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All About Thesis Statement Writing | By IAH.com Experts

How Can You Write a First Class Thesis Statement?

14 Apr 2023


Academic students often search the internet for how to write a thesis statement for a better understanding. When scholars ask to prepare a thesis, the first question that roams in their minds is the process of creating a good argument. All students' prime responsibility is to write quality and better papers to achieve desired scores. 

The thesis statement is a sentence that gives an idea about the entire written document. However, numerous students face difficulties in creating a perfect thesis statement. If you are one of the scholars who struggle to achieve higher marks in thesis papers, this blog is beneficial. 

What Is a Thesis Statement in Simple Terms?

The thesis statement is a sentence that gives an overview and states the central idea of the thesis. It usually comes at the start of the document. Also, it helps the reader by showing an idea about the whole assignment. It reflects the opinion of the writers about their research experience. 

After understanding the thesis statement, the next step is to know its writing purpose to create a perfect argument.

What Is the Purpose of the Thesis Statement?

The purpose of a thesis statement is to provide a short, concise, and clear argument that directs the reader to learn about the details of the assignment. It should write as if the sentence contains relevance to the given question. Also, this is the spine of writing that will support the claims made throughout the document piece.  

You can learn to understand five prime purposes for thesis writing help in the following section:

What Are the 5 Major Purposes of the Thesis Statement? 

A well-written thesis statement assists the author in how to write the paper. You can remember the mentioned purpose of creating a perfect argument. It also helps you as a writer to know about the stages of writing.

  • The thesis statement is a brief narration which contains the gist of the given question. 
  • A perfect thesis statement should give the reader precise information about the main point of the paper.
  • A well-written thesis statement reveals the scope and direction of the paper.
  • It also tells the reader what to expect from the paper and often writes at the end of the introduction.
  • Most importantly, the thesis statement restricts and controls the information which will cover in the paper. 

You can follow the above points to take thesis help in writing statements proficiently. Understanding the purpose of the thesis statement is one of the prime things. It assists students in delivering better papers when they have a clear image of writing. Although many scholars do not have the idea to create a perfect statement, they seek assignment help to overcome this situation. 


Different Types of Thesis Statement with Examples!

There are three prominent types of thesis statements which are as follows: 

1. Explanatory

In this type of thesis statement writing, students should make sure that they write precisely on the main issue. Also, do not forget to tell the reader why your subject is prominent.

For example: Substitute energy sources that can enlarge the use of natural gases include a variety of fossil fuels. (Topic- Substitute energy)

2. Analytical

In the analytical type, the prime focus of students is to analyze a specific problem. When writing a thesis statement of this kind, the first thing is to define the issue and conclude the subject with an evaluation.

For example, an analysis of social media utilization shows that it is irreversibly harming adolescent development. (Topic- Social Media)

3. Argumentative 

As the name indicates, an argumentative thesis statement presents a common thing to the argument. In this writing, students should deliver strong ideas with supporting evidence to convince the reader.

For example, the sale of bottled water should ban due to its serious consequences. (Topic- Bottled Water)

Choosing the writing type according to the given thesis question can be beneficial for you to create a statement correctly. However, most students do not know how to write thesis sentences in college. They can seek assignment help to complete the document correctly or can learn from the following section to write the first-class argument. 

How Can You Write a First-Class Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement is a critical part of thesis writing. It must come into the introduction section and should identify the argument topic. Although, most students do not have much idea to create an impressive thesis statement which requires good knowledge. It can be fruitful to take thesis writing help to know traits on how to write an argument. 

1. Determine Statement Writing Type

Students should know the statement writing type before starting the document because it helps to create the sentence accordingly. It can be impossible to draft a perfect statement without knowing the type. So the first step to preparing a first-class sentence is to determine the kind.

2. Identify the Topic Before Starting

After deciding on the writing type, the next step towards writing a perfect statement is identifying the issue. Most of the time, university professors give the subject to the students for thesis papers. In other cases, when scholars have to decide on the topic themselves, it is necessary for them to select exciting and relevant issues. 

3. Research the Topic

When students have chosen a topic, the work of writing a thesis statement is halfway done. The next step scholars have to do is to research thoroughly on the issue and make statements accordingly. It is advised that students should not make simple sentences but rather choose an argument that can make an impact on the professors.

4. Determine the Supporting Facts

Another crucial thing students have to remember is to find and add relevant facts and then create a question that is easy to read. It can be beneficial for scholars to write supporting facts, that enhance the paper with this thesis help point. 

5. Compose a Sentence Focused on the Topic

The last thing that is as important as the other parts, students should remember to compose the thesis statement, which mainly focuses on the main topic. 

  • BONUS POINT: Remember to define why your point differs from other writers.

If you want to learn more about how to write a thesis statement that can turn out strong & qualitative, you can check out this blog to write effectively with the five simple steps. It can be beneficial for you to understand the writing process efficiently with our expert's help.


If you are still confused about how to write, it can be beneficial to take the online thesis statement generator to help create the perfect one.  

Nowadays, thesis statement generator tools are there which can assist students in getting a clear and crisp statement for papers. To learn more about it, scholars can learn from the below paragraphs.

How Can Thesis Statement Generator Help You?

When students enter universities, they often face difficulties that they have not expected. Thesis statement writing is one of the problems which scholars face while pursuing a degree. It is because this seems to be a small part of the paper, but actually, it is the core. However, if a scholar does not know how to write it, this can cost them to fail an assessment. It can be beneficial for students to take assignment help from our experienced writers. The other way to get rid of stress is to take the thesis statement generator tools help. 

However, many students may be confused because lack of knowledge on how to use online tools. They can read the following pointers to resolve their worries. Scholars can learn the benefits from the mentioned section to take as thesis help for writing their paper quickly.

1. Clear and Crisp Statement

At the college stage, most students do not have the ability to create on-point and precise statements on their own. Taking help with a thesis statement generator can help write a perfect sentence to make your paper effective. 

2. Suggestions in One Click

Usually, students waste a lot of time creating a better statement. On the other hand, utilizing these tools is easy to use, and scholars can get suggestions in one click, which makes it easier to complete papers timely.

3. Saves a lot of Time

It is too challenging to come up with a unique statement while pursuing a college degree unless having the expertise to work on it. Also, this is a time-consuming task, but scholars can save time with the help of statement generator tools. 

4. Free of Cost 

While pursuing a degree, students do not have enough funds to pay for assignment help services, but the statement tools are often free of cost and provide quick results and suggestions. 

The above mention pointers assist students in knowing the benefits of the thesis statement generator. So it can be beneficial for scholars to take our online tools to help them get first-class sentences.


Still Unsure about Writing Your Statement; See How We Can Help?

Thesis writing is a challenging and time-consuming task for scholars. Sometimes they fail to deliver better documents because it requires adding a thesis statement. To turn this problematic situation into a rewarding one, it can be beneficial for students to take our assignment help USA overcome the situation. We provide the best thesis statement generator tools and assistance services that can help students to achieve documents without taking stress.

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