU3S03
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Answer :
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This project will helps to learn the following outcomes:

Learning Outcomes 

LO1 - Analyse health history of individuals having continuous illness

LO2 - Assess assumptions and techniques to analyse an comprehensive assessment of customers in the group or at home.

LO3 - Finding out methods to encourage good health of people having constant disease by applying principles of proof-based nursing.


At the time of second Sudan civil war, Aamira Agar a 66 years old Sudanese lady, forcefully shifted in Australia in 2002. She depends on her community to translate as she didn't know English well. She don't have children and her husband died in 1999.

She admitted to your medical ward via GP, for examine of new diagnose diabetes. They said to check whether she be suffering from heart failure. Ramadan complicates the management. She didn't faces this in early times, but currently facing breathing issue, continuous cough, swelling on feet and lower legs, and particularly lying flat. She didn't have any allergies.

You are a Nurse taking care of Aamira


Social History

Medical Findings





CXR - not attended. Direct


Coversyl 2.5mg Daily


Have a niece, lives in Melbourne, due to VIC Covid not able to meet Aamira

Blood tests - not attended. Direct



Colecalciferol 800IU


Gall stones 2005

Using community nursing

 services, 2 times a week, with washing and

 dressings to leg ulcer

RR - 30 - laboured breathing.


Some wheezing heard. Persistent


cough - has been getting worse


for the last month

Fosamax 70mg weekly

Long term ulcer on


L lower leg


 community check on Aamira

 daily, helps with


meals as needed

SpO2 - 96% on RA(at Gps)

 HR - 99 - no ECG (at GPs)


BP - 145/85 (at GPs)

Panadol Osteo

 1330mg TDS

Ex-smoker. 1 pack


per week x 20


years - quit 1995

 Less exercise,

 as shortness of breath on exertion.

Noted bilateral oedema of calves


Suspected PTSD

Unable to maintain, a small garden where herbs grow, exponent of traditional



Short of breath - worse lying flat



Often thirsty, gained weight, moderate appetite

Increasing need to urinate -

 especially at night




Fasting Blood Glucose 1 month

 prior - 10.7 (mmol/L)




Has not yet been seen by an

 admitting physician


Figure out the following in your 2000 words essay:

  • By the information, describe the problem and the reason of this condition of aamira (300 words)
  • Tell about the health history taken previously, and discuss the nursing care she will get after admitted to your ward. What details you require to supervise a new patient that admitted to your hospital and what's your duty is? (500 words)
  • How you tell her the about the disease she is suffering from and what will be your suggestions in this context. Discuss about the effect over her care because of Ramadan. (550 words)

For getting discharge, what are the services she required, also explain the precautions to be taken for safely return home and independent.(300 words)

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