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Why Is Homeostasis Important?

Why Is Homeostasis Important? Definition | Explanation | Examples

27 Aug 2021


Usually, students get stuck while writing the biology papers effectively as they do not understand the biological terms. Moreover, there is one term that most of the students do not understand easily, and that is homeostasis. Many students do not know why is homeostasis important in a living organism and what it is. So, it’s time to give a simple yet effective explanation about it. For that, you need to read this blog further to get all the knowledge about this term.

Moreover, when you opt for biology as a subject in your academic life, it is possible to get assignments and projects on homeostasis. As stated above that many students face problems in developing a perfect paper, reading this write-up will prove helpful. You will surely be able to draft a significant assignment on this topic without any mistake. But if you still face a problem in making the document, scroll down till the end to know who can help you with the assignment.

Before going further, have a look at the short description of homeostasis. When a person’s temperature is 98.7, we can say that he or she is healthy. It is an example of homeostasis. So, it is defined as the process of keeping the body in control according to the environment.

Definition of Homeostasis

It is necessary to know the importance of homeostasis, but before that, you should learn what is homeostasis This term is studied in biology subject. It refers to the tendency to maintain the internal states and psychological conditions in the living organism. In other terms, it’s a self-regulatory process through which it adjusts the body according to the temperature needed for survival. All that works in the balance to maintain the homeostasis in the body. This term was originated by one of the great American psychologists, Walter Bradford Cannon, in1962. He created homeostasis to know the equilibrium that is needed for the body to survive in different temperatures.

This term also deals with many psychological processes to keep the body balance according to the environment. It is done by many regulatory mechanisms. Every mechanism has 3 components, receptor, control center, and effector.

The receptors work when the body goes to a different temperature from the regular. It works in both external and internal environments. The control center works on the respiratory center and renin-angiotensin system. And at last, an effector works to bring the body temperature back to normal. So, it can be identified that homeostasis is important for the body and works for every part of it.

What Are the Types of Homeostasis?

After knowing what is homeostasis, now let us know about its types. There are majorly 3 types: Thermoregulation, osmoregulation, and chemical regulation. It is already mentioned above that homeostasis controls the internal system of living beings, such as the temperature, fluids, ions, and pH level. So, these three terms help to control the level of these internal organs. Let’s know-how and which part they control in the living organism.

Thermoregulation- It is the process of maintaining the core temperature of the body. It helps to control the temperature according to the environment, either it is high or low from normal temperature. But it remains only for some time; the thermoregulation brings it back to the normal temperature. It is maintained by the organs like adipose tissue and skin. It works in the integumentary system and hypothalamus brain.

Osmoregulation- It is the process by which osmotic pressure is handled inside the body by creating the balance between fluid and salt. During the process, all the excess water, ions, and other molecules are removed to maintain the osmotic pressure in the body. Urine is the perfect example that helps to remove excess water and ions to maintain balance.

Chemical Regulation- It is the process of creating the balance between the chemicals to create hormones in the body. When the sugar level increases in the body, the insulin is increased to bring it back to normal. A similar process has been noticed in the respiratory system. Also, when breathing is high, the carbon dioxide gets increased.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Homeostasis in Living Organism?

Now that you have learned about what is homeostasis and its types, let’s move ahead to know its importance in a living organism.

You may have already understood that homeostasis is very important for human beings. For every single living organism, it is necessary to maintain the homeostasis in the body to make it work, grow, and survive properly. In short, it is necessary for overall balance in the body. So, homeostasis is also important to make the body work smoothly during diffusion and osmosis. If your body does not work properly during the exit of oxygen and carbon oxide, homeostasis is not balancing the level of both salt and water in the body.

Enzymes are very necessary to keep the cells alive in order to have a speedy chemical reaction. But if your body temperature is not normal, it might stop working or create an issue in the body. So, to maintain a healthy body, you need an optimal temperature to make the cells work in order. As stated above, homeostasis helps to maintain the temperature of the body, so the enzymes need to do their work smoothly. Now, let’s know that ways help the body to maintain homeostasis.

There are 5 ways through which the body maintains homeostasis. It regulates the temperature, glucose, toxins, blood pressure, and pH. The body needs to maintain all these at a level to stay healthy. If one of these gets up or down from its normal level, it might create problems in the body.

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Here Are Some Interesting Examples for Your Homeostasis Assignment!

  • Body temperature is the best example of homeostasis. When a person’s temperature is 98.7, you can say that the person is healthy.
  • Glucose is the best way to consume sugar in the body, so if your glucose level is proper, you are healthy.
  • Your lymphatic system helps to maintain homeostasis in the body whenever you get sick.
  • Having proper blood pressure is also an interesting example of homeostasis. Whenever your heartbeat gets slow, it sends the message to the brain, and the homeostasis work to get it in control.

So, these are some interesting examples to include in your homeostasis assignment.

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