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25+ Best Higher English Discursive Essay Topics

25+ Best Higher English Discursive Essay Topics

18 Oct 2023

10 minutes


Are you struggling to write your academic paper? Are you getting stuck because of higher English discursive essay topics or ideas? If yes, then you are in the right place because you will get a list of all the best issues along with Instant Assignment Help in this blog. But before discussing the subject matter, it is essential to understand the meaning of the same. So, let's dive deep into it to find out its literal sense. 

What is Higher English Discursive Essay?

A higher English discursive essay is an academic task where you are free to discuss both sides of the issue. It means sharing your perspectives on all sides of the debate. You are not restricted to only talking in favour or against; there is a liberty to put your opinions on both sides without being impartial. Thus, while working on it, there are chances of impressing a professor if you come up with unique discursive essay topics or ideas. If you want to know the process of picking up an extraordinary issue, take advantage of what is stated below. 

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How to Choose Best Topic for Your Higher English Discursive Essay?

As of now, we believe you might have gotten an insight into a higher English discursive essay. So, as you are now clear with the preliminary stage or have an understanding of what you have to work on, it is time to explore the process of picking higher English discursive essay topics for your upcoming or current project. 

Understand the Motive

It is essential to identify your motive or goal before you start working on the essay; if you have been assigned discursive essay topics higher Englishgreat! If not, it is time to slow down and not directly hop on with the research process because, for working on any goal, it is vital to get an answer to why! 

Explore Your Interest

Once you find the right path and understand your objective and intent of working on higher discursive essay topicsjournal or write about your interest areas. This step ensures you do not mess up or work on something which is not of your genre. Also, interest identification provides you with the best results in the last. Ask for Academic Writing Service from our experts!

Identify Reader's Keenness

Once you gain clarity regarding your interest and genre, it is equally important to identify your audience's keenness about higher English discursive essay topics; that means finding out whether what you are thinking to write will intrigue the readers or not. Is it a real-time crisis, and does the audience genuinely want to get an answer to their question? 

Pick a Contentious Issue

When you come to a point where you are left with bare options, it is now time to get things simplified and sorted. It means picking up a topic where both sides of the argument contain strong pointers and have a tendency to create controversy. 

Select the One with Reliable Data

It is not enough to finalize good discursive essay topics for higher English simply by thinking that both sides of the issue have enough evidence and data. No, the facts and figures you study or research can be vague. Thus, dive deep into the matter to find out whether what you are deciding to put into the paper possesses validity or not. 

Finalize the Topic

After checking and listing all the steps mentioned above, do not take a second to finalize among higher discursive essay topics in between which you have confusion or doubt. Also, it is recommended to talk to your professor or any other person who can guide you in the right direction. 

It is a step-by-step process you can adhere to if you need clarification at the topic selection stage. Thus, we have revealed a systematic way for the same. Still, if you have any doubts, regardless of the academic paper you are working on, do not hesitate to get assignment writing help from us because our experts are well-renowned in the UK and also provide you with a handpicked list of issues that will get to know in the next section. 

25+ Higher English Discursive Essay Topics to Consider for Best Results!

Do you want to ace your English paper and impress the professor at a glance? If yes, do not miss out on the list of discursive essay topics UK provided by our experts. 

  1. Should parents and children be completely transparent with each other? 
  2. How is football impacting the English culture? 
  3. Provide reasons as to why cigarettes and alcohol should be banned 
  4. Why does society neglect the harassment against men? 
  5. How does academic pressure lead to eating disorders in students? 
  6. When was the best music founded? Explain 
  7. Justify why the Government should ban sports betting 
  8. How does the generation gap impact the family relations? 
  9. Reasons to drink gallons of water in a day 
  10. How sleeping pattern determines the academic performance of a student 
  11. Why should eating disorders not be overlooked in the case of young females? 
  12. How can motivation theories impact a student? 
  13. Characterization of females in Asian books and novels 
  14. Describe violence at the time of the Second World War 
  15. A captivating story or a novel pushing you to read 
  16. Discuss about medieval Europe 
  17. Conduct an examination of American Literature 
  18. Highlight the significance of "green" food in one's life 
  19. Why schools should make students learn a new language 
  20. Highlight the significance of active listening and communication skills 
  21. Should Gen-Z prefer to read Shakespeare novels and books? 
  22. Conduct a critical analysis of race in American culture 
  23. Impact on literature because of the Industrial Revolution 
  24. Why should writers not use AI tools and prefer essay typer for their writing? 
  25. What was literature impacted because of the First and Second World War 
  26. Make a comparison between women of ancient and modern literature 

These are some suggestions that you can use as higher English discursive essay topics or ideas. Thus, you can try your hands on them if you want to see a remarkable change in your results. 

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