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Creative writing

Astonishing Understanding of Creative Writing! Some Simple Ways

10 Nov 2022


Is your mind over flowing with ideas? How many times have you found yourself in your imaginative world? Like a globe of your fantasy where you are the creator and that shining bright light of the story. Well, you might have done it. Whether in your midnight thoughts or the middle of your meantime under a sky turning itself blue. However, it is disturbing to feel a terrible idea striking and bursting your artistic bubble. Right? It can be a moment when your mind hits the reality that all your dreams and fantasies will remain in the air and that you will never be able to turn them into words and paint a picture.

Nonetheless, little you must know is doing creative writing is relatively easy. If you have your mind built to take action and put your fantasy into words, you can undoubtedly achieve it. As a result, this topic is for you if you have a keen interest in creativity and love to trick with words.

Sadly, you find yourself stuck with artistic words and lose grades in your creative writing assignment. Wait, there's no need to make your brain run back and forth like an old machine. Instead, get your focus centred and walk through this write-up to understand artistic approaches, their elements, and artistic writing assignments. Let's get going.

What Is a Creative Writing Assignment?

Essentially, creative writing is the art of giving your words a life. It is a form of writing where creativity takes place using imagination, creation, artistic approaches, innovation of ideas, and literary elements. This form of writing combines strong words using imagery with an emotional impact. On the other hand, taking about assignments in this discipline, English-language courses of higher education or degrees primarily includes creative projects. It is the time in your academic session when your creativity and imagination mark the grades of your overall result. It is an educational yet fun document assigned to you. It is a process of constructing original ideas by synthesising emotional and literary elements to discuss the overarching theme.

Yet, you often find creative writing assignments a challenging task to deal with. It can be because of a lack of ability to put your thoughts into words and put them down on paper. However, it's nowhere like a snowball's chance in hell. Read more to find out some profound tricks to arouse your creative writing.

How can You Arouse Creative Writing?

There are plenty of reasons you want to get the ball rolling on your new life as a creative writer. To achieve the goal, here is a list of practical approaches you can try to improve the skill of giving your words a voice.

Work on Routine Ideas

There are plenty of moments you walk through in your daily routine. Some days, the sun is brighter; other days, the moon talks; every hour and moment is distinct. So, it gives you many minutes to experience various scenarios. From a lovable happening to a bleak hour, your tremendous journey of the day can make you impressively creative. You can pick any moment and expand on it. But, it must include a combination of your feelings about the hour.

Write a Secret Letter 

Know that most of your creativity lies in your personal thoughts that you do not permit your mind to escape. Well, now is the time to write a letter to your loved ones, someone who wronged you, your best friend, or a mentor who helped you find a way. Do not worry; these phrases are safe with you. There are no judgments, as this is your way of putting your thoughts on paper. This process can be cathartic and help you untangle your feelings and put them into words. In addition, this will open many emotionally intense subjects to allow your feelings surface.

Plot a Story

One of the finest ways to give your creative writing a go is to attempt writing short stories. Allow your thoughts to paint a picture and help your writing muscles flex on the point. Describe the plot of your fantasy, focusing on the setting. Develop immense characters by picturing their looks and nature through the artistic approach of illustration. If you find it challenging to match your thoughts and words, try to meet your best friend: a book. Read some fiction novels to understand how the author gave his ideas a touch of terms. In addition, it will allow you to explore different genres that will enhance your creativity.

Sometimes, practising to improve something can be something other than perfect, polished, or cohesive. Your core ideas are the foundation of your creative thinking. Taking an active part in the suggested ways above can help you improve in characteristics like voice, characterisation, structure of the plot, thinking creatively, and more. Moreover, learn the elements of artistic writing below to bring out the apt approach from your creativity.

7 Elements of Artistic Writing

There is plenty of advice you get from your professors and peers. However, trying to capture every detail in your writing can overwhelm your work. Thus, to simplify it, you must learn some crucial ingredients or elements of creative writing. Here is the list.


Before you begin thinking about your plot, you must know how it differs from a theme. The plot is what happens in the story, and the theme is why it happens. So before making your plot, you must identify the trope. Next, determine why you want to convey this write-up. Then, weave your story, adhering to your concept, and consider its impact on your audience.


Before beginning to weave your story, think about your characters, roles, and natures. Your main character, your protagonist, must possess the qualities that emerge in the climax. To add to the drama, you can have an antagonist, the villain. There is a bit of contrast between your main character and the other. Just don't paint your other character as unfavourable. Besides, you could give him a motive for his actions. However, it was just an instance; you may choose your characters based on the nature of your story. Moreover, the cast must be included to keep the balance.


A setting includes the time, location, or era of the plot. Thoroughly cover your bases with the drama, but remember to serve only some things at one time. Avoid describing your setting to the audience; it may put them to sleep. Instead, layer your background into your story. Attempt to show your settings to your listeners rather than narrate them. Go slow and deep with your words to create a curiosity in your audience that must keep them turning the pages.

POV: Point of View 

The point of view of your tale can be confusing, but it is the foundation. So if you are trying to escape or overcome it, you must do so at your peril. To decide your POV, you first must settle your tale's voice. Whether it should be in first person ( I, Me ), second person ( You, you're ) or third person ( He, She, or It ). After all, the audience sticks to the point of view according to the character's perspectives. It lets you give your story an engaging and related touch with your readers. 


A plot is the primary sequence of moments and events that build the story. It is a significant element to pique the reader's interest in the writing. Thus, your plot decides whether your story will get added to the wishlist of your readers or be just another pass for them. It is a structure that forms your tale and provides a track with a concoction of drama, conflict, curiosity, and intrigue.

Contrast and Conflict 

A simple take on engaging the approval of all characters and the plot can make the readers go out of interest at some point. To eliminate the chance, there must be a dramatic touch or conflict. It enhances the range of dialogues and will make the reader interested in giving their thoughts on the story. It will make the audience look and wait for the moment of someone storming out completely. Hence, holding the reader's interest in the place.


The climax gives the reader a sense of closure about your work. How you expect your tale to end should include every scene. It may evolve, grow, and change as your protagonist wends through the inevitable arcs, but learn never to leave it dull. Keep your creativity going while you are drafting the resolution. One of the best ways is to keep your lead character in the story until the end. If you feel lost near the end, don't run. Give it some hours or some days if needed. Take a long walk through your content so far; it may help. The main focus of your climax should plunge the story into the reader's heart.

As mentioned above, these are the main elements in your writing to make it never fail. Your tale must be educational and entertaining, but remember to cling to the emotional factor. The reader can ignore the most profound lessons, but their mind can never slip the fact that the tale emotionally moved them. As a result, ensure you include every emotional factor to get the desired outcome. Now that you have absorbed so much about creative writing, it is time to move on to the last stage of learning: The tricks to write a creative assignment.

8 Tricks to Write Creative Assignments

A creative assignment involves making things up and letting your fantasy run wild. In a creative writing assignment, you are primarily assigned to plot a story and be creative with your fiction.

However, knowing is not enough; you must use the right approach to get the desired result. So, here are some foolproof tricks to make you write your creative assignment flawlessly.

Think about Your Audience

While all these ideas are boiling in your mind, give your audience a priority and figure out what will keep them engaged as readers. Then, as fiction is about holding the reader's interest and never making them set aside the story, you must plot accordingly.

Three-Act Structure 

It is a writing style used in modern writing. The structure follows a plotline that does not allow readers to realise that one play has ended and another has begun. Next, the system includes a set-up that establishes the characters and a confrontation that becomes the turning point. And lastly, a resolution that ties up loose ends; also called a climax.

Interesting Details about Setting 

Give your content life by enclosing the details about the setting. Include the senses of feeling to make your readers think about the story's location. A simple sentence describes the plot of the tale, which is needed. However, you can make it more gripping by peppering it with details. Remember, fiction reflects the sentiments of the story and plot to the audience.

Extended Metaphors

Extending the literary device; metaphor, is an excellent way to approach creative carotids. This method will never go out of style. Instead of using a straightforward approach to convey something, attest using analogy to describe the meaning by sketching comparisons. It helps the reader to visualise a juxtaposition.

Paint a Memorable Picture

If you are plotting a tale, short or long, attempt to paint a picture in the middle of your story of what you have gone through. The expert writers consider this point a prime one because they firmly believe in real feelings over fiction. The imagination may not always give the best results, but a real-life moment promises perfection.

Vivid Pictures for Readers

When you are doing a creative writing assignment, clarity is top on the list. Broken imagery and vague thoughts depict the boredom in your plot and story. It would be best if you use clear imagery with strong, meaningful words that give your readers a vivid picture of the events mentioned in your story.

Let Your Characters Speak

The story, or plot, is run by the characters. The leads are the main characters of a tale. As said in one of the creative writing elements, you must choose a point of view in your story. It allows your characters to skew, making the readers fall into the fictional world of your content.

Fusion of Sweet and Spicy

One secret trick of creative writing is combining short and long words in your content. It is a minor detail that you can easily ignore; however, it dramatically impacts readers. It highlights your work by giving it a cutting edge, like sharpening a diamond to a shine. Try a similar method for sentences when you use this approach with your words to enhance your phrases. Using a fusion of sweet and spicy; compact and lasting sentences can improve the paragraphs.

Create unmatched content for your creative writing assignment by following the above tricks. These tips will help give your professor a welcome break from the boredom of assignment marking. However, if your schedule is jam-packed with other commitments and all you think about is attending theory lectures, you can look for friendly guidance from an expert to assist you. Know further what they can do for you.

How can Creative Experts Make a Difference in Your Grades?

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