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Roles and Benefits of Human Resource Management - Hotel Hilton

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 3 / Words 736
  • Paper Type: Homework Help
  • Course Code:
  • Downloads: 654
Brief :
Organization Selected : Hotel Hilton

Task 1

1. What role is played by Human resource management in Hotel Hilton

This will include the description with respect to the significance of HRM in the hospitality industry in general and also to the Hotel Hilton.

  • Explain how the HRM contributes to the achievement of the organisational goal and also the identification of the objectives.
  • Considering yourself as an HR manager, you are asked to implement, revise and also place the strategy with respect to enhancement of performance of the staff. Recommend the policies and strategies in this context.
  • Provide a human resource plan which will be prepared by analysing supply and demand for the Hotel Hilton.

2. What is the present status of employment relation in Hotel Hilton

This will involve the analysis of the external environment in which the Hotel Hilton operates, along with this also provide the statistics of demand and supply of labor and also justify the HR Plan.

3. In Hotel Hilton, explain how employment law affects the human resources management

This will include the assistance of current news articles and events in the hospitality Sector.


The two main elements of human resource activity that are generally considered for filling the new and existing positions are recruitment and selection. It has been commonly observed that most smaller organisations are not equipped with the well-developed functions of Human Resource Management or the systems related to recruitment and selection. A lack of systematic procedures exists for recruitment and selection. When poor selection and recruitment is performed then it is considered a costly exercise and leads to the costly use of the management time, retraining, recruiting replacements for individuals who leave very quickly, high-labor turnover, absenteeism, low morale, ineffective management and supervision, disciplinary problems and dismissals.

Answer the following

  • In the context of the Hotel Hilton, prescribe the job description and specifications of the person.

This will include the study of different HR practices that will be evaluating the aim of recruitment and techniques for the purpose of the recruitment process

  • Provide a comparative view of the selection processes in the context of different service industries.

Task 2


In order to maintain the hospitality business today, which is completely a highly competitive environment requires a workforce that is skillful. The main problem that emerges in the workplace is the lack of training. The reason that human capital majorly contributes to the functioning of the organisation, is the improvement of productivity, business performance, and economic growth. This raises the importance to invest more in the training of human resources for improving the competitive position.

How the training and development activities contribute to the effective operations of the Hotel Hilton

  • what barriers will arise in the training in Hotel Hilton?
  • Show the overall objectives of the Hotel Hilton, and also describe the applicability of the innovation and creative thoughts.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

The projects will be concluded by involving the issues raised in the project, and the significance of the ideas provided. It is your responsibility to make a good impression and end it on a positive note.


Indicative characteristics

In order to find the appropriate solution, apply the strategies

  • Proper judgments have been made
  • Difficult problems that arise with more than one variable, have been explored
  • An effective approach is used

Chooses different methods and techniques that need to be appropriate

  • Correct theories and techniques have been applied
  • various methods have been used
  • information that seems to be complex, is processed

Present the findings that are appropriate

  • The language that is technical is used accurately
  • appropriate format is used
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