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influential ted talks students must listen to

6 Most Influential TED Talks Every Student Should Watch

20 Nov 2023


TED Talks are the powerful and motivational videos on technology, science, education, business, creativity, and many other areas. The world’s most brilliant minds share their strong opinion and ingenious ideas on issues that matter and spark meaningful conversations. These 20-30 minutes long, encouraging speeches can be an exceptional classroom resource and become a new staple in the learning sphere. With this, let’s take a look at some of the best TED Talks from the expert speakers.

1. Everyday Leadership - Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley is a leadership educator who works to help people bring out the leader within themselves. In this funny and inspiring talk, Drew explains how a small act of kindness can change the life of people around us. He tells that leadership is not about transforming the world, but each other’s understanding of the world. This six-minutes TED Talk will surely help you discover the leader within you and also shape someone’s life.

2. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator - Tim Urban

Many of us often fall into the trap of procrastination. We give in to this impulse and wait until the last minute to get things done. Procrastination can lead to serious consequences, and Tim Urban knows them well. In this hilarious talk, he gives us an insight into the mind of a procrastinator and makes us familiar with the rational decision-maker that lives inside our brain. His challenging speech will compel you to think about what we are procrastinating, before its too late.

3. How to Tie Your Shoes - Terry Moore

The director of the Radius Foundation, a forum for exploring and gaining insight from different worldviews, Terry Moore believes that we all have been tying our shoes incorrectly. In this three-minutes video, he talks about tying a proper knot that won’t let us down. Moore perfectly brings our attention to the importance of mastering the basics before we take up something more challenging.

4. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are - Amy Cuddy

In this insightful talk, Social psychologist Amy Cuddy explains how our body language shapes not only how others view us, but how we see ourselves. She argues how “power posing” can boost feelings of confidence even when we lack it. She also talks about her struggle with imposter syndrome and how to get past it.

5. To This Day...for the Bullied and Beautiful - Shane Koyczan

This hilarious and haunting TED Talk from Shane Koyczan is a must-watch for everyone who has ever felt uncertainty, frustration, and loneliness in life. In less than twelve minutes, he shares his spoken-word poem, “To This Day” which is about bullying and survival. The mature content of this video caught the attention of millions of viewers.

6. The Power of Introverts - Susan Cain

Author of the non-fiction book ‘Quiet’ and the co-founder of Quiet Revolution, Susan Cain reaches introverts through her work to empower them for the benefit of everyone. In this passionate TED Talk, she argues the importance of introverts in a society where being outgoing and social are prized above. She explains how the quietest people can bring extraordinary talents and abilities and contribute to creativity and leadership.

These informative and uplifting TED Talks can help you redefine your perception towards life and discover the best form of you. So, watch such speeches from the innovative minds and imbibe their teachings in your life to make it worth living.

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