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IEEE Citation Referencing Guide

IEEE Citation Referencing Guide

03 Sep 2022


The citation includes mentioning the source of the text from a book, quotation by an author, literary paper, etc., in your academic writing.

Certainly, there are many types of formatting and styles of referencing the sources in your document, which require their own set of specifications.

Similarly, IEEE citation referencing style is one of the popular used styles known as Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineer, which is an organization that provides assistance to various branches of Computer Science, Engineering, and IT.

In this blog, we are giving an overview of IEEE in-text citations and referencing styles of different sources of information. But first, let us see what IEEE referencing style is.

Definition of IEEE Referencing Style

This referencing style is commonly seen getting used in various areas of Information Technology, in the fields of Computer Engineering, and in different aspects of telecommunications.

In IEEE style of writing, the number system is used, like if you want to state some quotation from any author within the text, then you have to place the number in the bracket, and then the correlated number is shown in the reference list made at the end of the research paper. It makes reading and sourcing easy for the reader.

Now when you know what IEEE is, let’s catch on the different Referencing parts of IEEE citations.

Different Parts of IEEE In-text Citations

Students mostly get stuck at the part where they are asked to create IEEE citations for their research papers, and they do not have sufficient knowledge as to what to include and how to form in-text citations. If you find yourself facing the same trouble, then follow the points below.

  • While writing the author’s name in the referencing style, include the first name’s initial and write the entire last name.
  • The name of the paper, patent,and title of the article should appear in quotations.
  • Keep the title of the book and journals in italics form.

If you do not follow these parts, then the reader would not be able to know if this information is written by you or not. Therefore, it is asked to follow this referencing style accurately. Most of the students do not know how to create IEEE citations, and therefore, Instant Assignment Help writers have given the overview to help those students. Follow the next section.

Overview on Creating IEEE In-text Citations

After you have learned what these citations are, let’s talk about how to create IEEE citations. In IEEE style, every in-text citation has the corresponding reference at the end of the paper. It is the very first step of any citation process where these in-text citations are given sequential numbers.

These in-text citations are written in square brackets, and its reference is mentioned at the end of the paper in the bibliography section.

Whenever you include citations in IEEE referencing style, keep in mind that you are producing this research paper for the reader’s readability so that he can easily find the information and can track the related references in the paper.

Every source of information is different and so are their formats. A book will be formatted differently in the document than the article or newspaper.

Below are the points using which you will be able to create an in-text citation for your academic paper.

  • Whenever quoting or using any text within the line, place the square bracket and give a space just before it. It should be placed before the punctuation mark.
  • Also, you are required to number all the sources while using them as your citations,and then continue following the number whenever you cite the same source again or use it again in your research paper.
  • If,in case, you are citing many sources at one time, you should use numbering for every source and then use separate brackets for each number. Also, put a hyphen or use a comma to show the distinction between those brackets.

You may also check: https://www.instantassignmenthelp.com/blog/how-to-use-footnotes-and-endnotes-in-assignments

These were some guidelines that you should keep in mind while using in-text citations in your academic paper. Instant Assignment Help IEEE referencing style writers have denoted some points that a student must know while producing academic research papers. Let us see what these points are.

How to Create an IEEE Style Reference List?

After creating IEEE in-text citations, you are required to put all your efforts and energy towards creating a referencing list for your paper, which is attached at the end of the research paper. This list is again sorted with sequential numbers in a more detailed manner. It is never arranged alphabetically; rather, it always starts with the number [1].

Now let us take a sight at how the format of the reference list paper looks like.

  • All the references start from the left margin of the page.
  • You need to provide double-space in between all the references,but only the single-space entries are taken.
  • The numbers are placed at the left of the page and are enclosed in square brackets.
  • In the reference list, all the entries are indented.

Now when you know the structure of the reference page, let us witness the specifications of creating an IEEE style referencing list.

  • Always use the title ‘Reference List’ at the top center of the page.
  • Use the feature of ‘hanging indent’ for all the references in this list. Use brackets and place the numbers inside them,and always start the sentence after the brackets from the left margin.
  • While you put the name of the author in the list, the first name would be given the initial,and then the last name will be mentioned.
  • If you are mentioning the name of the article, it should be placed inside quotations.
  • Using the title/name of the book or the journal, keep it in italics format.
  • If mentioning more work of more than 5 authors, use “et al.”
  • At the time of using the name of the editor, use “Ed.” in the reference list.
  • According to IEEE referencing guidelines, if you want to mention the URL in the reference, follow these points:
    1. Break the URL after a single or double slash.
    2. Or, in case you have special characters mentioned in the URL, break it before =, & or @ signs. You may break the URL after these signs too.

Above were some general specifications of the reference list, according to the IEEE citation guide. To follow the complete guidelines of IEEE referencing style, you need thorough knowledge and a lot of time to learn its technicalities. Due to less time, students are unable to complete to prepare IEEE in-text citation and reference list for their academic papers. That is why they search online for an IEEE style guide so that their papers can be designed accurately by these professionals.

To cite the sources while making an Engineering research paper or academic papers on IT or Computer Science might become laborious. One should always look for alternatives to make this process easier. This is why Instant Assignment Help provides the service of IEEE referencing generator that you can use if you want error-free paper with proper citation style. There are various other ways through which you can get your paper styled according to the guidelines of IEEE and impress your professor. If you think that you don’t have enough knowledge and skills to do it and you’re yet to finish research paper writing for other subjects, then you may find the right weapon for yourself.

If you are unable to locate the right sources for the IEEE citation machine, then the Instant Assignment Help team is here to provide you with the same. You just need to log in to the online portal of the citation machine and choose the type of referencing style you want your paper in. Then, fill in the required source of information and let the machine do its magic. And voila! You have your paper designed in the chosen style. There are other referencing styles that you can choose such as APA, Havard, etc. To choose between them, view: https://www.instantassignmenthelp.com/blog/apa-vs-harvard-which-one-to-choose-for-your-assignment

As you saw that this tool is going to make your task easy and done in no time. There are many other benefits that you can achieve using the writing services of Instant Assignment Help. The sight of some is shown in the next section.

Who Can Cite Sources Using IEEE Referencing Style?

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