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Which Best Describes what Injector Factors Bring To An Economic System?

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Answer :

A) Factors of production
B) Money 
C) Consumers
D) Imports

The correct answer is B, Money, According to this query Injector factors in an economic system refer to the elements that stimulate or "inject" activity into the economy. These are typically external influences that boost economic activity but are not directly produced by the economy itself. Among the options provided:

  1. Factors of production: These are the inputs used in the production of goods and services, such as land, labor, and capital. They are fundamental components of the economy, not injector factors.

  2. Money: This is the medium of exchange in an economy. Injector factors often involve the movement or introduction of money into the economy, such as through government spending, investments, or changes in monetary policy. Therefore, "money" best describes what injector factors bring to an economic system.
  3. Imports: These are goods and services bought from other countries. While they can stimulate domestic production or consumption, they are not the primary injector factors.

  4. Consumers: These are individuals or entities that use goods and services. Although their consumption is crucial for the economy, they are not considered injector factors.

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