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Dissertation Methods

How to Choose the perfect dissertation research method?

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What are the Dissertation Research Methods?

A dissertation is an extended piece of writing based on extensive research, created by an academic scholar at masters or Ph.D. level. Writing a dissertation is certainly not a cakewalk for college students. To write an excellent dissertation, a scholar is required to know the dissertation research methods to apply effectively while conducting a dissertation research. It is significant to know that research methodologies are categorised into quantitative or qualitative dissertation techniques, however, sometimes both can be used together. It is vital for you to fathom the difference between two of them, the pros & cons and when they should be applied or used.

Want To Know The Types Of Dissertation Methods?

Qualitative: - This type of research methods involves explaining a particular situation in detail. Research tools like Interviews, surveys and observations are used in this sort of research method. It is utilized by a researcher to acquire the understanding of opinions, reasons and problems. These research methods are also used to unveil the thoughts and delve deeper into the problem. This dissertation method may vary from using structured & semi-structured techniques. This research method is used when the sample size is relatively small & includes the following research methods of data collection:-

  • Semi- structured Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Personal Observations
  • Focus Groups/Group Discussions
  • Case studies
  • Sampling Techniques

Quantitative: - This type of research methods requires the data involving numerical & statistical explanations. By the way of generating statistical data, the problem is quantified by the researcher. This research method is applied to quantify behaviors, opinions, attitudes from a larger sample populace. They are more structured than qualitative research method. Qualitative data collection research method includes:-

  • Online Surveys
  • Website Interceptors
  • Face to Face interviews
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Paper surveys
  • Online Polls
  • Telephonic Interviews

Know The Importance Of Dissertation Research Methods

The aim of applying research methods is to seek findings of a particular study within the larger body of research. Research must always be authentic & high-quality to acquire knowledge that gives additional information to the existing work.Dissertation research methods are the way to search out the result of a particular problem that is also referred as a research problem. Different type of research methods are used to solve the research problem, and that is why it is important to choose a right method of research. In general terms, research is a careful investigation or inquiry especially through the hunt for new facts in any area of a field. Research work in a dissertation is done to seek new & additional knowledge.

College Student Problems While Carrying Out A Dissertation Research

While conducting research, researcher invariably faces the heap of challenges. To search the facts for the given topic systematically, a researcher has to undergo several difficulties. However, if a researcher is using a correct and appropriate research method then, the problem can surely be solved. Different Research methods have diverse levels of validity. How accurate information you’re receiving depends upon the choice of your dissertation research method. Here are the common problems that are faced by many students while carrying out a dissertation research.

  • Time & Money.
  • Difficulty in tracing out relevant material.
  • Absence of Advisor/ Lack of guidance & support.
  • Problem in choosing an appropriate dissertation research method.

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