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Project International Trade

University: University of West London

  • Unit No: 15
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the International Trade ?
  • What is the advantages and disadvantages of international market?
  • What are the major products offered by oil industry for their business?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Senorio de Begue


International trade states as the process that is used to transaction between goods and services at multi-national level. In simple terms trading globally provides large market area for consumers to offer large number of opportunities with exposed of goods and services available in countries. It also offer opportunities to offer and exchange goods at minimum prices and to increase customers area for offering large number of products to customers. The report is composed from point view of Senorio de Begue which is operating their business in oil industry. The major concern for this report is to offer business products at international trade for expanding market area (Arjona-Fuentes and Amador-Hidalgo, 2017). Moreover, this report highlights on study of products and situations oft three different countries to enhance business in this countries. In the last, market study related with oil market is also included in this report.

Study about the product and industry

Global economy is enhancing business size among all industries with rapid speed by offering new and innovative products within country. The major operations of Señorío de Begué are performed in crushing industry in order to offer its products in food processing industry. In present scenario, most of market area which is covered by management is of Spain as company I originated form Jaen. There are various task are performed by management that enhance market area by offering good quality of products. This refers to manage all task and food items in effective manner by offering detailed description about products.

Large number of products such seeds, mustard oil, virgin oil, crushing seeds, process food, beverage items etc. But in present scenario, majority of the sale about organisational products comes from olive oil. It also leads company to gain better position in market because of high revenues or profits. Along with this there are various task will be included in this report that leads business houses to capture high market area through offering large variety of Olive oil products. Example- Extra virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, crude olive oil etc. it all are designed with motive of enhancing market area (Bayramer, Tunalioglu and Karatas-Ozkan, 2016). It also governs to manage its task with approach of increasing business area at local as well as international level. Within context of Spain Picual, Lechin, Picudo etc. are some products in which company deal and competing with each other effectively. Moreover, the major benefit achieved by Señorío de Begué is that Spain is well-known and prosperous for their olive oil among all over the world that work as positive factor for management to enter into international market.

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International business enhancing market size similarly its also increases competition within companies to gain the position of top exporter. Rafael Salgado, Deoleo, Eusebio Garcia, Martin de prado and many more are some major companies which is dealing in market of Spain and other countries (Beltrán and et. al., 2015). So it is also mandatory for Señorío de Begué to increase their business size by offering their products at international level. In order to gain competitive edge in market management is focused to perform their task by influencing and demonstrating culture of Spain in their products.

Potential countries to enter in market with analysis of external situation

International trade leads business to enter into market within effective manner by approaching customers at global level. Example- E-commerce platform leading companies to represent and deliver their products outside local boundaries of country. Three different countries from Europe, Latin America and South-east Asia with analysis about their external situation is considered as follow:

Europe Countries- United Kingdom is the selected country of Europe Union. So to understand oil market PEST is implemented to understand overall market.

  • Political aspect- UK is a wide democratic country that is open for new business ideas and techniques. It also refers all types of government rules, regulations, policy are undertaken in political factor to perform all task according to government rules. From perspective of Oil industry UK government develop flexible rules to produce and deliver oil in effective manner (Cafarelli and et. al., 2017).
  • Economical aspect- Monetary transaction are the major concern for organisation which leads management to earn sufficient amount of profits. Señorío de Begué earn more revenue from local market. But in context of UK, Brexit directly impacted on sale of organisation. Due to which sale of Olive oil is directly impacted that reduces profits. Along with this it also impacts on purchasing power of consumers so it work as negative aspect for organisation.
  • Social aspect- Within context of UK most of the residents belong to different countries that belongs to different backgrounds and follow a assorted with separate taste. It determines that there are various task will be managed by Señorío de Begué to pursue long term benefits from operations. Therefore, it work as positive factor for organisation as it increases sale of organisational products because of large customer base.
  • Technological aspect- Innovation and creative are most important part for organisation which leads business to complete their work effectively. UK easily adopt high technological tools for performing work in effective manner (Caporaso and et. al., 2015). Moreover, it also offer positive factor for Señorío de Begué because local workforce of UK is aware about technological tools and easily adopts learning methods.We are the best Marketing assignment help  service providers in the UK

Latin America- CUBA is a country that comprises to invite and increase number of trade activities in organisation. In context of external situation about olive oil market is mention as follow:

  • Political aspect- In present scenario, there are various task will be managed by the government to perform all work effectively. President, Secretary and ruling government developing effective methods to perform all task with in ethical manner. In context of olive oil it is a positive factor for organisation that boost sale of olive oil products.
  • Economical aspect- The economy of Cuba is well planned and largely dominated by State run enterprise. Along with this it is increasing their business size with rapid speed it refers that there are various task will be managed by organisation that is leading management to earn good revenues from oil market.
  • Social aspect- Most of the existing population of Cuba belongs to Urban areas it determines that they are well educated and performing all task in proper manner (Coq-Huelva and et. al., 2014). Moreover, most of the residents prefer to perform business so in context of Oil industry it works as a positive aspects for organisation to enter in market as well as to increase business size.
  • Technological aspect- Cuba is facing various challenges to perform its operations with implement of technology. This is because people face difficulties to access internet because of low service provider. It results cost to perform work with use of technology and internet increases. Modern computers and networks are most essential part to perform functions but to low involvement in technology oil market face difficulties in exporting and importing of products.

South-East Asia- Their are large number of organisation will performing their work as per country rules and regulations. In context of South-east Asia Malaysia is selected as it provides large market area for customers to complete task in effectively. Pest in context of Malaysia is mention as follow:

  • Political factor- Political factors impact directly on operations and functions of a business. Their are various challenges are faced by Señorío de Begué such as sudden changes in international rules and regulations impact on overall performance through impacting on hosting and guest country (Felzensztein and et. al., 2014). Moreover, in context of South-east Asia various challenges faced by management because of ineffective utilisation of resources (Yang and et. al., 2016).
  • Economic factor- Its directly effect the economy which change the inflation rate of Señorío de Begué olive oil in south east Asia. The Señorío de Begué olive oil has to face many problem which are high interest rate, changes in foreign exchange rate, increasing in GDP and also affect the stage of economic cycle. The impact of economical factor result in changes of aggregate demand which make highly profitable or may incur losses for company. In south east Asia, due to high level of unemployment it makes easy for Señorío de Begué olive oil to recruit people at lower wage. This will bring positive outcome to their net revenue.
  • Social factor- This factor is directly effect in society which are culture, belief, morale and values. Señorío de Begué olive oil should understand customer standard of living, belief, values, community, society is very different in south east Asia as compare to other countries. Señorío de Begué olive oil has different market segment in their country but in south east Asia the business environment scenario is totally different. Señorío de Begué olive oil should study the intersect and priority for target customer and then design their product accordingly in south east Asia (Yang, 2018). This will help the company that they should not promote premium product in south east Asia because majority of population belongs to lower class.
  • Technological factor- The rapidly changes in technology factor effect price structure and increasing competitor for Señorío de Begué olive oil. The Señorío de Begué olive oil should adopt new technologies which may led to increase in cost of product and also affect their revenue. This will frequently increase or reduced profit of Señorío de Begué olive oil in south east Asia. Señorío de Begué olive oil should update their technology time to time which help to increase production in short time period that is beneficial for their employees.

Market Study for Three Countries Regarding Oil Market

International trade work as an essential tool that is leading companies to gain top position in market through capturing large market area. Señorío de Begué is concerned about increasing their business size through performing all task in exact manner. This is leading individuals to distribute products at local and international level. The main concern for international trade is to manage work as per documents, agents, tariffs etc. It also leads organisation to manage their work as per management to complete all task in minimum time period. In simple terms it is defined as rules to operate business in local industry is different from international market. Some rules that are related with expansion of business at international level are mention as follow:

Register agents- Retain of business with register agent of a country leads company to perform their operations according to plans and ideas. In context of Señorío de Begué all task are performed by management through considering all task and management in proper manner. It also leads company to manage their work with motive of lawsuit that enhances companies and employees engagement in organisational functions. Like if company plan to enter into foreign country than management concerned to do all operations with law suit (Gorini and et. al., 2019). Therefore, agents leads company to perform work as per olive oil industry. In context of all countries oil market it work as positive factor for companies to perform work with register agents in order to complete all functions properly.

WTO- World trade organisation serve as a regulatory function that is increasing number of business operations as per global standards and level. According to the preeminent world trade organisation this also forms as a number of clearing house within companies. Along with this within context of respective organisation WTO leads companies to perform their work by solving dispute that take place within market. Along with this by familiar with WTO functions management is able to perform work with WTO functions that leads to complete work as per international business area.

Operating regulations- Señorío de Begué is originated from Spain so it is aware about their local rules, policies etc. but while expanding business in international trade such as Europe it is essential to sign all contracts with suppliers and many more. This results all task which are performed by management are generated towards gain of benefits from organisation. International regulations depends to avoid violation within two parties. International treaties generates rules which boost overall treaties and regulations by learning and adopting skills which is increasing business legal counsel of countries (Hoppner and Griffith, 2015).

To become familiar with local acts- Latin America follows different rules and regulations that are largely different from other countries. It also refers that there are various roles must be managed by organisation to perform their task as per international trade. Olive oil of Spain is unique and different so it work as positive tool for organisation. This determines all operations are performed with motive of managing functions as per cost of local country. Example- Señorío de Begué belongs to Spain which is well developed and South-east countries are at developing stage so it leads management to perform work at low cost.Take Free Examples of Assignments Now!

Advantages and Disadvantages that are related with Countries

Global trade is one of the most complex and compulsory task for organisation which is increasing business size that leads management to perform all operations in effective manner. According to existing market conditions all industries and companies are performing their work as per international level (Kanibir, Saydan and Nart, 2014). So it is also essential for management to manage its task and then deal companies to gain better results from all of its operations and functions. Some advantages and disadvantages related with current selected countries are mention as follow:

Advantages in context of Europe

  • Eco-friendly policies- When European countries are performing their work as per management to manage environment within effective manner. Olive oil products are used by residents on daily basis. This defines it is mandatory for management to manage their operations with policies that are environment friendly. So Señorío de Begué gain advantage to enter in market because of its organic food.
  • Reaching new market- Señorío de Begué and its management are totally aware about local market and policies under which an organisation perform their work effectively. This also refers that there are various task managed by companies to enhance its business size. In context of UK it work as positive factor for Señorío de Begué because it helps to gain large customers base (Mili and Bouhaddane, 2019).

Disadvantage in context of Europe

  • Foreign rules and regulations- In context of organisation and their rules it is mandatory for Señorío de Begué to follow all rules which is time consuming process. Along with this it also work as a cost expenditures. So overall impact on organisation is not positive for management.
  • Handling logistics- The major function of international business is to complete all task as per import and export. This defines due to complex transport facility there are various challenges faced by management which impacts on business functions and operations.

Advantage in context of South-east Asia

  • Foreign investment- It is one of the most important part for organisation that is leading management to increase their business size by investing all amount in proper manner. Spain economy is well developed so by investing in foreign countries foreign currency is also gained and collected through management of Señorío de Begué.
  • Lowering cost- By operating business in various locations it is complex to manage actual cost for the business. This determines operational cost impact on profits for organisation. Therefore, Señorío de Begué manage its financial resources effectively reduce actual cost of operations.

Disadvantage in context of South-east Asia

  • Time zones- Time is one of the crucial aspect for organisation which is directly impacting on business. So in international business time is totally different from each other (Raieta, Muccillo and Colantuoni, 2015). So it is complex for Señorío de Begué to manage their work effectively.
  • Politics- Target country for olive oil is impacting on business to complete their task in effective manner. This also refers to manage their work as per political conditions to secure better position by managing political risk insurance as an excellent idea to make plans that is used to work as per crucial actions.

Advantage in context of Latin America

  • Consumption of goods- America is importing most of the good items that is performing their work within effective manner. This also refers that Señorío de Begué leads opportunities to enhance their business size effectively (Rodríguez Cohard and et. al., 2017).
  • Productive resources- Countries are performing their business in effective manner which is enhancing business size and profits by offering different products to large number of customers.

Disadvantage in context of Latin America

  • Home industries- Local industries is performing their work ineffectively due to which its business are directly impacted as it is impacted due to there global competition in business.
  • Foreign challenges- Ordinary business leads management to perform their work according to those challenges which is impacting on tools and machines. Like most of employees dealing their work to complete its task as per goals and objectives of functions.

In the last, by the above analysis it is analysed that functions which are performed by Señorío de Begué are desired towards accomplishment of gain high market share of UK market (Wan, Luk and Chow, 2014). This refers if organisation perform their work with ethical value in its operations then it is easy for management to achieve top position in market of Olive oil industry.


In the last by the above report it is concluded that an organisation must perform their work as per international standards. Business is one of the most important part for organisation that is enhancing revenues and sales of organisational products. Moreover, there are various countries are target by a business to perform their work effectively in foreign countries. It also undertakes rules and regulations must be considered by organisation for performing their work in effective manner.

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