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Mars Mysteries

5 Mind-Boggling Mysteries About Mars- The Red Planet

05 Jul 2023


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Presence of ghost, alien contact, ancient technologies, and much more to put on the creepy list of mysteries humans are seeking answers for. Many people have spent their whole life in solving some unusual phenomena that once occurred in this universe. Still, there are certain enigmas that remain unanswered. Some of them are related to our neighbor planet called Mars or the red planet.

Talking about Mars, it has always been a topic of discussion and increased the curiosity among philosophers and researchers working across the globe. Space scientists and agencies have researched a lot about Mars in the past fifty years, by sending some robotic spacecrafts to the planet. Still, there are a few questions your teacher might have told you about that are quite perplexing related to this red planet. Here, the assignment help expert has presented five mysteries that are puzzling the modern scientists a lot.

Does Mars Have Two Faces?

Mars too has two faces, but they are different from those of humans. It has two hemispheres of opposite features: the lowland areas of the northern hemisphere and the volcanic highlands of the southern hemisphere. These contrasting characteristics are debatable, and theories and assumptions about the origination of these features of Mars couldn't give reasonable answers. One attempt was made to explain this Mars dichotomy by the California Institute of Technology through the computer modeling. It was revealed that their presence is due to one giant impact occurred early in the history of the solar system.

Why Is Methane Present in Its Environment?

In 2003, glimpses of methane gas in the atmosphere of Mars were caught. The source of this gaseous compound is still unknown and remains a mystery topic. Talking about the Earth, its 95 percent of methane comes from various biological processes, and the bacteria called methanogens consume organic matter and excrete methane. But, this cannot be a case for Mars, and even if this theory applies here, then it's also a topic of research.

Is Water Present on Its Surface?

In one of the researches carried out by NASA, it was claimed that Mars once had a primitive ocean that held more water than the Arctic Ocean of Earth. This statement came after some ground-based observations that measured water signatures in its atmosphere. But, researchers have butted heads with others on this topic because if this red planet was used to be a watery world, then where such an expanded ocean would go. Was it lost to space, or perhaps frozen and covered by sand and dirt over? Many types of research were attempted to solve this enigmatic question, but none could actually explain it.

Has Life on Earth Actually Originated on Mars?

Humans should call themselves Earthling or Martian is still a doubt and has made many researchers raised their eyebrows. One of the scientists reported that the type of oxidized molybdenum, which was crucial to the origin of life on the Earth, was likely to available on the surface of Mars long ago, but was absent on Earth. It's another part of the evidence which strengthens the case that life came to this planet on a Martian meteorite, rather than starting on Earth.

Can Humans Live on Mars?

If humans somehow get successful in landing on Mars, can they live there? Well, landing is one thing, and thriving is another. Researchers are looking Mars as the second planet to reside in, but they aren't addressing the critical question- even if humans get there, how will they survive on it? The atmosphere of Mars is full of carbon dioxide, and the planet is too cold to sustain. Moreover, its gravity is a mere 38% of Earth's that questions the sustainability of life.

This is just a trailer, but the list of mysteries is exhaustive. Hope you liked reading the content of this blog.

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