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Descriptive Research Design

Understanding Descriptive Research Designs & Types with Examples

08 Dec 2021


The most crucial task is to conduct research and collect information for academic writing. Your research must answer the what, why, who, when, where, and how of the topic. That’s why descriptive research is an extensive research type. It helps to identify characteristics, frequencies, trends, correlations, and categories by conducting research around the topic.

Every assignment helper considers the descriptive design method to perform better analysis and find better results. Most students rely on the academic writers at the Instant Assignment Help when they require in-depth analysis and an accurate outcome. Our professionals rely on the descriptive research design to create a better paper for students.

If you are also trying to conduct better qualitative & quantitative research, here is a complete guide for you with all the types, advantages, disadvantages, and examples. So, let’s start with “what is descriptive research” in brief.

What Is Descriptive Research Design?

When a topic requires observing the natural habits and actions, you can use the description research. It is a process that does not manipulate or control any of the variables. Hence, it is just required to observe & measure.

But there are various types of descriptive research. What will you choose for yourself? So, let’s know all 3 kinds to finalize what you want.

What Are the Descriptive Research Methods?

Curious, what are 3 descriptive methods? Here are various types described in brief for students to decide what type they will pick for their paper.

Survey Research

Some students create questionnaires and conduct a survey to find the answers for each & every question. In this descriptive study design method, students have to develop a list of scholars from the same subject and collect their contact information, then they share the survey questionnaire with these people & ask to share the responses by the time. After getting the various answers, they have to find which solution is possibly more accurate.

Case Study Method

Some students prefer the case study method. In this type of descriptive research, they have to analyze the case scenario shared by the professors and provide the answer. Students determine the research question, collect the data, and interpret the result. It is not an accurate result; it is just the assumptions.

Observational Method

This is a great mixture of both qualitative and quantitative research. Students conduct quantitative observation to find more numerical data & find the result by using numerical and statistical methods. On the other hand, students handle qualitative observation to monitor the characteristics. This descriptive design method requires observing from a distance, recording it, and is used to acquaint conclusions.

So, these are the 3 descriptive methods types that can be helpful for students to conduct better research and find valuable information. The descriptive design has its own characteristics. That's why the descriptive method is used for research by most UK students. So, let’s know about these characteristics in brief.

What Are the Characteristics of Descriptive Research?

There are 4 major characteristics of why descriptive method is used for research by most students. So, let’s know about every feature.

  • Quantitative Research: You can get qualitative information to make your document more trustable.
  • Uncontrolled Variables: The nature of variables is uncontrolled in this research method.
  • Cross-Sectional Studies: It is a study of the same group from different sections.
  • The Basis for Further Research: It helps find why such patterns have been found & the association between them.

Above are the 4 major characteristics of why descriptive method is used for research by most students. Using this method can be very beneficial for high-quality studies. As you know the characteristics, let’s understand the advantages ofdescriptive research.

What Are the Advantages of Descriptive Research?

You must know how descriptive research methods can help you if you consider them for your research. So, 5 advantages of descriptive researchare as follows:

  • It is a diverse method of collecting data.
  • It provides thorough information to understand the topic well.
  • It helps to collect qualitative data for research.
  • It is a quick method to collect the data & inexpensive.
  • It provides robust data collected, which is easy to analyze and use for decision making.

Above are the various benefits that can guide why descriptive research methods are used & helpful to collect valuable information. But there are also some disadvantages that you must know.

What Are the Disadvantages of Descriptive Research?

5 Disadvantages of using the descriptive research design are as follows:

  • It can provide misleading information sometimes by the respondents.
  • It can provide you bias opinions that may affect your result.
  • It can create the problem of representativeness.
  • It can limit the scope of analysis as to why or how are not the research question.

So, these are some disadvantages of using the descriptive design. Let’s go through some examples and see how it works.

Descriptive Research Examples

3 Descriptive research examples for students are as follows:

So, this is everything you must know about the descriptive research design. If you need this approach in your academic paper too, reach the excellent writers at Instant Assignment Help.

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