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Media Roles

The Roles and Responsibilities of Media

20 Dec 2017


Roles and Responsibilty of Media

There’s a world we live, breathe, eat, sleep, and drink in, and then there’s another on TV, Newspapers, and Internet that provides us information and keeps us updated. It also affects our decisions by feeding us perspectives of an event. However, if the media starts interfering too much then that’s equally unhealthy to no interference at all.

There used to be a time when media took a stand against political atrocities on people, but now businessmen run it. The same business people then fund various election parties in their campaigns. And, the truth dissolves somewhere in the transactions. People who run the media enterprises need to realise that the platform is not an open space for anyone to play with the facts. Here are the roles and responsibilities that media swears to fulfil.

1. To provide correct information

There are a lot of events that happen which affect our daily life, safety, rights, and our duties. Be it under any influence; media is not supposed to play with the facts. It should provide the correct information on all the possible perspectives of an event, and let the people decide what’s right for them and what’s not.

2. Educate people to become good citizens

It’s quite hard to even think of someone who, under perfect physical conditions, isn’t connected with the happenings of the world. Rich or poor, scholars or ragpickers, everyone wants their daily dose of news, at least. It’s the creativity that enables a media platform to educate them towards being a good citizen. It is also suggested not to lie because someone, at some point in time, will figure it out.

3. Plain simple entertainment

Everyone is looking for entertainment at all time, and thank the media, for there’s no shortage of it. On every channel, on every page of all the papers, we read only what we want to learn. That’s entertainment too. Let us explain this by an example. Remember the time when the world stood against Saddam Hussein and accused him of being guilty of something that they didn't really know? Media played a significant role in serving people what they wanted. Such practices make the news media lose its complete meaning.

4. Advertising the brands

Were you missing advertisements on Google? They have incorporated them into the results. How do you like your inorganic results now?

Advertisements are a way for media platforms to earn money off others products. Before publishing them, it is crucial to filter the ones that go with your company’s policy out of the ones that don’t. There used to be no issues with the advertisements till there were too many and they took the space, once reserved for meaningful content.

5. Correlating different societies

Now, that’s an important factor where the editors, writers, and publishers have to compromise with their thoughts, for they have to decide what’s best for the people. They must portray every perspective, every aspect of every significant event. If an external factor somehow influences their decision, then it’s understood that the platform is only good enough to show the highway car chase updates, or weather forecast, at best.

The future of media lies in the capable hands of mass communication, and management students. Try to pay attention to what books tell you to do, and experiment it in the real world to get a hand of the qualities. Media is not somewhere you should publish false information. People gather that information and at some point in time, make false claims.

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