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Guide on Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Everything You Should Know About Responsibility Assignment Matrix!

28 Oct 2023


Table of Content

Assigning task and handling a team are core responsibilities of a project manager, and to achieve success, using a tool is beneficial. Responsibility assignment matrix can help a manager to achieve those defined goals, but are you unaware of the term, or do you know its actual usage? If yes, do not worry; the upcoming information will clarify all your doubts. Thus, without wasting a single minute, hop on to the next section to understand this tool or concept in detail with the help of Instant Assignment Help experts. Our professionals always provide up-to-date information, which means there will persist no doubt in future regarding this tool.

What Is Responsibility Assignment Matrix?

A responsibility assignment matrix is a tool in project management that lists out all the stakeholders, responsibilities among cross-functional teams, and to what extent every team will be involved in a project. It is beneficial to use this tool in a large-scale project because it clarifies individual roles and responsibilities and provides a clear-cut direction. Thus, look at each letter closely and understand the summary of RAM. 


The responsible is the person or member of the team who should finish or accomplish the task. For example, if a team member has been assigned to pitch about the business, the responsible has to collect all the data and combine requisite images for a better presentation. 


The accountable is that person in the team who assigns every task to team members and ensures that it gets finished on time without any delay. In a nutshell, accountable ensures timeliness of equal division of work to the responsible. 


While working on a project, a responsible has to consult or seek help from an expert. Also, it means the consulted party has to provide their opinion on the subject matter with the assurance that the information provided is correct and genuine. 


The informed party is never directly involved in the project, but they should know the complete information so that they have an image that everything is running smoothly. Also, this member should know if there is a delay in the task because, in the end, targets need to be completed. 

So, now that you are well-versed in the basic definition, it is time to explore the differences between RAM and RACI. 

What Is the Difference Between RAM and RACI? 

In your research stage, you must have observed the terms RAM and RACI used interchangeably, but these are not the same. RAM refers to a framework in which an individual gets delegated tasks. On the other hand, RACI is a popular form where different individuals get one of the RACI, which means responsibility, accountable, consulted, and informed. In other words, RACI is a subset of RAM. We hope you have understood the differences between both, but that is not enough. Do not skip the information stated in the next section to know the complete process of developing a responsible assignment matrix. 

4 Step Process to Develop Responsibility Assignment Matrix

It is evident that improper communication can create a mess; thus, how to avoid it? Get an answer to it by reading the four-step step process mentioned in the next section. 

Define Deliverable

The deliverables mean what a project expects or wants; thus, there should be a proper breakdown of it. Here are a few examples to help you understand or interpret deliverables better. 

  • Examine Training Needs 
  • Analyse current work 
  • Recommend new practice 
  • The organisation of the training 
  • Identify resources 
  • Preparation of schedule 
  • Manage training 
  • Evaluation of the end goal 
  • Analyse results 
  • Differences after new practices implementation 

Identify People 

It is essential to map out different individuals involved in a project. Once it gets sorted, a delegation of tasks becomes easy based on the member's area of expertise. 

Create Responsibility Matrix 

After a project manager identifies both the pointers mentioned above, it is time to create a responsibility matrix. The criteria remain by stating the deliverable in the column section and people in the row section. 


When the final responsibility matrix is prepared, a manager should communicate it effectively or put it in an area where every member will see it closely and regularly. It will keep them updated regularly and motivate them to do work. 

It is how a project manager should work on a responsibility matrix. As you can see, organisation is required in any field, be it corporate or academic. Thus, to stay on track every time and to see remarkable results, do not hesitate to hire assignment writers because they stand on both pointers. Also, there are many benefits of using this tool, get an insight about the same in the next section.

Benefits of Using Responsibility Assignment Matrix!

There are many benefits of using a responsibility assignment matrix. Some of them are as follows:

  • The responsibility assignment matrix allows everyone to see their work and motivates them to start now.
  • It allows team members to understand their role and know how they contribute towards the end or final goal.
  • It becomes easy for project managers to not get confused and work effectively by taking a look at the table.
  • The responsibility assignment matrix encourages employees to contribute towards the company mission as they fit into the operations of the organisation.

These are some of the benefits of using a responsibility assignment matrix. Thus, we hope you gain clarity on this topic, but if you want the same to happen in your academics, too, do not hesitate to take our expert's help. Know why in the next section.

Want to Achieve End Goal Like RAM in Your Academics? Take Our Expert's Help! 

Until now, you have seen how it is possible to accomplish the targets using the RAM tool in project management. The same applies to students like you who finish academic tasks despite many challenges. In such a case, it is advisable to either stay organised from the start or take assignment help from experts. The professionals possess immense knowledge in their subject area and advise you with management tips so that you can submit the final document to the professor without any delay. Moreover, there is a guarantee of getting A+ grades; thus, do not give it a second thought if performing your best is your final goal. 

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