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Learnings From Pokemon Go

5 Things University Students Must Learn from Pokemon Go

23 Jul 2016

5 minutes


Learn from your Surroundings 

If you want to understand the true meaning of overnight success, then study the popularity charts of the new sensation hitting the mobile game market, i.e., ‘Pokemon Go’. Whether you have watched the cartoon show or collected the Pokemon cards or not, you must have heard about ‘Pikachu’. However, if you haven’t played this fantastic mobile game yet, then now is the time to get started! Read this blog to the end to know what else you can gain from this game other than oodles of pleasure!

Learn to Brainstorm & Make Choices

As a student, you may have encountered several challenges while making a concrete decision regarding your career. The process of mulling over, brainstorming and coming up with a correct decision takes time and efforts. However, as a Pokemon Go user, you will never feel enervated while choosing to travel on the road or moving up on the green fields. Picking your own path and selecting the strategy to win the battle are quite exciting to do while playing Pokemon Go. This signifies that to succeed in life; it is essential to make the best choices for yourself.

Learn to Replenish Yourself

In order to catch more Pokemon while playing the game, the player is supposed to fill the resources from the PokeStop. Managing the resources and filling them time & again is crucial that you must learn from this mobile game. If we run out of any significant resource, we may fall prey to defeat. As you need Pokemon balls to capture more Pokemon, you also need to recharge yourself on a daily basis with the essentials for getting success.

Learn to Train Yourself to Win the Battle

Student’ life is certainly challenging. It is not easy to meet the expectations of the university professor and parents altogether. However, just as the Pokemon gets training for gym battles, you too must train yourself to win the battle of life. By playing this game, you learn that the key to eternal victory is perseverance and hard work.

Learn the Importance of Team Building

In the Pokemon game, the player is supposed to make a choice between Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle. It is important to pick the one who can help you win and support you in the entire journey till the end. Likewise, to grab the success, it is essential to choose the team members wisely and by thinking about long run.

Learn to Struggle

‘Pokemon Go’ mobile game madness is rife; you cannot get away from it. While playing it, you will be needed to chase Pokemon by moving around and stepping out of your house. This game is encouraging students to walk out of their cocoons. If it is helping you to seek enjoyment and giving you health benefits, then you must not delay to play it. Catching Pokemon isn’t easy, right? But people step out and walk miles away for the same as it gives pleasure. It teaches that one cannot expect to win in life by sitting at one place without making vigorous efforts.

Get Ready for a Pokemon Treasure Hunt!

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