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Why is January the Most Challenging Month of the Year?

04 Jan 2017

4 minutes


The Most Challenging Month of the Year

After spending a long blissful weekend filled with over-hyped Christmas & the New Year celebrations, it’s finally the time to gear up for a new start. Here are some reasons why most of us find the first month of the year as challenging as nailing jelly to the wall!

Review of the past year’s resolutions

The introspection could make you judgemental and critical about yourself. Just after checking out how much you’ve achieved so far and how many of the targets in the list are yet hanging in the middle, you might start feeling bad about yourself. You might be left with the feeling- OMG another year has begun, and I haven’t worked on this particular area of my life which is troubling me the most.

Shortest scary story: Weekdays

How can anyone ignore the lousy feeling of getting back to work after the revelries of the late night Sunday party? Now it’s time to bid adieu all the fun and drag yourself to work!

January has more working days

It’s sad indeed! Enduring 31 days is just not easy for us and that too after having a plateful of enjoyment with loved ones. Getting back on track is harsh, and January is a month to be blamed entirely.

It’s the time to push yourself hard

Remember those resolutions you promised to work on from the day 1 of January? This month, you will be expected to work ten times more and push your limits to achieve the made targets. This might make you stressful as keeping up resolutions is tough, ergo brace yourself!

This Month you might find yourself empty wallet

Most of us are guilty of splurging a whopping money on a lavish New Year’s party and making us worried about the crashed budget. It was an expensive affair, and now you are not left with any option other than savings to survive the month of January.

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No matter how difficult it gets for all of us to survive the first month of the New Year, there’s no denying that it is an overwhelming month as we will be full of enthusiasm for a super fresh start! In any case, we wish you a Happy Hew Year!

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