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Impact of Primary Homework on a Student

Top 7 Ways Primary Homework Affects a Student's Life

26 Jul 2022


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Parenting is tough, but not tougher than helping your child with his homework. There are many parents out there who never worked on their homework in school days, but have to help their child. But, do you know how your child's primary homework help has a critical role to play in their life? Yes, there are 7 basic things related to a child's primary homework that can change their life completely.

Want to know what are they? Let's find out?

1. Teaches Time Management

When parents help their child invest the same amount of time every day to study, this helps in motivating the child. This not only helps the student realize that it's study time, but also gets inculcated in his habit to follow a routine of study time every day.

Select a time when you and your child would be free everyday. The timing shouldn't be just after they return from school. While choosing the correct time, choose a slot where you aren't tired from work or have any urgent work to do. Schedule a time convenient for you both and you can give your complete attention to them.

2. Teaches Organizational Skills

Fix a place in the house to study. As classrooms are fixed for study, whenever one enters a classroom, they get into study mode. This is because using the same place to study creates an ambience of learning and encourages the student to study. This also encourages them to follow fixing a place for study in the future too. Next time you make your kid to do his homework, make sure they do it in their regular study area.

Help them choose a comfortable place with good lighting and minimum sounds. Good lighting improves concentration and minimal sounds reduce distraction. Also ensure the study room has no TV or other distracting items.

3. Teaches Planning Skills

Help your child plan his homework by himself. By doing this, he will inculcate the planning habits, which indirectly make him independent and help in analyzing where he needs to work more.

This is a lesson, that, once learned, stays for long time. Your child can get well with planning and organizing his time according to their need in future if he is prepared for it.

4. Teaches How to Find Solutions

Letting your child answer questions boosts his confidence. In case your child doesn't know the answer, let him find it by himself. If you jump in to help, it makes him dependent on you.

If you let your child research, solve and do some work, it will inculcate a habit of finding answers and making efforts. This will help him in future to work hard rather than looking for easy solutions.

5. Teaches Hard Work

One should never complain about a child's homework. This is because when the children hear complains about the quantity from their parents, negativity builds in their mind. Rather, you can talk to their teachers separately about this.

When you don't complain in front of them and encourage them instead, they don't feel like it's a burden but just their work and responsibility. This is how they can get prepared to work more in the future.

6. Teaches the Importance of Homework

Explain to children why doing homework is important. This can encourage them to do better even in the future when you are not around. Rather than just making them sit and do their homework, make this session interesting. Give practical examples on topics they are doing their homework in. For example, if they are solving addition chapter in maths, show it practically. If they are asked to write an essay in English on their favorite topic, encourage them to write about their dream.

This practice of relating homework to practical life can help them understand the concept from depth. Also, in the future when they would be stuck at any topic, they now know how to learn it and relate it to real life.

7. Teaches How to Give Their Best

This may sound simple, but it really has a great effect on children. Praise them when they do well. Explain to them when they are wrong. Motivate them to do better next time. Don't repeat their mistakes or don't constantly keep reminding them of the mistakes they have done. Look into the positive factor, and help them do better.

This gives them confidence to learn more and encourages to do better. Make sure to share a tip or two on how to give their best. This will help them to do everything to perfection.

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