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Brainstorming Techniques

Brainstorming Techniques to Implement for a Productive Coursework

13 Jul 2023


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Students get really stressed when they are assigned with a coursework writing task. The reason behind this can be any of the following:

  • Poor subject knowledge
  • Poor writing skills
  • Poor organization skills
  • Poor time management skills (deadline is approaching)
  • Poor self-confidence (unable to deal with procrastination)

So, the experts of Instant Assignment Help have shared some ideas to help you with your coursework. Our writers have years of experience in providing coursework writing help to students. So, they know well what are the best tricks and techniques to make it an easy task.

The famous and the most productive trick is brainstorming.

Brainstorming is basically a group activity where some people sit together to come up with new and unique ideas on one particular topic. There are many techniques of brainstorming that can be used to make this session more productive and helpful.

1.Mind mapping

This is the process where we go layer by layer into the details of the topic. This helps in mapping the entire content together at the end.

Let us suppose a situation where you are supposed to map ‘How waking up late in the morning can cause to failure in the exam?'.

Begin with the first case:

  1. Suppose you woke up late.
  2. Now, you don't have enough time to cook breakfast.
  3. So, you decide to attend class without having food.
  4. Now, you couldn't concentrate well due to hunger.
  5. Thus, you can't write anything in exam because you don't remember from that class.

Here we can also have another scenario:

  1. Suppose you woke up late.
  2. Now, you missed the bus/train for school.
  3. So, you attend late to the class.
  4. Now, you miss a bit of it.
  5. When it is exam time, you don't remember that topic and you fail.

So, this was just a basic example of mind mapping.

2.Reverse brainstorming

This is another technique of brainstorming. Unlike the traditional one, in which we choose a question and find solution to it, here we find an answer and raise questions for it. Sounds confusing? Wait, let's look at the below example for understanding it well.

Suppose you want to know how you can get an A in your coursework. Try to search for how you will score an F in your coursework. Then find solutions for it. Some of which may include:

  1. No subject knowledge.
  2. No time management skills.
  3. No writing skills.

Now consider these as your problems and solve them. What to you when you have:

  1. No subject knowledge - Read more about the topic to gain information about it.
  2. No time management skills - Try Pomodoro technique to improve your time management skills.
  3. No writing skills - Try writing for 10 minutes everyday and gradually increase it to one hour.

This was an example for the reverse brainstorming technique suggested by the experts of online coursework help.

3.Star busting technique

This is another technique of brainstorming. This begins with a simple star that has the topic in centre. In each of the six points of the star, include one of the following questions: who, what, why, where, when and how. Now the goal is to find as many questions as possible for each of these points.

Suppose there is a topic ‘score first position'. Now write questions for all 6 points:

  1. What - What is the goal of this activity? Find a way to secure first rank.
  2. Who - Who can help you with it? Friends, professor, etc.
  3. Why - Why should I secure first rank? To be able to enter the university.
  4. Where - Where can I get help for it? From online journals, blogs, etc.
  5. When - When should I start my work? Since you have one month for exams, start right from now.
  6. How - How can I secure first rank? Study well and practice.

Gap filling

Drivers analysis

SWOT analysis

The five whys



‘What if' brainstorming

Collaborative brainwriting

Role storming

Reverse thinking

Figure storming

Step ladder brainstorming

Round robin brainstorming

Rapid ideation

Trigger storming


These were the top 3 techniques of brainstorming that can help in your coursework. However, there are a few more techniques in brainstorming that are listed below:
These are the brainstorming techniques that our experts of online coursework writing help suggest to students struggling with their documents. You can avail our writing services to take the burden of this complex task off your shoulders. So, what are you still waiting for? Contact us at the earliest to avail our services at affordable prices.

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