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Lifelong Learning

An Effective Way to Achieve Personal and Professional Excellence

19 Sep 2022


Table of Content

For the first twenty years or so of our lives, our main job is to learn. The bulk of this time is spent in classroom gaining our formal education. But once we complete our college life, we feel like the learning phase has ended. But did you ever thought how strange is the idea to stagnate your knowledge and what would be its consequences?

Though proper formal education is the foundation of our life, learning is an ever-growing process which does not end on completion of your degree course. Developing an attitude where you constantly learn is the only way to succeed in the dynamic world we are living in today and the plus point is that there are many ways to learn and flourish our intellectual skills due to the advancement in the educational sector. The Internet has given us the opportunity to learn as much as we wish and that too from the comfort of our homes. There are numerous benefits of life-long learning which can be categorised into two parts, i.e., personal development and professional development.

Learning for Personal Development

Continuous learning and keeping the brain active does have advantages since learning can prevent you from becoming bored and thus enable a more fulfilling life at any age. There are, of course, many reasons why people learn for personal development. Most importantly, they may want to increase their knowledge or skills around a particular hobby or pastime that they enjoy. Moreover, they may want to develop some entirely new skill that will in some way enhance their life - take a pottery or car mechanic course for example.

Learning for Professional Development

Being well-educated is not necessarily the key to employment. Although it may give you a job, your sustainability and growth depend upon your learning skills. While you are employed, take advantage of coaching, training, or mentoring opportunities and work on your continuous professional development as you will likely become better at professional skills. Putting in the time for extra learning brings its own rewards. From the financial point of view, a highly skilled and knowledgeable employee is an asset to an organisation and can lead to faster promotion and appraisal. Besides this, keeping an open mind to learning and giving yourself room for flexibility is a key to job satisfaction. Furthermore, potentially staying ahead of competitors for jobs by being more experienced or knowledgeable can give you an edge.

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How to Become a Lifelong Learner?

To become a lifelong learner, you need to be voracious in learning new ideas. The formal education system is restricted to some particular subject. However, for a lifelong learning the whole world is your book, and you can explore as many subjects as you wish. Following are some important tips in this concern:

Develop the habit of reading

Reading stimulates your brain cells and brings new ideas and concepts that would be valuable for you. So be an avid reader- give a considerable time to reading newspaper, articles, search for things online, read good books and use Google Scholar to find a wide range of academic literature. Delve into a topic and don't stop until you have exhausted it!

Join a group

By joining a group, you will fuel your interests, challenge and reinforce your learning, and have the opportunity to ask questions and test answers. You can join a group specific to your area of interest such as engineering, accounting, mathematics, etc., or you may also go for a news discussion forum. Whatever kind of group you choose, this is a great way to supplement your learning.

Jot down ideas

Share your learning through a blog or by writing articles or summary notes if you feel comfortable. If you're not comfortable sharing, keep notes to yourself. Active reading involves jotting ideas, taking notes and a higher level of participation; plus these notes and ideas may come in very handy later on.

Take new courses

Sometimes, it's great to get out and listen to an expert's perspective and join in stimulating classroom discourse or debate. If you can't physically attend courses, you could even try online courses. It's convenient and even more effective than the regular classroom studies.

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