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Dissertation Proposal

How to Write a Perfect Dissertation Proposal?

What is the Importance of a Dissertation Proposal?

Do you know what is a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal also called a dissertation research proposal, is a document that serves as a crucial first step towards your final assessment. When a student reaches the final semester of his degree program, he has to write a detailed document about his concepts of a particular domain, field, or subject. The dissertation writing can be considered the most important aspect of any student’s life, as it is a document that decided the fate of their degree program that they are pursuing and whether they will be able to score well or not. Writing a dissertation requires a student to dedicate a minimum of 6 months to a year of their graduation to complete it effectively. The very first step in writing a dissertation is the dissertation proposal as it serves as the introduction to the topic of their writing as well as an entire road map of things that the dissertation will cover and how they will be covered while writing.

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A dissertation proposal is an important document because it is the first pitch that you make in front of your dissertation committee, it is the first impression of your entire dissertation that needs to impress them to be approved. The document is not only important from the perspective of getting your dissertation approved but, it is also vital and useful for you as it will help you clear your mindset about your dissertation topic and lead you in the direction of it. A dissertation proposal contains everything that you need to begin with your dissertation. It is important to draft a good proposal on time as it will allow you to complete your due dissertation early. You should always try to write a convincing proposal, as the more time you spend on getting your proposal approved, the less time you have to complete your dissertation. No doubt that students look for a dissertation proposal sample before getting started.

Understanding the Basics of Writing a Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is required to be written in a particular way as you can not take any chances with this task. This dissertation proposal has all the basic information about what is your topic, what are you going to write, what will be your angle of discussion, etc. Think of it as a detailed abstract for your dissertation. You need to create an outline that is presentable as well as convincing to a committee of scholars and professors. If you are a student of Ph.D. or masters then you need to make sure that the dissertation proposal reflects your understanding of the subject as well as depicts that you have sound knowledge about it.

Some of the basic things that can help you answer the question of how to write a dissertation proposal are as follows -

  • Include everything that you believe will be a great point to convince the committee.
  • Prepare your dissertation proposalaccording to the outline.
  • Stay focused on your topic and try to relate every particular section with your subject.
  • Do not try to introduce a lot of facts in this document, a dissertation proposalis just the outline there is no need for unnecessary detailing.
  • Before submitting your proposal, make sure that it is free of errors.

Other than these basic pointers to keep in mind, the first and foremost thing that you need to complete is preparing an outline for your proposal. It is very important to draft the outline with perfection as your entire dissertation proposal will be based on that. If you are looking for dissertation proposal samples and examples to understand how to write a dissertation proposal outline then search no more as in the next section you will find everything that you require.

How to Write a Perfect Dissertation Proposal Outline?

The Dissertation proposal outline is the most important aspect of your proposal. The outline format is already known by almost all students as they have to complete it but what is important is to know what things you should include in all the chapters of your outline.

Dissertation Proposal Outline

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that can help you create a convincing dissertation proposal outline -


The first and foremost section of your dissertation proposalis the introduction to your dissertation. Don’t confuse it with the introduction section of the main document. In this section, you are required to write about the significance of your dissertation, what is the point of your dissertation, and why the topic is relevant to write a dissertation. Some of the key things that you need to include in this section of your outline are as follows -

  1. Your Subject line or Thesis statement
  2. Definitions of all the Important Terms
  3. Scope of Your Dissertation
  4. Information about your topic
  5. A transition sentence so it does not end abruptly

You need to take care of every aspect of this section as it is really important to write a striking introductory paragraph to make a good first impression.

Literature Review

This section of your outline needs to be addressed in an informative way as this helps a reader to understand the origin of your dissertation theories and facts. In this section, you need to discuss all the reference books, articles, journals that you are using to form your thesis statement. Use this section as an opportunity to introduce your readers to the flaws in the author’s work and establish that you are going to write a document that will not only overcome the flaws but will also help in clearing the misconceptions. Here, you are going to focus on the validity of your understanding of the research topic. The academic literature used must represent authenticity and credibility, and that is why academic textbooks, scholarly articles, journals, must be included in this section. You can find a dissertation proposal example on our website that can help you in completing this section.


After completing your literature review, it becomes obvious that you have good knowledge about your topic. The methodology is the section where you discuss all the methods that you have used to verify the authenticity and credibility of all the information that you are going to include. Talk about all the necessary methods that must be known by your reader and that can help you to gain the trust of the committee. The methodology section is where you need to focus as this section plays an important role in getting your proposal approved. Do not go overboard and start discussing the outcomes. Use a transition line to make a smooth transition from this section to the results section and discuss your outcomes. This section holds great significance in universities of the UK and that is why students look for dissertation proposals example UK to specifically complete it according to the requirements.


This section is also referred to as “Findings”, includes all the results that you have obtained after analyzing all the factors. The methodologies that you have used to analyze go in the methodology section whereas all the outcomes of those methods end up in this section. This is one of the trickiest sections of your proposal as you can not complete it without finalizing your dissertation and this is just the proposal. Make sure you do not introduce the results which are not yet confirmed.


Your conclusion of the dissertation proposal must be written in three steps.

  • Step 1 - Write a brief about your thesis proposal. The conclusion as you might already know is the final paragraph of any academic writing and requires a writer to brief the entire document in a few words. Similarly, you need to summarize the basic essence of your dissertation proposal.
  • Step 2 - Once you have briefed your proposal, mold your results according to your introductory paragraph, and conclude your writing based on these results.
  • Step 3 - After you are done summarizing your research proposal, give recommendations to your readers to gain the confidence of your professors. It is important to mention the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your research topic in this section. Just make your professor aware of the issues and concerns you could face while conducting a comprehensive research. After that, you can conclude and make the professor believe in it. There is a lot of undergraduate dissertation proposal example which clearly show the importance of a great conclusion.

This marks the end of your perfect dissertation proposal. It is really important to spend time on each of the sections of your dissertation outline as every part of it can be a game-changer. To look for more dissertation research proposal examples and samples, you can simply go to our website’s samples section.

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