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Literature Review Writing

How to Write a Literature Review? | Structure | Checklist

17 Sep 2022


Hey, students! Hope you are doing well and your lengthy dissertation & research paper are not haunting you at night. The lengthy documents contain a lot of sections and parts that can be a reason for your trouble. Most of the students struggle & ask how to write a literature review, as it is a short task. 

You need to draft all the sections with proper format & procedure that reflects & introduces the primary topic of a research paper. The clear writing & well-maintained structure helps the readers to understand the base & make them interested in reading it. If you are still confused & like to elaborate a little more on 'what is a literature review,' here is your answer. 

What Is Literature Review? Why Is It Important?

A literature review is writing that situates your work concerning existing knowledge as a part of your thesis, dissertation, or research paper help. It is essential to include with the following rules.

  • Your writing must describe how aware you are concerning the problem and scholarly circumstances.
  • Your content must demonstrate an analytical structure and methodology for your investigation.
  • You must think like the other researchers and philosophers to create a piece just like them.
  • You must explicate the gaps that your examination approaches or provides to a discussion.

You have to draft a literature review to create a stand-alone assignment. In this instance, the objective is to assess the current experimentation state and confirm your knowledge of scholarly discussions around a subject.

To start writing, you should know how to structure a literature review, as well-formatted work can enhance your chances of getting an A+ grade in the result. 

How to Structure a Literature Review?

The literature review includes 3 parts in their structure-

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph
  • Conclusion

You have to insert the headings & draft the complete problem solution under these sections only. 10000 is the maximum word limit that you should maintain in your writing. It can vary from university to university. So, take advice from your instructor regarding the word count. 

Next, the biggest trouble is how to start a literature review. The beginning of various writings means a lot. It attracts the readers & makes them curious to read the complete document. If you want to draft a paper that can grab the audience's attention, below is the solution. Let’s have a look at the literature review starting. 

How to Start a Literature Review?

The best method to address a literature review is to start broad and then become more specific. You must begin by describing the general issues correlated to your examination. Don't write much; instead, show that you are aware of the wideness of your problem.

Next, you must focus on the reasoning that projects your research by narrowing your concentration to deal with them. Now, you must set on an analysis, which directly relates to your particular study. Maybe you have given the maximum time explaining those matters, which have the most direct significance to your learning.

You need to find out some points before starting your literature review as follows:

  • Research performed already on this topic.
  • The sub-areas of the problem require to explore. 
  • Other studies that are relevant to your examination, perhaps not directly.

The content will be slightly different in each journal, whether it is a research paper or dissertation. But the student’s question will always be the same, viz., how to write a literature review. So, let’s elaborate a little on the same with the below step-by-step process of conducting a literature review.

How to Write Literature Review?

To draft a comprehensive literature review, follow the below steps:

You Must Start Your Research with Relevant Literature

You must seek a journal for which you will create a literature review. If you are writing it for your research paper, then it is helpful. You acknowledge the content from your work, which will help you create exceptional writing. To review the literature, you have to understand its genre & style of writing. So read it carefully and note down all the points that you think can help you in your writing.

You Must Assess & Select the Useful Resources

You have to calculate what you need to add to your paper. Perform in depth research & find the reliable & relevant sources that can provide you the best possible solutions for your literature reviews.

Find the Themes, Debates, & Gaps for Your Writing

You must find the primary topic, more debates that you can conduct around the paper & outcomes that can fill the gap of the research study. 

You Must Provide Proper Outline Throughout Your Literature Review

Create an outline for your literature structure that you will follow throughout your document. 

Address your literature review

Now, draft the perfect literature review following all the rules & instructions provided by your professors. 

Above are the various steps that can help you to create an exceptional

A Checklist for Perfect Literature Review Writing 

  • You have described the purpose and scope.
  • You have recognized suitable and trustworthy academic or scholarly literature.
  • You have noted the bibliographical information of the employed resources.
  • You have examined and critiqued your interpretations.
  • You have given gaps in the literature and analysis.
  • You have scrutinized methodologies, theories, hypotheses, and models.
  • You have presented different perspectives of the primary idea.
  • You have addressed an introduction, body, and conclusion in the proper format.
  • You have reviewed all the punctuation and spelling errors in your literature review content.

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