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Productive Classroom Activities

Productive Classroom Activities for Primary School Kids

02 Nov 2017

5 minutes


Importance of Primary Education

Primary years in school majorly constitute to the formative phase of a kid’s life and play a critical role in the development of mental competence.

Younger kids learn almost everything in school and tend to pick habits as early as in kindergarten that sustain throughout their lives, and therefore the importance of good primary education becomes even more crucial. For a better future & faster growth of the kid, it is necessary that (s)he engages in good activities in school and learns important moral values.

It has been observed that parents these days have failed to contribute towards their children’s growth due to lack of time and poor lifestyle. Hence, the stature of teachers has grown to an even greater extent in molding a kid’s life. If you are a teacher as well and want your kids to excel in life, then you have come to the right place. Take a read and know about some productive classroom activities.

Memory Circle

It’s a fun activity! Make all the kids sit in a circle and assign them names. Then, ask a kid to say a word, any random word would work. Ask the kid sitting next to him to utter the same word and add a new one from his side, then the one sitting next to him has to do the same and so on. This activity will fortify the memory power of the kids.


Despite the fact that this game is loved by all age groups, it can work wonders for kids. Charades is a game that includes two teams, one which gestures, and the other that guesses. It is a productive game for kids who are sluggish and dozy.

Gummy Bears

You’d be wondering how candies can turn into an activity? It’s quite simple, bring a packet of gummy bears to the classroom but beware! You'll get swamped by the kids. Calm them down, and hand over the packet to one of the kids. Now the fun part begins! Ask every student to go to that kid and ask him/her as politely as he/she can for a gummy bear. Now, ask the kid who’s holding the packet to decide whether he/she approves of the politeness or not. If he finds it fit ask him/her to give the gummy bear, and if (s)he doesn’t then don’t. It will teach the kids to be polite and humble.

Who’s There?

It’s an easy yet fun activity. Ask one of the kids to stay in the classroom and everybody else to step outside. Close the door and ask one of the other kids to knock on the door in a different voice. Find whether the kid inside the classroom can recognize his/her classmate’s voice or not. You might notice kids confusing a boy to a girl and the other way round as well!

Label That

Bring a few props that the kids have never seen and also bring a label maker. Arrange the props randomly and ask the kids to label them correctly. Later, you can tell the students the correct names of those props. This activity will enhance their vocabulary and teach them about new things.

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Kids will love this activity as much as they love puppets. Divide the class into teams of three or four and give every team an hour to prepare an enactment or a play with puppets. Watch their creativity unfold as they perform.

We hope you’ll conduct a few of these activities in your classroom, and enjoy the way kids learn from them.

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