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Microsoft Case Study Help | Excellent SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Report

In today's digital era, there would be no one who is unaware of the Microsoft company. Even toddlers can recognize Microsoft's logo; this proves how popular and famous it is among all generations.

No wonder your professors love to assign Microsoft case study writing tasks for your academic courses. But, no matter how much a student loves using Microsoft, when it comes to writing an assignment on it, he wouldn't love it in the first place. If you can relate to this, then seek Microsoft case study help from the experts at Instant Assignment Help and get assured good grades even in your most disliking topic.

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Coming back to our business: Microsoft case study!

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And, our experts at Instant Assignment Help go through the pains so that you can gain the top grades in your Microsoft case study. Are you wondering how we do that? Let's check it out!

Introduction: An Insight Into the Microsoft Company

Before our experts begin drafting a picture-perfect Microsoft corporation case study, they make sure to gain some information about the company. Basic research to know some facts about the company, its establishment, working, and principles helps us in analyzing the factors from different perspectives. So, we basically look for the below points when it comes to learning about any company:

A. Facts About the Microsoft Company

The basic and true facts about a company, such as the details mentioned below, are a must and, of course, the first thing to look at about a company. So, before we begin with Bill gates and the management of Microsoft case study writing, we make sure to go through the details mentioned below:


These are the basic info about the company. Now, let's take an insight into the Microsoft company's journey from a basic interpreter to the latest Surface Pro.

B. Timeline of the Microsoft Journey

Microsoft is a famous name in today's date. This company's journey began in the year 1975 from a basic interpreter, and with time, it developed and manufactured products that were loved by all. Here is a brief glimpse of this beautiful journey that we include in your case study on Microsoft:

Timeline of the Microsoft

This is a bit lengthy but worth a reading journey of Microsoft. The constant efforts, practice, test and trials, and growth can be clearly observed from this timeline.

C. Core Values of the Microsoft Company

Have you ever wondered what kept the company going even in the tough times? Well, their values and principles! Yes, here are the morals and values they believe in and make us all believe in; we never miss to include these in your case study of Microsoft company so that it turns out to be informative and interesting at the same time.

Core Values of the Microsoft

These are the core values that everyone at Microsoft believes in and follows to ensure that the work is done smoothly.

D. More About the Microsoft Company

All these facts about the company are quite interesting, right? So, here are a few more points that we include in your case study Microsoft:

Products of Microsoft


  • Windows
  • Office
  • Servers
  • Skype
  • Visual Studio
  • Dynamics
  • Xbox
  • Surface
  • Mobile
  • Azure
  • Bing
  • LinkedIn
  • Yammer
  • MSDN
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • Outlook
  • GitHub
  • TechNet
  • Pay
  • Microsoft Store
  • Windows Update
  • Xbox game pass

Now, after looking at all these products and services, you can easily understand the reason behind the revenue generation of around US$143 billion, an operating income of US$53 billion, and a net income of US$44.3 billion.

Now, this is enough information to begin with, the Microsoft case study writing. But, our writers make sure to add more information after conducting in-depth research on this topic. Read the below section to know more!

Microsoft Case Study Writing: All-in-One Guide

When students come up to our experts looking for Microsoft case study help, we make sure that they get satisfied documents that can get them some amazing grades. Now, you might be wondering how we do it; so, here are the 3 most common questions along with answers that can help students like you in drafting an amazing case study on Microsoft as our experts do:

A. How to Structure a Microsoft Case Study?

The main purpose of the Microsoft case study analysis is to discuss the 3 mandatory elements of a case chosen from the given topics. The three elements here are:

Structure a Microsoft

a) Background

This is the subject knowledge about the topic that was previously known. The background information about the topic includes the origin of the topic, its history, and other such details.

b) Approach

This is the second element that is to be discussed in the case study regarding the chosen topic. The approach is the methodology, methods, or strategy that we've used to conduct research and prepare this case study.

c) Impact

The last element of this Microsoft case study template is the impact. This section explains the impact of the various factors discussed in the case study on the Microsoft company.

These are the three main elements that we include in your case study of Microsoft company. So, we plan and structure your case study accordingly such that you can easily score good grades with our assistance.

B. How to Write a Microsoft Case Study?

Now, the next common question students raise about this is, 'How to write a Microsoft case study?' Don't worry; this isn't rocket science. All you need to do is just follow the experts’ tips and draft a flawless case study. Here are the steps our experts follow while writing a Microsoft case study:

a) Understand the Problem

The first step our experts follow while writing a case study Microsoft is to understand the problem. This is an important step because you can automatically come up with better and exact solutions for the problem when you understand the problem well. 

b) Find Possible Solutions

Now, the next step we follow in this process is to find all possible solutions for the given problem. Do not focus on the solutions now! Instead, just gather all the solutions you can come up with for this problem and list them out. Do you lack research skills? Seek Microsoft case study help!

c) Derive the Results

The final step of the process is to analyze the solutions. You can now look into the solutions, find their pros, cons, efficiency, time taken, and other such factors, and accordingly, shortlist the results to one perfect solution.

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These are the 3 simple steps that our experts follow when they write the Microsoft corporation case study. You can also follow these steps to draft an impeccable piece.

C. Do's and Don'ts While Writing a Case Study

Are you wondering what you should do and what not while writing your case study? If yes, then here's a brief list of some do's and don'ts that our writers keep in mind while writing your Microsoft case study:

a) Do's

  1. Do the homework part before you begin with the writing task.
  2. Do focus on your audience and draft the case study accordingly.
  3. Do follow all the guidelines provided to reduce the chances of making mistakes.

b) Don'ts

  1. Do not include unnecessary data to increase word count.
  2. Do not write biased reports or information in the case study.
  3. Don't complicate it; instead, use simple language in the case study.

These are a few do's and don'ts that our experts follow when you seek our Microsoft case study help. We make sure that your work is up to the mark and free from all errors to get you your dream grades.

Situational Analysis of Microsoft Company

The most crucial part of Microsoft case study analysis is researching, collecting data, and understanding it. However, for the analyzing purpose, our experts use situational analysis models. There are a few models that can be used for this purpose, and the top 2 among them are listed below:

A. SWOT Analysis

SWOT, the acronym of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, analyzes both the internal and external factors that affect the company. Here are a few factors that affect the company- Microsoft.





Brand Name

Dependency on Hardware Manufacturers

Mobile Advertising

Changing Customer Preferences

Easy Usability

Security Flaws

Social Media Presence

Open Source Projects

Acquisition of Skype

Slow Innovation Rate

Cloud-Based Services

Intense Competition

These are some of the factors our experts include in your Microsoft in UK case study. They make sure to keep themselves updated to get you the latest information on this topic. 

B. Pestle Analysis

Pestle, the acronym of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors, is a model used to analyze only the external factors that affect the company. Here are a few factors that affect the company- Microsoft.







Government Policies

Currency Fluctuations

Customer Preferences

Rate of Innovation


Climatic changes

Political Stability

Economic Growth

People’s Lifestyle

Social Media Presence

Government Standards


Governing Body

Resource Costs

Population and age

Distribution channels

Rules and Regulations


These are some of the pestle factors our experts include in your Microsoft in US case study. Our experts make sure to include all these factors with proper description and details in your case study. 

This is how our experts make sure you get the best work delivered when you seek our Microsoft case study help. Are you still dubious if we can help you or not? Read the subsequent section to know the answer.

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These are a few of the many reasons behind why you should seek Microsoft case study help from our experts. So, reach out to us right away before all the amazing offers are already gone!

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