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Personal Statement Examples to Help You Create an Everlasting Impression!

28 Nov 2022


There have been many personal statement examples that stood out in the crowd and helped the professors to find a diamond in the coal mine.

The competition for the best opportunities in every field is growing day by day. Be it regarding admission in university/college, or a specific course, the number of students wanting to get hold of the opportunities is endless. This rigorous competition has made it tough for the assessors to analyze someone’s application and choose as the no. of seats is limited, and the applications are endless. To simplify the process, the modern-day applications come with a section of personal statement, an essay that covers some interesting points about the candidate that reflect on the abilities as well as the character of the student, providing the assessors an insight on the students.

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about personal statement writing. You will also find different personal statement examples along with tips for writing for every field. The experts of Instant Assignment Help have curated the example on immense requests by the students. Writing a personal statement requires an individual to understand the importance of the essay, and in this blog, you will learn why it is important. Without delaying anymore, let’s jump straight to the blog and begin with defining the basics of personal statement writing.

What is Personal Statement?

A personal statement is your best shot at creating an impression in front of some strangers whom you have never met, and if the essay is not well-written, chances are your will not meet them ever!

As you might have got an idea, a personal statement is a type of essay that is written in an application form to help the assessor understand what your aim is and what kind of a person you are. You see there are thousands of students applying for a handful of seats and in today’s time when everyone has access to the best resources, judging someone solely based on their academics is tough. To break the barrier and understand whether the candidate has the caliber to survive in the environment and competition in the university/course, the applications have a separate column for writing a personal statement, a type of essay about themselves that introduces them completely.

There are different outlooks of different universities, some additional questions to know exactly what they are looking for in a candidate and some give an abstract topic to judge the creativity and level of understanding for the student. Mostly, the universities ask the students to describe themselves as well as their achievements, their hobbies, their aim of enrollment, and their future expectations and plans. With these things in front of them the professors get all the necessary insights on whether they want to select the individual or not! There are many personal statement examples that you can find to understand the purpose in a better way.

How to Write a Personal Statement? Format & Tips

When it comes to a format for personal statement writing, there are so many different types of answers that you can find on the internet. Some say that there is no format set in stone, some say that one should write it like a normal essay, and some state that it all depends on the type of application that you are writing the essay for. Well, after referring to different personal statement examples, you will find that there is a set rule that one can follow to reach the best outcome for the personal statement. There are only a few ways one can write such an essay, and believe it or not, the ones written with conviction have the best chances of getting accepted.

Some points that can help in writing a perfect personal statement essay are - 

  1. Never Begin With Your Introduction: Always remember, a personal statement essay is a part of your application form that already has enough details about you. It has nothing to do with a personal letter format. Many students make the mistake of spending a lot of words in expressing their introduction, which should never be the base of your essay. Simply start with the main idea of your essay. 
  1. Always Write about True Incidents Only: Many students try to come up with something fake for their statements. Avoid making such mistakes. The professors who go through your work are experienced and thus they have seen so many personal statement examples to understand whether someone is lying through their teeth or not. Also, in case you get selected, chances are that there will be cross-questions waiting for you that you will be required to answer based on a lie. You don’t want to get trapped now, do you? 
  1. Paint a Picture of Events for the Reader: If you are going to describe an incident that took place around some surrounding or is crucial for the detail of the incident, makes sure you paint a picture for the reader. This shows your ability to express your side and narrate a story. Universities and colleges look for students who are detail-oriented and can share their experiences with reality. 
  1. Keep it Relevant For Better Your Chances: If you are going to talk about something in your statement, try to make it relevant. Usually, students start sharing their personal experiences without any context to the reader which makes the essay shady. Also, if the essay is based on your experience related to the university or course you are applying for, your chances grow exponentially!
  1. Never Oversell Your Qualities & Achievements: It’s one thing to describe your achievements and another to oversell yourself, however, there is only a thin line between the two, so make sure you do not cross it. Describing yourself in limited words and establishing that you are capable is what you should aim for. Many students keep talking about their experience when they achieved something which seems to boast.

As far as the formatting is concerned, you can always find guidelines in the application form that you are writing it for. In case nothing is mentioned, follow the essay structure that has an intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion.No student knows what works as there is no set formula, however, there are things that you can implement while writing a personal statement, and these points will help you out with clarity in your work.

Personal Statement Writing: Field-Wise Examples

Working on a personal statement is not easy. This set of rules vary according to the field in which you are applying. Let’s look at some personal statement examples and understand how you can help your application stand out from the competition. For the sake of clarity, we will be explaining the examples based on the purpose for which they were written-

  • Personal Statement For University

Students applying for admission in universities have to comply with all the guidelines of the application form and are required to write a personal statement according to the university requirements. The majority of them have some things similar that everyone has to cover, these points include -

  1. Reason to study in the university
  2. Future goals/ vision after graduation
  3. What makes you a suitable candidate
  4. Introduction to the field you want to pursue and why
  5. Any relevant skills & achievements in the field.

If you want to write it on your own, take a look at the following personal statement example for university:-

  • Personal Statement for College

Writing a personal statement for college is comparatively easier for the students than writing one for universities. The points to be covered are almost identical. However, there are only a few colleges that ask for a personals statement in the first place. Also, majority of colleges provide personal statement prompts, that guide a student about what they have to write.

Referring to personal statement examples is always a plus point for the students as it gives an idea about how they have to move forward with their application. An example for one such statement is - 

  • Personal Statement for MBA

MBA is a master’s degree course, and the expectations of the admission committee are high from the applicants. The personal statements that the professors expect from you for MBA must include -

  1. Your Prior Academic Background
  2. Why You Have Chosen MBA in Particular
  3. Your Work experience
  4. What makes you a better candidate than others

These 4 points are a must include in your personal statement for MBA. take a look at an example to understand it better -

  • Personal Statement For Law

Studying law is a task of sheer responsibility, and that is why not everyone can get enrolled in the course. You have to show that you are responsible and deserve to fight for the injustice faced by people. Three things that you need to convey through your statement for law are -

  1. What interests you to study law?
  2. Have you ever taken the initiative to study it?
  3. What makes you an appropriate candidate? 

Also, keep in mind that there are technicalities that you should depict in your language. Also, never go over the specified word limit. Take a look at the following personal statement example for law -

  • Personal Statement for Nursing/Medical

One of the noblest professions, studying medicine is a dream of every student, but you need dedication and hard work to reach there. The personal statement for this course is quite different from other examples that you have seen so far. You have to write it like a real-life story that inspired you to pursue the program.

To write a statement according to the field, our experts suggest that you -

  1. Begin with an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention
  2. Include an anecdote that inspired you to take this step
  3. Define what helping others mean to you
  4. Explain why you going to medical school is a good option for you.
  5. End your statement with a decent conclusion.

Don’t know how to include all of it? Check out the personal statement examples before you start writing. Here’s one for your reference -

  • Personal Statement for CV (Jobs)

You might be wondering why someone would include a personal statement in a CV. The confusion is fair as a CV is a document that has all the information about you. The usage of personal statement writing is not just limited to college applications as many MNCs require the candidate to attach one with the CV to understand if the applicant is appropriate for the job.

Here is a personal statement example for CV -

These were the personal statement examples that might come in handy for you. Writing a statement that introduces you to the best extent seems a tough task for students. However, it is a task of utmost importance, and thus, a student can not compromise on it. Keeping that in mind, we at Instant Assignment Help have come up with a solution. Read the next section to check it out.

Still Confused? Let the Experts Make a Statement on Your Behalf!

Many students start looking for personal statement examples because they can not understand how to write one that gets approval. Well, we can’t say whether you will be able to write the best on your own but if you are worried about whether you will be able to submit the perfect personal statement then we can help you out. Just reach out to tour experts and ask them to help you out. They will write you a flawless statement that you can use in your application and get yourself enrolled in the dream university/college/course.

Don’t let a single essay decide your fate, ask the experts for help and let them make a statement for you!

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