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How to Handle Exceptions in Programming Assignment

How to Catch Exceptions in Your Programming Assignment?

09 Oct 2023

8 minutes


Got a call or had to do a task while assignment writing and lost track of what you were doing? Does interruptions break your work flow? Doing a programming assignment and got stuck with those errors raising every now and then because of those exceptions? Don’t worry, we have bought this blog on how to catch exceptions in your programming assignment to help you.

Exceptions are events that disrupt the normal flow of information. Let’s first have a look into what are the types of exceptions you would get in your assignment writing.

1. No resources

Many a time, students or programmers just begin their assignment without having any resources handy. They don’t have a book or internet to look into when they have any doubt. This may be because either they think programming is all about just codes or just too confident to think not getting stuck with anything.

You should always have your programming books, notes, and other available resources near you to refer in case you need any help.

2. Not using pen and paper

This may sound crazy. But, remember it is very important to have a pen and paper with you. It is because, there may be a chance of you missing something about the question or got too frustrated while coding something that you forget the logic.

Take a paper and write your question on it. Now note down the different logical approaches you think you can apply for that question. And now start coding. You can use this noting down concept to keep a track of your errors and exceptions as well.

3. Not starting it early

You either underestimate the time needed for a program or just procrastinate. This makes you delay the work to the last minute. And at a later stage, with the deadline running after you, your mind couldn’t focus well and you end up failing to do your assignment.

It is always advised to begin your work early. If you complete it beforehand and have any time left, you can spend the extra time on some other activity you have been doing before.

Struggling with procrastination? Here are 5 ways to beat procrastination, that can help you.

4. Not debugging

Students usually code, compile and run the program. They neglect the debugging part. It is a very important section of programming.

When you debug your code, you know where the error is rising and and how to resolve it. This saves you from getting stuck in infinite loops or system crashes or just learn about error occurrences.

5. Not doing assignments on own

Students usually have this habit of delaying work till the last minute and then copying other’s work. This happens with programmers too.

Students should code the program by their own and avoid copying it. This is because, when you do it by your own, you understand why it is done in that way.

6. Not understanding the error

Many a times, when students get errors in their work, they just refer from other programs, or ask a friend to help or just use a code online. They don’t make efforts to understand the errors.

You should try to understand the errors before you start resolving it. Understanding an error can help you come up with a better solution for that error and understand the reason behind its occurrence.

7. Not networking with other programmers

Students who code should network with other programmers around. This will help them understand different problems and exceptions. This can also promote them to help each other with better solutions.

If you are facing any problems with your programming assignment, we have the best programming assignment help for students. However, if you want to do it by your own, here are some exceptions in a programming language that you may come across. In programming, exceptions are usually events that occur during the execution of a program and which disrupt the normal flow of the code.

Let us suppose a programming language, Java and look into it’s exceptions. Here in Java, it allows users to define their own exceptions as well and it has various libraries to define it’s built-in exceptions. Here is a list of built-in exceptions in Java.

1. Arithmetic exception

This is thrown when an exceptional error has occurred in an arithmetic operation.

2. Array index out of bound exception

This is thrown when an array is accessed with incorrect index.

3. Class not found exception

This is thrown when user tries to access a class whose definition is not found.

4. File not found exception

This is thrown when a file cannot be opened or is not accessible.

5. IO exception

This is thrown when an IO operation is interrupted or failed.

6. Interrupted exception

This is thrown when a thread is interrupted from what it is already doing.

7. No such field exception

This is thrown when a class doesn’t contain such field.

8. No such method exception

This is thrown when user tries to access a method that is not found.

9. Null pointer exception

This is thrown when referring to the members of null object.

10. Number format exception

This is thrown when a message in string format cannot be converted into a number.

11. Run time exception

This is any exception that is thrown at the run time.

12. String index out of bound exception

This is thrown when the index of string is either negative or less than the size of the string.

This was the list of exceptions that can arise in a program. If you find any exception in your program, here is the try-catch block syntax, that can help you with handling your exceptions:

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