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B74044 Professional Standards Of Practice And Behaviour For Nursing Associates Nurses And Midwives

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1120
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: B74044 
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Table of Content

  1. CASE STUDY- (Green group):
Brief :

Summative Essay Scenario

MHN 2801 Green Stream Case Study Scenario (2021-2022)

You should have to choose one question from the above question to describe professional issues related to the Scenario. Student required to discuss professional feature of nursing practice and makeconclusions cover all learning outcomes of the module.

Choose one of question from the questions below to describe in your essay (Answer one question)

Question 1:

Demonstrate the contemporary NMC Code,under consideration legislation, policies, guidelines, ethical principles. Determine, discourse, and examine the suitability of behaviours of the nurses participating in the scenario.



What professional approach would you take in a similar situation if you were the recently well-qualified staff nurse? Describesuitableprofessional behaviour,substantiated by the NMC code, fundamental ethical principles, legislation, policies, and guidelines applicable to professional nursing practice.

CASE STUDY- (Green group):

Ben is recently well-qualified nurse which works primarily in the NHS nurse trust. He is the majorly specified in the mental health department of the care setting. Ben has the duty in the acute wards of NHS trust setting after he has completed his degree. He has been working in the setting from almost 12 months now. Ben collaborate usually with the Junior Mental health nurse named Rita in the care setting. Rita has completed her specialisation 18 months ago.

While working with her Rita came to find out that Rita is treating the patient and collogues in abrupt manner which when not controlled on time might impact the devilry of care to the patients. What ben thought was exactly happened as Ben during his duty found that Rita has delivered the non-prescription 1gm Lorazepam to aroused female who was elder. When confronted by the Ben, Rita told that the medicine was given by her to create the peace in the wards to make patient feel light or stress free.

 Later Rita told that in ward that in some instance the medicine will soon be prescribed by the physician team to patient. Ben notify the Rita about the care setting guidelines that the delivery of the medicines are only be devised by the physician or the nurse practitioners. Ben also guided Rita that non-prescribed medicines should not be provided to patients as it violates the patients safety procedure. As a nurse it our duty to follow the set protocols and policies in effective manner.

As Rita confident Ben that in her experience which overstep his education as a newly qualified nurse, because she know about their responsibilitiesand duty to focus or call the very busy on- call doctor. Ben was uncertain about the concern of Rita's unsafe practice with the ward manageror with the hospital manager. Ben was much worried about about what would happen if his involvement were unfounded and association member with Rita and stood against him. Ben has decided to work there and wish to stay on the ward of two years.

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After few nights ago, Ben collaboratively worked with Rita on night shift, and during night and service user woke upand ask where she was with loud voice. Ben saw Rita propulsion against service user aggressivelyand back to her bed, Rita come out from the patient area and start crying. Benfollow Rita to look into and want to asked that everything was well and Ben saw that service user was fall on the floor. Ben helped service userand assist him to bed and Ben said to Rita that in this situation, report the information to the duty doctor to come and review the patient condition but Rita decline to call duty doctor. Rita told him, the service user is fine and there is no need to call the busy doctor. The hospital was very busy that night and they both forgot to complete the incident for and did not maintain in the patient record about the patient incident in nursing note.

Day after Ben said to other nurse team members that staff members is unsafe with patient and it is about to worry. Nurse members suggested Ben to report the night incident and observation of patient behaviour to the manager ward of hospital and suggest manager to escalate concern in NMC code (2018) code which describes that nurses must “act without delay if you believe that there is a risk to patient safety or public protection”.After much discussion, Ben reported and 

escalated his concerns and observations of Rita's unsafe behaviour to the hospital managers.

 Structure for Assessment breif

The word count for completing this essay is (2000 words)


The Introduction section includes question 2 with the help of given details.


-Discussionof the issues in the scenario.


-Ethical principles

  • Leadership / lack of role models in the scenario / team working
  • Role of the nurse in raisingand escalating issues.
  • Incident reporting and safeguarding
  •  Role of nurse in safe administration of medicine
  • stress management and self awareness
  • cultural competence

You should have to ensure that all LO s are included in the essay and discussion part.

Learning outcomes: Student should have to focus on including learning outcomes , the sucessfull student will be able to:-

  1. Explainnursing professional values, responsibilities and accountability during clinical decision making with colleagues and to support individuals' autonomy and dignity.
  2. Identify safe culturally congruent care towards moral, ethical, legal, policies and professional standardswith the help of current evidence in Mental Health nursing practice.
  3. Evaulatethe knowledge, skills and attitudes needs to support/lead others confidently and articulate nursing issues within the MDT and the public.
  4. Identify how existing health and social policies influence resources that affect the delivery of patient care to users of Mental Health services
  5. Diffrence between how legal frameworks, local and national policies identify vulnerable patients within health and social care environments to prevent risks of harm to safeguard them.
  6. Demosntrate models structure to identify and support staff develop self-awareness, resilience, self-well-being and management in their role.


Explain the key points which are included within the dicussion question

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