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Easter Celebration

7 Unbelievable Easter Traditions of UK

28 Dec 2023


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Easter is also known as Pascha, or Resurrection Sunday. It is a Christian festival that is exquisitely famous in the UK as it is the day when Jesus was resurrected from the dead. It is described in the Testament that this occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion. Most Christians consider the week before Easter the Holy Week, which in Britain includes the day of the Easter Triduum, which, furthermore, entails celebration days such as Maundy Thursday, remembering the Maundy and Last Supper, as well as Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter itself has various names. For example, "Great and Holy Pascha", "Easter Sunday," "Pascha" or "Sunday of Pascha.". You might not have heard about some of them. In just the same way, there are different traditions for Easter of UK celebration.

Much Anticipated Easter Break

Easter UK Breaks is something that students wait for eagerly because it entails a lot of celebrations, as mentioned at the starting of this blog. There are several ways to celebrate Easter, and when it comes to its traditions, they can be a bit unusual too. So let's enjoy this Easter with a different taste and have some unique traditions incorporated into your own.

7 Unusual and Amazing Easter Traditions

Our experts have put together a list of fun and unusual Easter activities that students in the UK can celebrate during this Easter holiday in 2022.

The Nutter's Dance

This originated in 1857. In this tradition, the men of Bacup put on skirts and strap bells to their legs. This weird-sounding parade is led by a man called "Whiffler" or "Whipper-In" and this name was given to him because he is a whip-wielding man. The parade participants have black paint painted on their faces, and this tradition takes place every Easter Saturday. To talk about why this tradition is celebrated is quite simple. It is done to drive out evil spirits, and the black faces of the participants are to protect them from demons.

Egg Rolling Race

This event is held every 1 April, by Preston Council. In this Easter activity, participants roll an egg from the top of a local hill to see whose egg reaches the bottom first. It is obvious that the egg wouldn't survive the roll, but there is a saying: - nothing tastes as victory feels. Students and adults all over the UK can participate in this or host one in their own cities.

Morris Dancing

This dance involves a complex choreography in which the participants are required to wear suits, belts, and sticks. This tradition has been practiced in the UK since the beginning of the 15thcentury with the purpose of welcoming spring.

Jack in the Green

The Jack in the Green involves a man covered with foliage who leads a troupe of dancers through towns and villages on May Day and Easter Sunday. This tradition has been in northern Britain for a long time and in different forms. However, this tradition was considered bawdy in Victorian times and died out, but has been resurrected in the same manner as Jesus was and is now continuing for more than 30 years.

Pancake Race

In this race, the participants have to run while flipping pancakes at the same time, and it is held in the UK on Shrove Tuesday. Sounds fun, right? It looks fun too. This traditional race originated when a housewife from Olney in Buckinghamshire was so late for church that she ran on the street while holding her burning hot fry pan. This race is so easy that you can even conduct it in your backyard and have a fun time with your friends and family.

Hot Cross Buns

Among various Easter activities in the UK, this one is celebrated on Good Friday. At this event, hot cross buns that contain spiced raisins are eaten toasted with butter. This tradition started in the 19thcentury when a widow in London hung a hot cross bun for her sailor son for Easter Sunday. But he died at sea without returning to his mother. The widow then hung a hot cross bun every year in his memory. The house in which the widow lived was later known as the bun house. And the current landlords of that house still continue with the widows' tradition. Every Good Friday, members of the Royal Navy are invited to throw a bun into the net that is situated above the house.

Hare Pie Scramble

It is a tradition from the villages of Medbourne and Hallaton, that takes you back to the Easter gift of hare pie and drinks. This tradition starts with a Warrener and his hare-topped staff going through various villages carrying the hare pie and drinks in their backpacks and hands. The pie is then further blessed at the church and then shared with the crowd, which can trigger a mass scramble for bits of pie, not to mention injuries are common in this tradition.

The above-mentioned traditions are not the only ones that can be seen in the UK, the country is jam-packed with numerous kinds of them. These traditions that we have included are just the crux of events that you can enjoy on your Easter 2022 in the UK.

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