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What is Descriptive Writing? Instant Assignment Help

Descriptive Writing | A Guide to Enhance Your Grades

10 May 2024


Table of Content

Are you stuck with a task given by your professors about descriptive writing that seems to be as challenging as climbing a slippery hill? Do you want a perfect guide that can bring you out of this situation and deliver your document before the deadline? Worry not! So, for this, you first need to read about the meaning, structure, techniques, and trending topics. 

Moreover, do you know where you will get this in a particular write-up? In this blog, you will get an expert handbook that covers all the significant details of this term that can be a key to scoring good academic grades. So, let us begin with reading: What is descriptive writing?

What is Descriptive Writing? A Comprehensive Guide

Descriptive writing means sharing an intense description of a specific place or concept rather than describing it as a whole. In this, we talk about any particular event in detail that requires you to be creative with words. Do you know why? It is crucial for everyone who possesses such a skill to impress your reader. But, do you know the five senses that make your paragraph more effective? Let's learn this.

  • See: What can you see?
  • Hear: What can you hear?
  • Smell: What can you smell?
  • Touch: What can you feel? It includes what you can emotionally and physically feel.
  • Taste: What can you taste?

Hopefully, you have understood the meaning and five senses of writing. Do you know where most of the students face challenges? It is in the format of this writing, and they try to seek online coursework help. Thus, let's move ahead and learn the perfect structure of descriptive writing.

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What is the Structure of Amazing Descriptive Writing?

It is crucial to understand the basics of how to write descriptive writing. So, keep your eyes rolling at the three parts of a piece of writing, from an opening to a body and an engaging ending.


You must begin with a captivating start to your document that can be eye-catching for your reader. Therefore, at the start, you should describe where, when, and to whom the event took place. In the paragraph, we connect the audience with the information they will read.

Body Paragraph

Next, you divide the body paragraph into three parts. Your middle part of the writing should give the reader a clear picture of the situation that occurs. Thus, you must use figurative language and examples to enhance the imagery.


End the writing with a powerful concluding paragraph. But ensure that you are not adding any new information to this part. It should be strong enough to leave a lasting impression on your reader.

Therefore, you must have understood the perfect descriptive writing structure. But, with this, it is crucial to learn the techniques, so move ahead to the next part and read about them.

Learn About the Descriptive Writing Techniques

Learn About the Descriptive Writing Techniques
Descriptive writing techniques are crucial because, in such writing, you need to be specific about particular things. Like, using figurative language and more. So, gain insightful knowledge from the pointers below.

Choose a Specific Topic

The utmost thing is to choose a wise topic that fits best with your interests and is clear to you about what to write about. Moreover, many students directly select an idea before doing good research. It means they cannot collect sufficient information on this.

Use Descriptive Terms

In descriptive writing, you need to use descriptive terms. It will help you draft a precise description in your writing. Thus, are you afraid of the hiccups in your paper? Do not fret! To solve this problem, you can connect with us and seek assignment writing help.

Prepare an Outline

Collect the crucial information that you found helpful while researching. Try to prepare a blueprint before you work on the writing part to ensure the flow of the writing. Therefore, when you begin drafting your paper, if you do not have a good plan about what to add, there is a high chance of getting stuck.

Schedule Details in Sequence

When you work on descriptive writing, you must ensure that your writing flow is in sequence and organized; otherwise, your reader will not be able to catch your thoughts in a single go. If you face an issue, you can also check our reviews and get help from our experts any day.

It is essential to use figurative vocabulary like similes and metaphors in your writing. For instance, he runs as fast as lightning, she speaks as sweet as honey, or this task is as challenging as a nut to crack. So, this type of writing will help you keep your reader engaged and curious to know more about what you have added.

So, before writing the descriptive write-up, remember these techniques to use in it to make it effective. But why think about writing first? Because many scholars will face challenges in the first step, which is to select a topic. So, if you also face such issues, read the next section and clear your queries.

Are you unable to select trending descriptive writing examples? Do not worry! Here, you will find a list of the 10+ latest ideas that you can find interesting. So, have a glance at the list below and choose one for your paper.

  1. What is your biggest life-changing moment?
  2. My first public speech: A rethink of how I felt inside
  3. My favorite sports team's jersey
  4. The most beautiful place you have ever visited with your friends
  5. The relationship between musical tones and productivity
  6. Subtle expressions in dance: body language and emotion
  7. An unforgettable moment of wisdom with your favorite teacher
  8. Analyze the impact of television on modern culture.
  9. My most treasured possession
  10. Describe the effect of a historical invention on society.
  11. Explore and study the historical marvels: artifacts reveal tales
  12. Dive in and share your thoughts on a mysterious world of wild street cats.
  13. Unraveling the nostalgia of childhood hide-and-seek games
  14. My favorite decoration in my room
  15. My favorite outfit to wear while hanging out with friends
  16. The next book I want to read
  17. A piece of clothing that makes me feel beautiful
  18. A book that changed my life
  19. An item that is very special to me
  20. An item that brings back a fond memory for me
  21. The best painting I have ever seen
  22. My favorite book series

I loved the list and found the best descriptive writing prompts. But, do you know what I find most challenging to understand is how descriptive writing differs from narrative writing? So, are you also waiting to know the difference? Move ahead to the next part and learn about it. 

Difference between Descriptive and Narrative Writing

Many of the students think that descriptive and narrative writing are the same, but they are not. Do you want to know the difference between these terms? Well, this part fits best with your query. Here, you will find a table below about how these writings differ from each other.

Descriptive Writing

Narrative Writing

Descriptive writing is meant to share an intense description of a specific place or concept rather than describing it as a whole.

Narrative writing is meant to share a complete story about any event rather than focusing on any particular concept.

In this writing, they need to cover the question "who, when, what, where, and why."

In this writing, they need to cover â€œWhat was it like?"

This type of writing can be used at the beginning of an essay or report, where you analyze your story.

This type of writing can be used to discuss or share your experience with a particular event.

For example, share your experience with your favorite moment of summer vacation.

For example, share your experience on your summer vacation in 2024.

Now, you must have gotten clarification about the difference between descriptive and narrative writing. But do you need help with writing your paper? Read the next part and understand how our experts can help you with it.

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