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Common Mistakes Students Must Avoid when Writing a College Assignment

Mistakes to avoid when drafting a university assignment

Assignment Mistakes

To be able to craft a perfect college assignment, one needs to master the skill of writing. However, it’s one of the most undervalued and rarest skills among students. That’s why they stress out when attempting to write one and make certain mistakes, such as wrong structure and format, spelling slip-ups, poor grammar, incorrect referencing, unclear introduction and conclusion. Making such mistakes could lead to dire consequences, and that’s why it’s vital to write an error-free document for academic success.

So, through this article, we are trying to give you an idea of things that you must avoid while working on a university assignment.

Grammatical errors and spelling slip-ups

College students can’t afford to make grammatical errors or spelling mistakes as it can make them lose far too many marks. When you’re drafting an assignment, always keep the spellcheck on so that it highlights the spelling mistakes. You can check for the grammatical errors with any reliable tool. However, don’t just entirely rely on them, as sometimes they can miss out major slip-ups.

Poor structure

A perfect assignment has an impressive structure that ties your ideas together and allows the whole write-up to flow smoothly. The typical structure consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, but this can vary on each document. The introduction should have a clear statement while the main body should explain the arguments and evidences. The conclusion should be in such a way that it rounds up your case in a summary.


Many students want to save themselves from the hard work of drafting an assignment that includes researching, writing, editing, and proofreading. So, they copy ideas and words from different academic sources without attribution. This is clearly plagiarism and doing so can put your grades in trouble as your professor has got ways to check the originality of the document. Seek help from sources to gather information but always write from scratch and mention proper references if you’re putting down someone else’s work.

Inappropriate introduction and conclusion

Effective introduction and conclusion make a perfect assignment. The opening should be intriguing and outline the arguments you will be presenting in the paragraph body while the conclusion should always summarize what has been discussed in the overall assignment. Both of them should be well-thought-out and not written just for the sake of completion.

Insufficient editing and proofreading

Editing and reviewing the assignment can make a huge difference to your document. Students spend hours on researching and writing the content but neglect the editing part. As a result, they score low marks, and sometimes their documents get rejected too. So before declaring your assignment ‘finished,’ look out for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and ensure that each paragraph flow naturally.

Incorrect referencing

It’s crucial to mention proper references when you make use of someone else’s work in your assignment. You should know how it works and when it must be used. Stick to correct punctuation and make sure the spacing between names and dates in the reference is correct. Small mistakes in your referencing list and text citations can lead to deduction of marks.

If these mistakes are avoided, then students can accomplish their goal of securing winning grades and gain in-depth knowledge of their subject areas. But there are a few scholars who genuinely don’t apprehend the guidelines and fail to put down even a single word. In such situations, they seek writing help from our writers and ask - Will you do my assignment? And the answer to which is always a YES.

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