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Sample Paper on Accounting Subject by Professionals

Professional Accountant and Governance

Importance of internal controls, financial reporting and audit to corporate governance of public listed company. The concept of governance is referred to as the process of governing which is being carried out bu government, mar... READ MORE

  • Published: 19 Jan , 2019
  • Views: 17
  • Type: Essay

Accounting for Construction

Introduction to Accounting Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of financial information with regard to economic entities. It is segregated into several parts such as auditing, tax and management accounti... READ MORE

  • Published: 03 Oct , 2018
  • Views: 2261
  • Type: Assignment

Accounting and Finance

Introduction The proper knowledge of accounting and finance is necessary to start up a new venture. It is essential to make proper utilization of financial resources that are acquired to efficiently support the business operati... READ MORE

  • Published: 11 Aug , 2017
  • Views: 8381
  • Type: Assignment

Accounting Information System Sample

Introduction To Accounting Information System Accounting information system is one of the main factors on which the success of any organization depends. Accounting Information System can be defined as ... READ MORE

  • Published: 18 Dec , 2015
  • Views: 20519
  • Type: Essay

Accounting |Decision Making Techniques Sample

Introduction The following project is related to the budgeted decision on the basis of appraisal techniques. The project should be selecting according to the analysis of profitability by appraisal techniques (Advanced investmen... READ MORE

  • Published: 25 Sep , 2015
  • Views: 20190
  • Type: Assignment
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