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5 New Year Resolutions of Toppers for Perfect Essay Writing

30 Jul 2022


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The new year is almost here. This festive season, everyone is ready to welcome 2020 with new hope, making new resolutions for a better future. Like everyone else, to make this New Year more special, experts of Instant Assignment Help have unveiled the topper's resolutions that always help them stay ahead of the game.

Every class has a topper, and every other student of the class wonders what does a topper do in his routine that he always bags the first rank in essay writing. So, this new year, when you are high on spirit, we bring you the best resolutions that toppers make which help them score the first rank.

Thousand of students or even more make new year resolutions every year. But, hardly very few keep up with it. And these few are the toppers you always want to be like. From doing homework on time to scoring the first rank in exams, they always deliver outstanding performance. This seems like a lot of hard work, right? Not for toppers. They just follow some simple routine and keep up their resolutions, and you can see them every time drafting a perfect essay.

But the wait is finally over. Here we unveil their resolutions to you. Sounds interesting, right? So, let's get started.

1. Read

They have a fixed slot of time in their daily routine dedicated just for reading. This can be a book, newspaper, blog or anything that is informative. It helps in learning new things, improving your language & vocabulary, building strong imagination skills, and many more. To write a unique essay that stands out among the rest, you need extraordinary information, and for this, you need to read a lot. You can also avail for our new year's writing essay help, and our expert writers will ensure to deliver you a document that includes in-depth knowledge of the subject.

2. Write

Writing is a part of their daily routine. It may be a single page or some fixed words, but they practice it daily. This improves their writing skills and speed. It also benefits in putting your thoughts in words with ease. If you are struggling with new year essay writing, then you can avail our services. Take our law essay help to achieve better understanding of law essays.

3. Set goals daily

To achieve big goals, you need to begin with the small ones. This is something toppers are well aware of. That is why they begin with small steps at a time. They set goals daily. This practice motivates and encourages them. This can be anything right from reading some pages of the book, writing some words, etc. If you want to write about setting goals in your academic work, then you can seek help from us. We are providing new year essay writing help with amazing discounts.

4. Sleep more

A student's life is very happening, and thus there is no proper time for rest. You might have experienced those times when you think about studying after getting back from a party to doze off unknowingly. But when it is about toppers, they are very particular about their sleeping schedule. They know the importance of a good night's sleep for a productive day at school or to focus better in studies. Thus, they make a resolution to sleep more, to give proper rest to their mind. If you were busy celebrating the welcome party of 2020, then don't waste a minute and grab our new year deals on essay help before they are all already gone.

5. Eat healthy

Who wouldn't love having a bite of that cheesy pizza or a sip of coke at party? But, toppers keep a control on their temptations. They make a resolution to eat healthy food that can keep their mind healthy. A healthy mind means better focus and concentration. Cheating on your healthy diet once in a while is well & good, but not very often. Take our best assignment & essay new year deals and save some extra money for a healthy diet.

So, these are some basic resolutions that almost every topper makes for better performance. You can choose any of these or all. But, make sure you stick to them till the end of the year.

New Year Topics for Essay Writing 

If you are writing essay for New Year which your professor has assigned to you, then here are some topics that you can consider.

1. New Year Essay

In New Year essay, you can discuss the observance of this day, historical significance, cultural practices, traditions being followed, different dates that are observed at different places, important events in the previous year, future predictions for the coming year, and so on. If you are new to essay writing, then follow the 9 rules to write a perfect New Year Essay.

2. New Year's Resolution Essay

Another common topic that students get for writing an essay on is New Year resolution essay. In this essay, you can list down the resolutions you will be making this year, the approaches you will follow to keep them, inspiration behind these, how they will help you, and so on. If you are struggling with New Year's Resolution Essay Writing task, then you can avail our service and get it done in a jiffy.

So, these are the top 2 topics you can write an essay on for this new year. If you feel stuck or dubious about this, then contact us. We are offering the best New Year deal on essay help. So, what are you still waiting for? Contact us now!

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