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6 Must-Read Books for College Students

Six literary masterpieces that every student should read

Books for Students

A book isn’t just a bunch of bound pages filled with pictures and text but a sanctum of knowledge. It imparts wisdom to every reader through stories, poems, paragraphs, narrative compositions, etc. If you are a student, then it is needless to describe the significance of books.

Here, we present to you six exemplary works of literature that are written from student referential viewpoint and will teach you a lot about conducting life in a better way.

Of Mice & Men

An unputdownable story of two aspiring friends who are looking to make their mark in the not so Utopian world. Searching for work on the farms just outside California, they come across several hardships and try to tackle them with whatever resources they have. A beautiful book which teaches the importance of friendship and optimism that inspires every student to value his friends and have a positive take on life.

The Alchemist

A compelling story of a small shepherd boy who travels all the way to Egypt from his hometown in Spain in search of treasure. On his way, he meets a gypsy woman, an alchemist, and a self-proclaimed king, all of whom help him on his conquest. This wonderful story teaches to overcome obstacles and inspires to follow your heart regardless of the outcome. The Alchemist is a must-read for students who harbour even the slightest doubt on their capabilities.

A Brave New World

This fascinating yet powerful novel by Aldous Huxley depicts the most vibrant form of imaginations. He projects a futuristic world which is subjected to nothing but the brilliance of mind. This conjectural work of fiction is genuinely inspired and teaches the quintessence of knowledge & intellectual prowess.

The Last Lecture

Inspired by an incredible final lecture by Randy Pausch, this book is both moving and fun. Rendered unable to teach by dreadful pancreatic cancer, the author narrates his life experiences of teaching career and the various incidents which were influential in his life. Indeed one of the finest works of nonfiction, this book will inspire you to live life with a purpose and be determined in whatever you do.

Looking For Alaska

This novel is about ‘Pudge,’ an introvert small-town boy who is living a mundane life and has got a real hankering for thrills. He meets a girl named Alaska who is screwed by every means and lives on the edge. She drags Pudge into her world and nothing ever remains the same. An intriguing story of a boy on a quest to find a lost girl teaches about the emotional phenomenon of fatal attraction and its repercussions.

The Grapes Of Wrath

This astounding work of Nobel laureate John Steinbeck III is just confidence boosting. In his tale about an immigrant family of the Joads, he portraits the struggle between mighty and poor. An emotional depiction of the harsh realities of the society and the unruly division of classes will actively inspire you to question the false moral conventions. This intensely human work of literature deserves a read.

We hope you read the books as mentioned and draw impetus for a better understanding of life.  

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