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Oil And Gas Management

University: London School of Commerce

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Introduction to Oil And Gas Management.
  • Impact of fossil fuel on global warming.
  • Global warming effect on health.
  • Solutions to reduce the impact of burning of fossil fuel into the global warming.
Answer :

Introduction to Oil And Gas Management

Human beings, animals and plant are the major part of an environment as they give their support into the development of the world directly or indirectly. But now-a-days, most of the companies use fossil fuel for fast production so; it puts a negative impact on the environment. The main reason behind the adverse impact is the continuous use of fossil fuel which contains organic materials like oil, coal etc. It creates pollution in the environment so it is dangerous for the living beings as well. With the use of fuel, temperature of the ocean rises. Global temperature become disturbed which also increases heath related issues. The present report is based on the use of fossil fuel and the impact of the same on environment. It also includes the man made causes of global warming and possible solutions to reduce the negative impact of same.

Impact of fossil fuel on global warming

Fossil fuels are found in the earth crust and contain approximately 86% of the world’s total energy. It is available in the liquid, solid and gas form. It also includes the oil, coal and dangerous gases in it. Now-a-days, most of the environment related problems faced by the country are just because of fuels. Due to fossil fuel, acid rain, oil spills and air pollution has increased and thereby damaged the environment. The main reason behind this is; when industry uses it, there generates lots of pollution in the air and water so by this, it puts a negative impact on the global warming. The high use of fossil fuel is dangerous for the global warming because; it has its impact on climate change as well. It also has side effect on other sectors which are explained as follows:


Water, fresh air and CO2 are the main part of the environment. But due to high use of oil, water and air become highly polluted. By this, it reduces the yields and crops are falling down. The taste of the vegetables is changing due to the use of various chemicals and polluted water agriculture items.

Environment changes

Many of the environmental issue faced by the world is due to negative impact of fossil fuel. Air pollution, acid rain, oil spills and increasing health problem are the main points. When fossil fuel burns, there generates harmful gases. This is the main reason for dissemblance of the temperature. Further, there are some more points pertaining to the above discussion which are explained as follows:


It is the main reason for the asthma and health problems.. When it burns, it generates CO2 into the environment which is dangerous for the plants. It also raises the health problems which are related to the breathing.

Oil and gas

These elements are mostly used in drilling thereby kills marine organisms and the birds. Industries do not recycle these gases and oil and explore it through pipelines so it makes water pollution and creates harmful impact on fishes and whales.

Hungry plants

Fossil fuel is used in every vehicle and equipments. The main reason to use these fuels is the affordability as compared to other fuels. When vehicle runs on the road, there generates pollution which lowers down the percentage of oxygen into the global environment.

Sea level rise

High use of this fuel generates the heat into the environment and increases the salt water. These are the main reason behind melting of water and crop destroyer.

Global warming effect on health

Fossil fuel is good for the development of an industry but on other hand, it creates lots of problems in global warming. Due to climate change, it directly put its impact on food supply, health issue and economic growth. As per the given example, due to climate change on global warming, there also creates mental health problems as well. Due to high use of this gas, people are not able to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. It also generates diarrhea, malnutrition and other breathing problems. Further, the number of asthma sufferers increased that adds the main reason behind this which creates air pollution. Fossil fuel also generates the heat waves so by this; dehydration problem increases and is the main cause of death issues as well.

Global warming effect on environment

Global warming also put negative impact on environment as it raises the level of sea by melting the glaciers and ice. Rise in air and water pollution affect people and thereby they cannot breathe easily. Further, global warming brings changes in the lives of birds, foxes and butterflies who then move to north side. It is the main issue behind the storm and flood because it generates the harmful gases.

Causes of global warming

Human beings are the major reason for the climate change and the pollution. Approximately 90 percent activities are affected by the global warming and are based on the human nature and their work. Human being burns oil, coal and gases for the better and fast production. There are some more causes which are explained as follows:

Burning of fossil fuel

When carbon products are burned, they get converted into carbon dioxide which is harmful for the human beings. It is one of the harmful gases because it creates red radiation (heat) into the environment. When human burns this gas then it releases heat trapping items which are dangerous for the green house as well. It also put some negative impact on energy system which is explained as follows:

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Electricity production

In generating electricity, approximately 40% of carbon dioxide emit into the air. People can easily use other products like liquid gas but they make use of fossil fuel as it is affordable thereby damages the environment.


Car, trucks and other transport vehicles use fossil oil because it provides energy to the engine. But on other hand, they reduce gasoline gas which is harmful for the air.

Man-induced Deforestation

In this, men cut trees and plants for the development of industry and houses. As a result, the parameter of oxygen gas and carbon dioxide become imbalanced. Trees change the carbon dioxide into oxygen which helps human beings into breathing. But due to the development of industries, the number of trees fall down in which thereby results in low level of oxygen gas. With the cutting of trees, the land cultivation increases which is the main reason behind soil erosion and deforestation.

Solutions to reduce the impact of burning of fossil fuel into the global warming

  • For reducing the green house gas, it is very necessary for human to change their habits like use paper Polly bag instead of plastic.
  • Change the driving habits at signal by stopping the vehicle engine as it reduces the carbon dioxide into the environment.
  • Do not burn plastic, dry leaves and waste material. Instead of burning, dig them into the soil so by this, it generates bio gas and is useful for cooking.
  • In industry, use liquid gases for the energy and avoid the use fossil oil.
  • For the electricity production, use recycle water instead of fresh water.
  • Use renewable energy system into the industry and automobiles. And also includes the heat trapping gas for the production (Nikoo and Amin, 2011). This gas is costly as compared to fossil fuel but it reduces carbon dioxide which is good for the green house.
  • Use solar energy plant in the industry area like solar wind, solar cooker etc. Recently, government of the UK launches approximate 1,000 solar systems for the production industry. The main benefit of using this is that it generates less pollution in the environment. It also uses solar heat for the energy.
  • After launching this system, most of the industries started using solar light on the roofs. Before using this, all industry and houses uses bulb and tube light.

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Solution related to deforestation

The first and foremost solution for deforestation is plant because by this; human being breathe easily and can reduce the health related problems. Further, there are some solutions which are as follows:

  • Do not cut the whole tree rather use their roots. The UK government banned the clear caution of forest and it is the best and feasible solution.
  • For the solution of deforestation, every year million of trees are planted which tends to manage the ratio of trees into the world.
  • Government should change their laws relate to tree cutting and make them harsher.
  • Do not throw plastic material into the road and land because; it is harmful for the tree growth.
  • Recycle the products and use all of them as much as possible.

Other solutions for the impact of global warming

  • Use non-toxic products which are friendly with the nature and environment.
  • Use programmable thermostat because it reduces the heat of and lower the air condition.
  • Time to time upgrades the refrigerator and air conditioner because; it consists of fossil fuel in it which generates noise and air pollution. With the help of product servicing, people save the environment and reduce the side effect of pollution.
  • Make use of LED bulbs because it uses only 15 percentage of electricity.
  • Recycle the organic food item by decomposing.

According to the present report, these are the best solutions to reduce the harmful impact on global warming.


According to the present report, it has been concluded that fossil fuel is very helpful in the development of the world but on the other side; it is also harmful for the global warming. The main reason behind this is that it generates pollution and many diseases which are harmful for human beings. With the use of solar system and some precautions, human being saves the environment and global warming. Further, it helps to learn the importance of nature.Get Best assignment writing service.


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