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Government Responsibilities for Emergency Services

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Government of the country always take care of making policies that can help in offering best services n emergency. Present report will explain various legislation for emergency services. It will describe responsibilities while responding to emergency incidents.

Current legislations and policies for emergency services

The chemical incidents mainly occurs due to some technological incidents, conflicts, natural disaster, terrorist etc and thus harms the human health as well as environment.

Policing and crime act 2017

This is one of the well-known legislation for the emergency services where the role of Police is highly imperative. This is the act of parliament which was formed in United Kingdom. As per this act, main responsibility of police in the emergency services is to investigate the incident place thoroughly for evidence. Besides this, they are also responsible for providing the protection to victims until specialized forces arrive (Neville and et.al.,2018).

Fire and service rescue act 2004

This is the another legislation which came into the force in 2004 and is act of parliament within UK. This legislation applies to the Great Britain along with its provisions applying to England as well as Wales. This act mainly clarifies as well as define duties as well as powers of the fire authorities during the emergency services. According to this act, fire authority in UK is mainly responsible for promoting the fire safety during the chemical incident and protecting the people from extreme fire which emerged due to chemicals (Seba and et.al.,2019). Ask for assignment writing help from our experts!

Health act 2006

This is one of the most important legislation being established in UK and thus applies to the various healthcare facilities including NHS. The provision of this act applies to the services of NHS and thus provides various administrative services to people. The major responsibility of NHS as per this act is to perform the emergency healthcare functions of victims in chemical incident and are bound to provide urgent health services (Nikolai, Njoroge and Madey, 2018).

Civil contingency act 2004

This act is describes obligation that needs to be beard by organization for certain emergency services.. It gives power to government to organize events for the emerge of large scale (Civil Contingencies Act 2004, 2020). This is responsible for risk assessment and emergency preparation as well. In part 1 two categories are here. In category 1 risk assessment is done and emergency planning is made. Information are shared. In category 2 health safety executives work to responds on these emergencies. Part 2 reflects developments over aperiod of time to deal with emergencies. This is the act of parliament in IK and thus makes the provisions for military as well as civil agents during any contingency or emergency. The provision of this law mainly applies to Great Britain covering England and Wales. According to this act, the primary responsibility of military and commandeers is to assist the victims in rescue and provide emergency treatment to the casualties. Besides this, they are responsible for safeguarding the public health suffering from the severe effects of chemical incident (Sylves, 2019).

Responsibilities in emergency incidents

JESIP that is Joint emergency services interoperability principles was mainly developed for improving as well as to standardize ambulance and police services (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles, 2020). They are responsible for looking for any evidences at the site and providing the protection as well as relief to the victims. Apart from this, they are responsible for maintaining a constant communication with the rescue team operating in the unknown territories during adverse situations like chemical incident (Li and et.al.,2019).

Its main role is to work in collocations, they have to give commands and commandeers make the team ready to implement functions to resolve the emergency situations. Communication is another responsibility where all joint teams work together and share information so that correct resources can be used at right place to deal with emergency situation. Sharing of situational awareness is another responsibility of authorities. Where they have to make other departments aware with the level of risk and accurate way to deal with it.,

Another entity which is responsible i\body for quickly responding to the emergency incidents is fire authorities. It is much obvious that one of the leading factor giving rise to chemical incident is release of the hazardous substances and thus leads to the explosion as well as fie in surrounding areas. Here, fire as well as rescuer team also work to respond quickly in emergency. The major and the foremost responsibility of fire authority is to rescue the people from fire and fighting the severe explosion due to fire. Along with this, they are also bound to provide emergency service to victims and their families injured in the chemical incident (Fantacci and et.al.,2016).

Ambulance services is the another main entity which plays a vital role during the emergency services and are responsible for providing services to victim (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles, 2020). On of the major and most important responsibility of ambulance services is to provide hospitalize services to people and their families to the healthcare facilities and hospitals and providing the immediate services. Besides this, along with transporting them safely to hospitals the team of ambulance services is required to provide first-aid to deal with victims having cardiac arrest, crush etc. Another main responsibility of ambulance is to provide the 24-hour assistance as well as medical products like beds, oxygen to causalities injured in the chemical incident (Woods and et.al.,2017).

Role of public service agencies in major incidents

The public service agencies plays an important role in responding to the severe major incidents and providing relief to the causalities along with their families. There are various public agencies which are involved during the occurrence of emergency situations like chemical incidents and their roles are highly defined and well-structured (Neville and et.al.,2018). Need Assignment Examples? Talk to our Experts!

Flood of January 2005 in Carlisle north England

Flooding from January 2005 affected 2700 homes, killed three people in Carlisle and brooked down 1900 properties. . Business get affected and no visisotrs were interested to come to this location.

Fire services

This is one of the first and foremost agency with is involved in responding to the major incidents in JESIP. Their role is highly crucial as well as commanding. One of the most remarkable and significant role of fire services in chemical in incident is to provide relief from fire and thus save people from its effect. They play the role of life saver where they after arriving at the site firstly extinguishes the fire and provide emergency services to the victims (Seba and et.al.,2019).

Police services

This is the second public agencies which works in the emergency situation in JESIP and plays a highly essential role in proving care and facilities to causalities along with their families. The primary role which this agency plays during the major incident is facilitating the movement of the various services and supplies to victims. They are responsible for clearing off the traffic during transporting victim to hospital and other care services.

Ambulance services

This is one of the most widely known as well as most important public agency which operates during the occurrence of chemical incident. Here the main role of ambulance is to provide the immediate health facilities to victims and their families and safely taking them to the hospitals. They are responsible for providing the clinical interventions to ill patients as well as transporting them to emergency unit. Besides this, another role of ambulance services is to communicate with the authority of hospital to make the necessary arrangements for treatment before the patient arrives the hospital (Nikolai, Njoroge and Madey, 2018).

Government (local authority)

This is the another public agency which is responsible for taking the quick actions during emergence of incidents. The main role of government of UK in the emergency situations is to provide the proper framework as well as resources to the hospitals for treating causalities injured during chemical incident. Besides this, they are mainly responsible for providing the financial services to the victim and their families for effective treatment and care. Along with this, this agency is also responsible for managing the whole crisis and communication constantly with other agencies for any update (Sylves, 2019).

Planning steps while responding to major incident


This is the foremost step in planning for the major incident like chemical incident. This mainly involves identifying incident and analyzing it. The main importance of this stage is that it helps the agencies as well as organizations to handle situation appropriately (Li and et.al.,2019). Steps of planning are described as below:


This is the another stage in which the agencies identify the actual and real incident for example chemical incident. The main importance of this stage is that it allows the team to classify the incident and have the proper information about details (Fantacci and et.al.,2016). First authorities need to identify the emergency issue and accordingly they have to take immediate action on it.


This is the third stage in which the agencies investigate as well as identifies the various aspects related to the incident. Here the various agencies like police investigates any issue and prepares a documentation regarding any evidences for chemical incident. The major importance as well as benefit of this stage is that it helps the planning team to carry out the incident in effective manner and helps them to look for each and every detail to draw the conclusion (Neville and et.al.,2018). Once issue is identified then authorities have to investigate the rout cause of this emergency event so that rescue team can be prepared accordingly.


This is the fourth stage in planning for the incident in JESIP where the agencies after proper investigation draws a result and thus provide recovery and care to the causalities and their families. In this stage, multi-agencies like fire authority, police, ambulance plays the major role and the importance of this stage is that it helps the agencies to make the proper contingency plan for recovery. This stage helps the agencies to implement the various care facilities and provide timely treatment to causalities (Woods and et.al.,2017). One entire location is investigated then team can make recovery plan and can implement the entire plan. This would help in speedy recovery of situation. Get marketing assignment help Now!!

Follow up

This is the last stage followed by recovery stage in which after returning to the normal, follow up is taken from the people involved in the incident. The major important of this stage is that it helps the agencies to know that whether their wok has been successful or not and whether the whole process was conducted timely and effectively or not (Seba and et.al.,2019). This will help in avoiding occurrence of such kind of emergency issues in near future.

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